10 Lessons to Remember When Life Seems Stuck

Even if you are strong, hardworking, determined or an optimist, there is no chance that you don’t make mistakes in life. Mistakes are bound to be made. Doctor or Engineer? Teacher or Scientist? Journalist or Accountant? One of these questions might be storming your head in order to choose the right direction in a career. But, what if you take a wrong decision? You will then wake up every morning, rush to the office and work unhappily and bring home depressed soul searching for foliage.

“I’m grateful for past betrayals, heartaches, and challenges… I thought they were breaking me, but they were sculpting me.” ~Steve Maraboli

Hard and worst time is just a wave of time which comes and goes. But remember time heals everything. Believe in yourself and stand like a pole in the middle of the ocean struggling and standing against the strongest winds. Life is all about decisions, second chances and outcomes.

Never assume that you are stuck with the way things are. Life changes, and so you can. When you are pushed in all directions by forces you can’t control, take time and realign things you value most in your life. Just remember every day is a new day with new possibilities so don’t presume to be a prisoner with old habits and assumptions.

So rather than depressing yourself and drowning in the ocean of endless fear, come out and learn a lesson from what life offers.

10 Lessons to remember when LIFE seems stuck:


Among many things I started changing over the past few months were my thoughts. Thoughts define your current state of mind. It can make you or break you. If you change the way of looking at things, things automatically change themselves. Be optimistic and believe in yourself. Introspect and figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Work on yourself but do not invest time in demeaning yourself for no reason! Nothing is stronger than your ‘will-power’. If you think, you are good enough to complete a task, you will do it eventually. If you begin something with a pessimist approach, then things might turn out to be more difficult than they actually are.



Be in the habit of questioning your belief and try finding answers. Questioning your thoughts will lead you to an emotional path. Just feel that emotion, observe and then act. Your actions will lead you to the result. Ask yourself:

Why did I think what I thought?

From where did my belief come?

Are they correct?

What will be the outcome?



Sometimes we face difficult times in our life. It’s better to fight back the waves of pain running down the lower side of your body. At times, there is no option but to take the difficult way in life. Sometimes, you might have to take the ‘Road Not Taken’. Don’t regret what you did in past.  Believe in yourself and in your hard work.



Remember Edison who failed 100 times in making the world, a brighter place to live?

The lesson we learn is that even after trying 200 times and yet failing , success seemed a long way off but he didn’t lose hope. Failure is just a feedback mechanism. We learn mostly from our mistakes. In bad times we should shift our perception. We should rather be thankful for bad moments in our life that helps us to bring out the hidden potential inside us. You won’t become powerful and discover yourself unless bad moments come into our life. Yesterday’s bad news is not worth reliving.



You may not lead the life you wish wanted to but by your actions and decisions, you will lead a much happier and meaningful life. Instead of finding solutions and searching excuses start scrunching for the reason. Stop looking for excuses for why you can’t do something. Instead, go do it. Discard yesterday’s frustration. Making excuses might be the reason of your failure in most cases. The trick is to work on your weakness and not to make an excuse to skip it.



We all have heard and read about Albert Einstein. The greatest scholar, mathematician, philosopher and what not. His story teaches us how an ordinary school boy turned himself into a gem. The story is on the same lines of how coal transforms to a diamond. Suffering from dyslexia, Einstein never allowed his disease to become a hindrance. Such people rise above their circumstances. In other words, they stop blaming the situation and did their best in that particular case! If you find something difficult, keep doing it until you succeed. Such things are necessary since you never know which path leads you to success in life! Try to break the shell and emerge out as the best.


7)    DECIDE

It’s your decision which can be fruitful or disastrous. You have to decide what you want. We all make half- cooked decisions in our life. We put in a little effort before giving up. And that is not what really a decision means. If you really decide to do something you start feeling it in your guts. No matter what the situation is, what weather it is, how long will it take, you will only see it through to its end. When you make a decision grab hold of your emotions. If you feel something that is when you know that you made a decision for yourself. Always keep in your mind you are a soldier and way stronger.



No matter,  what situation you are in. Always remember that there are people out there who have been through what you are facing presently. So encourage yourself and never get demotivated. In bad times learn to speak to your family and talk with your friends because they are the ones who will never leave you. Make choices to feel good about yourself.



Life is a story where you commit mistakes, learn from them and come out as a better person. Mistakes let you grow and do not intend to let you break. Remind yourself that we all faces challenges. Listen to your intuitions. Concentrate on your inner growth and aim. Life is a journey to travel not a journey to complete. Don’t give up and face challenges with courage to become a powerful and stronger person.



Growth and change are sometimes painful, but nothing in life is as painful as staying stuck. You can’t make the time and you can only change it. So instead of blaming time and fortune start molding and shaping it.



Nothing is impossible in life. Life is a maze filled with its ups and downs. You just have to figure out the right path and you shall get the desired outcome! Keep these 10 points in mind as they will make you a stronger person! Be optimistic and keep smiling!



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