Armed with glamour, a dash of romance and heaps of scandals, one can’t deny the attraction celebrity power couples hold with their fans. The instant two icons from the industry officially declare their relationship to the world, the media along with their respective fans sit down and dissect the relationship. In the end you’ll have an assortment of predictions such as  ” I bet it wont last” , ” I wonder how his ex is going to react “, ” It wont work. Shes been married five times already”, and a whole lot of others. Analyzing relationships of different celebrity couples seems to be the favorite pastime of most fans. This finally leads you to wonder what makes celebrity relationships fodder for gossip. Whether it is the music industry, Hollywood, Bollywood, sports or politics celebrities find themselves surrounded by their peers  who are beautiful, passionate, talented and powerful. This is an intoxicating mixture for any one. But despite all celebrity relationship possessing the eyeball grabbing glamour quotient, there are some than stand out distinctly, either for their commitment, their compatibility or for the odds they’ve overcome.

So here is an assorted  list of the hottest celebrity couples from various domains who are glamorous, committed and take your beliefs in relationships, up a notch.

  • #10. Mukesh and Nita Ambani


The success of Mukesh and Nita Ambani’s marriage is a testimony to the effectiveness of the traditional Indian arranged marriage. Nita was Dhirubai Ambani’s choice of a bride for Mukesh. She won her father-in-law’s admiration by her display of Indian courtesies and etiquette and her riveting dance performances. Judging by the success of her marriage you can easily tell it didn’t take her long to win her husband’s admiration, respect and love. Throughout the years the couple has displayed easy camaraderie and their marriage has always been lauded by the media as being one of the most successful celebrity marriages.

  • #9. Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

celebrity 2

While these two Hollywood actors are no longer on the silver screen we thought it was worth mentioning their relationship as they have been voted as one of the most successful Hollywood marriages of all time. Both Paul and Joanne were successful actors in the 50s, 60s and the 70s. They were considered the hottest couple not just because they were attractive and talented but because they showed extreme dedication to their marriage. The couple was married for fifty golden years and were only separated after Paul passed away in 2008.

  • #8. Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao

celebrity 7

We’ve all gone through that phase where we’ve admired that gorgeous hunk in a movie and drooled over his good looks. Kiran Rao was no different. She saw Aamir’s first performance in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and kept commenting on how cute he looked. Little did she know at that time that a few years down the line she would end up working with him and would eventually become his wife.  Aamir and Kiran’s marriage might sound like a fairy tale, but it isn’t as shallow as a prince meets young maiden story. They are individuals who connect not just emotionally but intellectually as well. They are both fiercely passionate  about their work and their marriage and  support each other when the going gets tough.

  • #7. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

celebrity 3

There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t heard of Hollywood’s Golden couple. Brad and Angelina for whom fans coined the portmanteau Brangelina, have been in the gossip news and tabloids for years since they first declared their relationship. Their bond was strengthened over the years by the children they adopted and brought up as apart of their family. They finally tied the knot in 2014.

  • #6. Beyonce and Jay-Z

celebrity 4

Needless to say these two really are ‘ crazy in love’. Beyonce was 18 when she met Jay. A year later after their first collaborated musical venture the pair began dating. Despite the age gap the two stars stuck together for almost six years and then finally got married in 2008. They now share a daughter whom they named Blue Ivy. The couple have been a constant feature in the gossip news and tabloids due to their success and their opulent life style.

  • #5. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

celebrity 5

It’s hard to resist a man who loves you and wants you just the way you are. It was this particular quality that drew Rita Wilson to Tom Hanks. The pair had shared the silver screen together in the 1980’s when neither of them were as successful as they are today. In many interviews Tom always states that Rita was a person he shared an irrevocable connection with.  Their bond was strong and undeniable. The couple had children and  have now been together for over two decades and they are still going strong.

  • #4.David and Victoria Beckham

celebrity 8

Unlike the other couples on this list, David and Victoria came from different industries. He was a footballer and she was a pop singer for the Spice Girls. A year after meeting each other at a charity football event the couple officially declared their engagement. Fondly called Posh and Becks by the media, the couple has been voted one of the sexiest couple of all times. They now have four children and have been married for 16 years.

  • #3. Shahrukh and Gauri Khan

celebrity 1

The Badshaah of Bollywood is not just known for his charisma both on and off screen. His long standing marriage with Gauri whom he met when he was in his teens is considered one of the best non-fictional romance stories of Bollywood. The couple has seen some trying times as Shahrukh was a possessive boyfriend, which led them to be apart from each other for a while. But it didn’t take a long time for these soulmates to find each other again and accept the fact that they couldn’t be without each other. Their relationship has faced scandalous jibes from the tabloids but they still seem to be devoted to their marriage and their family.

  • #2. Barack and Michelle Obama

celebrity 9

The love story of the President and First Lady of America is worth telling. Michelle met Barack when she was assigned to be his adviser at a corporate law firm he was interning at.  It took him a few tries to finally get  her to agree to go out with him. When he finally succeeded there was no turning back. A couple of years later saw the lovebirds married. When Barack began his campaign to stand for the Presidential elections, Michelle was constantly at his side rendering her support. Their subtle displays of affection are known to catch the media’s eye. They now have two daughters and are still very much in love.

  • #1. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi

celebrity 6

Ellen DeGeneres’s open declaration about her being gay came at a time when the world was still not entirely welcoming of same sex relationships. It also led Ellen to face some professional issues. It was while going through that rough patch that Ellen met Portia, an actress and a model. While initially being reluctant about discussing their relationship, the couple finally declared they were seeing each other. A few years down the line, Ellen got down on one knee with an extraordinary three-carat pink diamond ring in her hand, to ask Portia, the love of her life, to marry her. The couple is considered one of the best same-sex marriages in the industry.

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