10 Must-do’s when you Move into a New House

Shifting into a new house is very exciting as you are going to start a new life and build new memories. But at the same time tricky and exhausting as well. It is stressful and time-consuming because of all the packing, cleaning, and unpacking you to do. House shifting is a big, disruptive change that will take a lot of time and hard work to execute smoothly. Everything is messed up and at times unorganized which makes you feel frustrated. The entire process can also turn out to be quite tiring. However, if planned properly this task can be easy-going and less stress giving.

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Here are 10 must do’s when you move into a new house which will help you do the task effortlessly with its entire thrill.

10.Take a few days off

House shifting is not a task that gets completed in a day or two, it is necessary that you take   3-4 days off while you are moving. Strategize each day efficiently to avoid last minute chaos. Buy packing material like boxes, tape, few tools like hammer and nails. Start packing with the least used stuff and pack the most used on the last day so that you don’t have to pack unpack. Clear all the pending works; be well aware of everything you are responsible for like money transfer or any pending payment.

9.Packing, Sort and purge.

Check every room of your house and decide what you would like to keep and what you can get rid of. Think about whether any items will require special packing or extra insurance coverage. After packing the boxes, label them to avoid confusion. Place these packages and boxes carefully in a sequence so it becomes easy to unpack. After you are done with packing cross check everything and make sure you didn’t leave something behind. Dump off the trash and complete last minute cleaning tasks if any.

8.Take care of children or pets

Make sure that the kids and the pets have something to do, take help of kids in little tasks or if they are too small ask help from your relatives so that you can focus on the moving and be tension free from the kids’ side. You never know where kids run, so it is better to keep them away from dust and heavy furniture to be moved. It is much better that you keep pets and kids away from all the action. Having a family member watch them is the safest option.

7.Inform everyone

It is important that you inform your friends and relatives about your house shifting. Send them a text message or call notifying them your new address so that the important people in your life can be with you when you start your new living. Also it’s important to change your address officially with relevant businesses.

6.Change your address on official records.

It’s best to do this as early possible, so you do not have to face the pain of asking the new tenants forwarding your important mails. You must inform every relevant businesses and government bodies so that your mail reaches you on time without any displacement and at top notch inform the post office. Update your new address on the electoral roll, your bank and also contact your car insurance and registration provider and notify the same.

5.Hire a good Movers Team

A good mover’s team is essential to hire, they can organize and place everything with care. They work efficiently for a flawless shifting of household materials and you can track assistance till the delivery.  They carry out transportation in a very professional manner so the furniture is safe. It is often Packers and Movers, they provide packing moving and even unpacking.

4.Cleaning the new house

While most of the people leave the house clean for you, some won’t. Even if they do, you’ll want to clean everything for yourself. You can hire a service to do this, if you are short of time. If you do it yourself, set up an area with all of the supplies and tools you’ll need to get the job done: buckets, brooms, mops, a vacuum, cleaners for each type of surface etc. Washing down cabinets  counters and plumbing fixtures and cleaning the carpeting etc. will make you feel good about the house.

3.Confirm with the new Landlord

Be on a safer side with everything you do. Call your new landlord a day before the shifting and confirm with everything. Confirm the installation date of new utilities, such as Internet, gas, and electricity. Make sure every thing is ready before the decided date and keep in touch with your Movers team. Withdraw any cash you’ll need for the day of shifting, such money for the movers and cash for ordering food. You must clean the apartment before shifting by doing this you save your time for the shifting day. Meet your new landlord, talk to him/her and clear out if you have any doubts. Take a walk around the apartment and ask your landlord if you can reserve a parking spot for moving day. It will be convenient for you if the parking is right at the front.

2.The New apartment

You must unlock the apartment before the arrival of moving company or your friends. Vacating the old house is just one aspect of the story, the major one has just begun. Before moving in the boxes, make sure that at least one gate of the building is properly opened so you have a safer and clearer path to your unit. Now starts the real action, the labels you posted on the boxes will help you placing them in the right rooms. For example, the kitchen stuff goes to kitchen and your crockery is safe and intact.

1.Basic Amenities for the moving day!

Don’t forget to carry packed food items as you won’t be able to cook on the shifting day. Carry cups or bottles for drinking water, sippy cups for your little ones, dried snacks that don’t require utensils, basic food stuffs — bread, peanut butter, apples, nuts, crackers, granola, yogurt, and milk do the trick for our family. Nonbreakable plates, bowls, and utensils — It’s nice to not worry about storing your regular dishes somewhere where kids can’t accidentally knock them over (and with boxes everywhere, chances are high). Picnic ware is great for this.

Taking some time to organize the shifting will be very helpful while moving to a new home to do, so make sure you follow these steps to keep the work load to minimum. It is a stressful work, even if you take help of the movers. This moving checklist will help everything about it go smooth. No matter how difficult moving is at the end of the day, you are shifting to a new house which is the most exciting part. Take a chill pill, lie down, relax and plan accordingly. Congrats on the new place and Happy moving!


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