10 Interesting Ways to Pass Time during Boring Lecture

College life can get dreary with lectures, long hours, the tutorials and academic stuff of the sort. Nobody comes to college expecting to go to lectures. College life is all about bunking, parties, various society activities, the politics, elections and relationships, falling in love, breaking up and what not. But most people get disillusioned on the concept of college as presented in Hollywood and Bollywood by about the end of the first semester. Life can get even tougher when students realize that most colleges and universities have compulsory attendance criteria to be permitted to take the semester/annual examinations. (Come on!) So more than a choice it becomes a compulsion for most people to attend classes they are not even interested in attending. There are after all lot more interesting things happening in the world and the world is beckoning to you. But, your wishes apart, if you end up in lecture halls listening to professors about things that may seem completely otherworldly, you are in need of this list friend! So, here is the list on some very interesting ways to pass time in boring lectures. Before you see the list, if you think you are too cool for this, it is time for a reality check. This is what actually happens in lectures.


10. Sleep

A little extra sleep never did anyone any harm till date. We might as well use the generous amount of time spent in lectures to catch up on that much deserved beauty sleep/power nap. Apart from that, in the hurry to attend that class you might not have had time to recover from the hangover of last night. After all college is all about the night life right? Sleep has a lot of benefits and we don’t want sleep said no student ever. Sleep helps improve concentration, memory and retain information. It also gives one a good constitution and strong immunity system. We do need to conserve and consolidate our energy for the college nights, don’t we? Most professors are kind enough to let the poor kids sleep off the class. And if you come across a particularly strict lecturer who deprives you of these rights, you are always welcome to use these. They look awfully real and could really save you from unnecessary embarrassment due to that insensitive professor chastising you.


9. Doodle

This is something all of us have done at some point or other in our respective academic careers. A practice cultivated right from schools, we have held on to this habit with dear life to save us from this unjust world. While doodling might not exactly qualify as interesting for you, it actually helps to increase your brain activity. Do you know that doodling increases your creativity and improves three additional modalities  of the brain which are: visual, kinesthetic and auditory (apparently we also listen to what is being said), helping us to better process information and improving memory and concentration. So take out your pens people! This is our act of covert rebellion for making us sit in classes compulsively. As they say a pen is mightier than a sword!!


8. Be up to-date on happenings around the world

As long as you are have decide to sit in the lecture, why not use your idle time to catch up on some news. Most classrooms have excellent Wi-Fi connections. And still somehow we are expected to study after providing us with such wonderful internet access! That is definitely not possible. But we can definitely improve our general knowledge by catching up with the top headlines of the day. Subscribe to some online daily and flaunt your superior knowledge to your ignorant classmates intent on taking notes. Believe me, toppers of your class will definitely get jealous of you. Most reputed daily newspapers have online portals that are updated simultaneously and also sometimes even prior to the printing of the newspaper. Unlike some of the things being taught in the class, this might actually prove beneficial for you. Most interview panels test the GK base of their candidates. This might be the portal to life awaiting you outside of college.


7. Learn a new language

It all comes under the productive use of time. Languages are always useful. Knowing a language that isn’t your native tongue can go a long way in helping you. With a new language comes a new culture, a completely different set of people living in totally diverse social, economic, political conditions from you. Besides if you are harboring dreams of ever traveling the world, then knowing a foreign language can come in handy. There are many websites and apps that provide you with free online language classes. Websites like Duolingo have programs charted to effective learning of languages and also record your progress. There’s also an option to learn words and sentences with your microphone off, so you don’t have to be concerned about getting caught mumbling illegible words, or even getting weird looks from your classmates.


6. Write

Write. And write your heart out. Allow all your creative juices to flow into the paper. Everybody can write and writing helps to vent out all the negative emotions running through your system. Which is why journal keeping is suggested by most psychologists. You don’t need to actually write journal entries, but rather short notes on how you feel, something that particularly struck you that day, normal stuff, stories about the people around you, poems, couplets anything under the sky or above it. And guess what is an added advantage of writing during a lecture? The teachers will be goddamn impressed by you. Because they think that you are apparently taking notes and absorbing every single word they say. This tricks them into believing you are a sincere and diligent student.


5. Meditate

I am not even kidding on this one. You can even meditate with your eyes open. Absorb the noises around you or tune the voices out completely, whichever suits you. Meditation again helps you improve your concentration and memory. It also positively affects your health. The voice of the professor would act as a stimulant and provide you with the perfect atmosphere to meditate.


4. Solve Trivia Quizzes

What better way to spend time than having a little fun along the way. Trivia are interesting unimportant facts or details in various subjects. Solving these, time literally flies and you don’t even notice it. There are a lot of such quizzes on the internet, that are very amusing and entertaining in a very intellectual sort of way. You get to know all the unnecessary facts about everything and no knowledge ever goes to waste.


3. Watch the world

Look at the people around you, the professor, imagine the professor’s life outside the class. Imagine people as individual stories, as fascinating characters. Let your mind overflow with ideas. Run through various events in your life. Get a perspective on life. If your class has a superb view to the college gardens or any other place then you don’t have to look elsewhere.


2. Practice Origami

Origami is the awesome art of paper folding. That blank, flat sheet of paper meant for taking notes, can be transformed into a beautiful piece of sculpture. Not that it was going to be ever filled with dry words of note-taking. But let me warn you, this way of spending time can be very conspicuous. So it would be better if you pursue this particular hobby in the back benches of your lecture rooms.


1. Watch Movies

Mind you, I mean silent movies. This way you will not have to be caught with earphones in the class. Not that most professors are bothered enough to notice anyway, but all the same. There are numerous silent movies available on YouTube and other such channels. But do not forget to put your phone on the silent or vibration mode, because though the movies are silent, you can never say about those annoying ads that creep up in between.


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