10 Best Gifts you can give your Teen Daughter on her Birthday

Birthdays are insanely important, the most awaited days of the year. More so when it is your teen daughter’s birthday, more than the excitement, the choice of the perfect gift for her is what makes you nervous. As quirky as this may sound, we all remember how it is to tell your friends how special your birthday was, especially in the teenage where peer acceptance is the priority! So here we are with some splendid ideas for gifts to give to your teen daughter and make her special day even more special!

10) Jewelry – Any age, any country, any occasion, with a woman, you can never go wrong with jewelry as a gift. Now as your little girl is evolving into a woman, she would like little, delicate pieces of jewelry like a ring or a small pendant with smart designs. Take her to a store, let her choose her design within your budget. This would not only give you some quality time with you, but also give her the sense of growing up!

9) Beginner’s make up kit – As she grows up and discovers her beauty, she would want to try her hands at all the cosmetics she finds at your dressing table. With the fear of having her face and your products spoiled, this game can get a little ugly. Rather, get her a beginners kit which has least damaging products and the basic ones which would neither damage her skin nor make her look horribly fake.

8) Personal Journal – With the advent of social media, Facebook walls have become personal diaries. Not only is this unsafe, but also not advised for your daughter who has to face the world and learn so many new things! Give her a pretty personal journal which she can fill in with all her thoughts, doubts, insecurities and wishes, which she will surely have a plenty with the teenage hormones kicking in! Remember the mother-daughter friendship moment from DDLJ? Well, this could be the foundation for the same with your little princess.

7) Nail art kit – As she is growing up and getting influenced by her peers, each one of them is making an attempt to stand out. She would be experimenting with dresses, hair and her looks. Gift her a nail art kit so that she can experiment with her nail colours and enjoy these days of carefree time! These colours are absolutely safe and you do not have to worry about her health (if she uses her hands to eat). With the boon of nail paint remover, she can experiment with all the patterns and colours, even the ones which you think are scary! Colour is what epitomizes teenage! But, make sure she does not get punished for the same at school though!

6) Cologne – All her childhood and early teenage days, she would generally be using deodorants or basic lotions. Gift her an exclusive cologne. As she is growing up, she would develop a taste for good fragrance and that would be great start to your stylish daughter! With almost every actress launching her own line of fragrances, it would not be difficult for you to find a young, feminine fragrance for her.


5) Speakers – Even if this does not seem as a girly gift, trust us, she would love it. Wireless Bluetooth speakers in her room would be her favorite wherein she can play her favorite songs and dance to them when she feels low or just too happy. This would keep your house cheered up and lively all the time and she can always have her girlfriends home for a pajama party! Safe and amazing! Plus, prepare for those teenage hormone-drawn mood swings!

4) Bean bag – Beginning a new phase in life, she would be watching a lot of movies and be influenced by them more than before. In addition, she would not love to squat on the floor like your teenage days. A bean bag fills the generation gap just perfectly! She can read a book, listen to music or do anything while sitting on the bean bag. Very soon it would become her favorite part of the house and what about the free exercise? Do you not remember your mother telling you that sitting on the floor is the best exercise? Well, this is close enough!

3) Bank account – Yeah, you read it right. As your daughter grows up and heads to school, college or coaching alone, she faces many things alone and learns them by the means of doing it. Managing finance remains to be the backbone of whatever we do in life and hence it is a wise choice to get a bank account to her name. This would not only teach her about financial responsibility, but also teach her about the very important bank jobs which none of the schools teach. How much money to put in, to give her a card or not is your jurisdiction at the end. With the messaging system you would always be aware of the transactions.

2) A Wall – No, we are not asking you to gift her a new house or a wall or a constructed unit. But it will be one of the best gifts if you could decorate a wall in her room or anywhere in the house, say the wall adjoining a staircase. You can get a wallpaper done, with plethora of options nowadays, choose her favorite design. With so many different colors, patterns and types available, including washable paint, you have a wide variety to surprise her with! Or a little easier would be to get her best picture framed in a big size and get it put up behind her bed, just like they have it in those grand Bollywood movies? You can even experiment with a set of frames with different pictures from different times in her childhood and teenage. This would remain one of the most special gifts to her. Imagine how happy she would be to flaunt her princess life to her friends!


1) Surprise – Get her favorite cake with a picture of her on it, call her friends at 12 midnight without letting her know, lay the cake in a room and suspend helium balloons with small placards on each balloon string. The balloons should be in number as old as she is, with each placard having a picture of her and a wish by one of her friends behind it. Trust us, she will love you for life! You can tweak the decorations as per her nature and liking and you can add small gifts to it to catch her off guard!

With one or more gifts from this list, we are sure you will be her super-parent! You can always edit the elements with things she loves the most because after all no one knows her as well as you do! The basic idea remains to make her feel special not only on that one day but always. As they say, daughters are the best things that can happen to any parent. Moreover, in this phase where she needs you the most, a warm and special birthday gift would indeed warm up your relationship with her! So, go ahead, surprise her, and let us know how much she loved it!

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