10 Childhood Morals that Were Taught Wrong

Morality, as explained by Google, is some of the principles which help us create a distinction between good and bad. Since the day we start understanding worldly things, our parents strive hard to teach us about morality and some of its instances. We all were kids once, and we all have been taught morals of life, which as we grow up, perceive for ourselves. Though morality differs from person to person, and what may seem good to one, may not seem good to any other individual. In the recent times, psychologists have argued about the fact that, if teaching something like morality to children is important or not? We will not go into that debate. But, here in this article, we will talk about some of the childhood morals that were taught wrong and can be explained as a parent’s hypocrisy to overprotect his/her child. Here is the list of 10 childhood morals that were taught wrong.


10.Honesty is the Best Policy

Yes, Honesty is important. Nobody should have any doubt regarding that. As a child, one needs to know what it is, to be honest. But, being honest and being completely outlandish is different. In situations, when you are hurting somebody with the truth, in those conditions, honesty is really not the best policy. In the venture of becoming completely honest, you end up becoming outlandish, which is traumatic. Being completely honest is impossible, and when our parents say to be blindly honest, they are just being hypocritical.

9.The More the Merrier

When we were children, our parents expected everything more from us. More marks, working more, eating more etc. Everything related to our lives and our existence was exaggerated and hyper. This ‘more the merrier’ concept preached by our parents is exceptionally wrong. This makes the child, wanting more throughout their life, failing which, they take drastic actions. Is it so important, to always achieve more? We should be okay, being mediocre at some things in life. Just like we can’t win every battle, we can’t be the best in everything.

8.Key to Success

We all want success, and therefore, our parents had made sure that we see success as a good thing, and gave failure a bad personification. Today, in the modern world, it is very important to be a smart worker, rather than being a hard worker. But, alas, our parents still cling into the age-old reality of ‘Hard Work is the only key to success’. While it is very important to know the essence of hard work as it makes us patient and prepare us for our life, it is not the only way that one can achieve success. In the endeavor of practicing hard work, they lose a lot of time and experiences stress, which could have been saved if he/she would have gone the other way i.e. the smart way.

7.Whatever happens, is for your own good

We all have gone through this hypocrisy when we were children. Unfortunately, this is not even something, which should be taught. This is just something which makes us feel good when we lose. As simple as that. We call ourselves optimistic, and down the line accept everything that happens to us, rather than analyzing what caused the problem. Instead of being, ‘whatever happens, is for your own good’ mindset, we should seriously sit down and take responsibility for our actions, and make sure that we don’t commit the same mistakes in the future.

6.Anything is Achievable

“Anything is Achievable”. We have been preached this so many times, that it has almost become the motto of our life. But, as we grow older, and realize the blatant reality that we face, we understand that the reality is far tougher than ‘Anything is Achievable”. We are shown one route or several routes, and we are said to choose between them and the remaining ones are out of bounds. The “Anything is Achievable” dream is crushed, and we are made to choose a cliché route at the end of the day.

5.Birds of a feather flock together

We have always been taught by our parents that, we should always be friends with somebody who has a good behavior and has an attractive result in school. This goes for every stage of our life. When, we start classifying people on the basis of religion, caste or creed, we start having a superior feeling, that we are better than others, and think that people from other social backgrounds shouldn’t be our friends. This, at some point of our life, creates problems and result in prejudices.

4.Money can’t buy Happiness

Yes, money can’t buy happiness. It is perfectly okay to teach kids about not being too engrossed about money. This is a moral that every parent should teach to their children, but with a clause. Because blindly abiding by “Money can’t buy Happiness” may cause dissatisfaction at some point in life. At the end of the day, Money can buy you satisfaction and some material security is needed for maintaining healthy living standards. On the contrary, parents should teach their children about the importance of money, and when money is unessential. Children should have the exposure about both the advantages and the disadvantages of money. Assuming that, money has no importance, is an idiotic thing in the present world.

3.Treat People Equally

We have always been taught by our parents, to treat every individual with equal dignity and respect. But, this again sounds like a hypocrisy by our parents. Our parents preach us to treat people equally, and on the other hand, they have their own biased view about others which casts a huge confusion in children. And, to be very practical, it is not possible to treat every other individual equally. Instead of “Treat all people equally”, we should actually be taught that every individual is equal before the law, notwithstanding our personal views.

2.Walk in a Straight Line

We are always told by our parents, to adhere to customs and structures that have been made by the society for us, and not to question them. We have been preached to as a child, not to think about abstract ideas which the society can’t relate. Even if we walk in a different line, society abandons us. Therefore, rather than believing in totality, we just tend to believe in something, which somebody wants us to believe.

1.A Parent shouldn’t be Interrupted

A parent shouldn’t be interrupted unless it’s an emergency of course. This is the golden rule, we have been moralized, that since parents are the utmost beings, we shouldn’t interrupt them or go against them. It is that this kind of ambiance in a house, which makes children do horrific things. Okay, it is understandable that a child should learn to obey his parents. But, that doesn’t mean that parents would dominate their child, and make him/her do, whatever they wish. A Child should be given an adequate environment to grow and can speak openly in front of his/her parents. That is the beginning of a healthy family.

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