10 DIY Home Decors to Upgrade Your Home

Everyone loves to upgrade their homes with beautiful little things. A cool wall décor, some frames here and there, a wind chime at door and maybe some things on the shelves. There are some pretty cool handmade things that you can get from a handicraft fair or some stalls at the mall. It’s only fair to say that they lure everyone. Even if you don’t need anything for your home, you’re willing to pay a few hundred bucks for it. And let’s admit that handmade things are expensive.

But here’s the thing – it is not that difficult to make those things yourself. Once you get your hands into it, it’ll turn out to be easier than you thought and the best part is that you get to improvise it your way. So here are some easy DIY home decors that you can make and admire.

1. Yarn Orbs

Colourful lights are a delight! They add grace to all indoor and outdoor events and even more so when you have beautiful decorations attached to them. Yarn orbs can make your parties a hit. So let’s find out how to make them.
All you need is a couple of balloons, yarn, glue, corn flour and Vaseline. Cover your table with a newspaper so that you don’t spill glue all over it. Mix water and glue in the ratio of 1:3 in a bowl and add a tablespoon of corn flour to it. Meanwhile, blow a balloon and rub a little bit of Vaseline over it so that its surface becomes greasy. Take one end of the dipped yarn and start wrapping it around the balloon first in the vertical direction and then the horizontal.
Once it is done, leave the balloon to dry for a day. Either hang it somewhere or if you’re not hanging it, just keep rotating it so that it gets dried evenly from all sides. Repeat the same with all balloons. Once they have dried, prick the balloon with a pin and pull it out of the orb. And there you go with you own yarn orbs.
Hang them in your room just like that or fix them around fairy lights or lamps to give your party a beautiful look.

2. String Art

It’s unique and it’s very much in these days. Make any shape or pattern on a wooden board and put up nails on the outline of your design. Select a colourful string of your choice and stretch it across the next nail, loop around it and then stretch it to the next one. Keep repeating this to form a web of string. That’s it, you’re done. Pretty easy, right?
Frame your string art design or put it up on a wall just like that. You can make a couple of them in different sizes to cover your wall. It’s inexpensive and easy to make.

3. Bottle Painting

Modern art is very popular these days. The unsymmetrical and colourful framed paintings look amazing on plain white walls and attract the eyes of everyone. You can make them yourself with very little expenses. All you need is a white canvas, a couple of paints and an old plastic bottle.
Draw some lines on the canvas with black or brown paint to represent the branches of a tree. Pour some paint onto a plate and dip the lower side of the bottle in it. Now, use the bottle as a stamp on the canvas. Lift it up and what you’ll see is a beautiful flower pattern. Repeat the same step with same or different colour. Let the canvas dry and then frame it to put on your wall.

4. Pompom Rug

Rugs are as beautiful as they are comfortable. They add beauty to your room in summers and are very comfortable to sit on and sip hot chocolate while watching your favourite movies in winters. Shopping for a rug that matches your room can be sometimes hard. So why now make your own? All you need is colourful wool. Just follow the simple steps and with some hard work, you’ll have just the perfect, self-made rug for your home.

5. Tape Wall

There are a lot of wallpapers available in the market and they’re all lovely. Flowers, fur, patterns, polka dots and a lot more designs are available. But you can make your own, too. Just take a roll of tape and start sticking it on your wall in a ‘+’ design. You can make your own designs also, like snowflakes and stripes.

6. Washi Tape Frames

Washi tapes are multi-purpose. They can be used to decorate candles, scrapbooks, cards and even walls! If you’ve got a vacant wall and some cut-out pictures, put them on the wall and decorate their boundary with washi tapes. It’ll give an effect of frames and will decorate the wall. You can make any design of the frames with any colour.

7. Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

It is amazing how beautiful things can be made out of something as ordinary and useless as a toilet paper roll. All that is needed is some colours and glue. Cut slices of the roll and press them to form the shape of a flower petal. Colour the outer sides and paste them on the wall in shapes of flowers. These 3D flowers will give an amazing look to your room.

8. Hanging Shelves

Shelves are a brilliant way to showcase as well as organise stuff. They decorate the room in a beautiful way. Books, showpieces, plants, etc. can be put up on the shelves to decorate the house. But these unique hanging shelves will blow your mind right away. They are easy to make are super cool. You need just a few things to complete this DIY project and add style to your room.

9. DIY Fairy Lights Curtains

If you want your bedroom to be cosier, try out this super simple technique. Hang fairy lights to the curtains around your bed. If you don’t already have curtains, don’t worry. Nail rings to the ceiling just above the end of the bed and hang curtains on them. Then, add fairy lights to give a mesmerising look to your bedroom.

10. Pebble Floor

Pebbles are cute little wonders. They can be used to make a mat or cover the shower floor. There are expensive tiles available to floor your shower space, but why bother when you can do it yourself? Cover the floor with cement evenly and lay down the pebbles one by one on it. Apply pressure on the covered area but putting a wooden plank on it for some time. Similarly, cover the whole area and let it dry. Fill in the spaces and use the stone sealer to make them permanent.

DIY projects are very cool and customizable. They save a lot of your money and make your house look beautiful. You can upgrade your house for any occasion and even festivals like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Your guests will love your place and once you tell them that it’s all some DIY stuff, they won’t even believe it.
So go ahead and renovate your house!

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