10 Productive Things you can Learn during Pregnancy

Life is fulfilling when every minute is spent being productive and to know how much can be done if you are always doing is wonderful. As the old saying goes, time and tide wait for none, let us never give ourselves a chance to regret for the lost time. It is said that you are equivalent to death when you stop learning. No man can stay idle for too long. We human beings are usually restless and tend to indulge ourselves in any sort of labor in free time that gives us the joy of being idle yet involved in something worthwhile.

So what can we do when we are supposed to take rest for quite a long time and that long time extends to nine months? Ladies, often wonder how to kill their idle pre-delivery time in a meaning-full manner. Most expecting mothers go through anxiety and boredom makes it only worse. One needs to shift their focus from that emotional turmoil to a positive, healthy and joyous pregnancy.

Below are 10 assured ways to stay productive, creative and remain involved in little things that can be learnt or done and relished during the period of child bearing and beyond.

10) Learn a New Language

Learning a new language can be challenging, but it comes with a bucket of benefits. It is one of the best ways to utilize your free time wisely. This activity improves your cognitive functions, boosts your memory power and enhances your multi-tasking capabilities, which comes in handy during the post-delivery period. Learning a new language means familiarizing yourself with dissimilar rules, etymology, grammar and meaning, which are some of the intricacies of a language.

Studies have proven that learning a new language can enhance your memory capacity, reduce the risk of occurrence of conditions such as Dementia, Alzheimer. You naturally tend to become more perceptive. Multi-linguists are known to portray superior decision-making power, also the knowledge of your first language improves.


9) Learn to Bake that Perfect Cake:

Loved the last chocolate cake you had? How about learning and mastering the art of baking for yourself? Baking is not a herculean task. It all lies in knowing the right method and getting oneself familiarized with the nitty-gritties of it. From a number of cake recipes to the necessary equipment, all that you need is just a click away. One can even get their ingredients and other essential materials at your doorstep. You can make amazing cookies, breads and cupcakes, as baking doesn’t limit the wide choices that are available.

Prepare yourself to bake delicious cakes for your little one for all those many birthdays to come.

8) Get your hands dirty

Bliss is to stay in touch with the mother Earth, gardening or raising a kitchen garden can divert and clear your mind from pessimism by bringing in positivity along with a calmness that keeps you occupied. You can grow fertilizer free, organic fruits/ vegetables. Augment colours of your backyard, grow some ornamental plants or local variety of flowers. Breathe fresh air and get some supplement of Vitamin D as well.

However, its appropriate to take certain precautions as taxoplasmosis, a flu causing bacteria lurks in the soil and may cause damage to the foetus. Use rubber gloves, wash hands and face well once done with it and consume enough water when working out in the summer days. Also, find a comfortable place to avoid uneasiness.

7) Learn to Stitch

Knitting, weaving and stitching is next in our list of top ten productive activities. There exists a myth related to women stitching during pregnancy. Well, it is a superstition that holding scissors would give the baby a scar. If you do not believe in these misconceptions, get creative with your needle and thread. Create your own pre-delivery wardrobe, as you would need more and more clothes when you approach the due date.


6) Start your own blog

Share your experiences and knowledge that you have acquired in various phases of life. Start a blog. It will help you reflect, introspect and learn by disseminating what you have seen or lived through. This is a great platform and a boon to the people of this generation. One can even start a blog dedicated towards expecting mothers and thereby reach out to other would-be moms.


5) Be the interior designer

One can express their individuality through the décor of their surroundings. Hiring an interior decorator can be expensive. Design your toddler’s nursery or do that rearrangement your drawing room needs. Welcome the baby to the house with more colors and brilliance. Save the bill that was to be paid to a designer and get artistic. This can be fun, find what can cheer up and catch the attention of little ones. This may be the best time to bring out your interior decorative ideas.


4) Take an online course

Take a degree on any course that interests you from the comfort of your home and at your convenience, which has acquired much popularity off late. Be it a course on home science or astronomy, just one click away from enlightening yourself. Do not be skeptical it has been proved that online learning is effective. This can even improve carrier prospects in the future.


3) Develop a hobby

Loved painting or crafts but got carried on with the fast pace of married life? Wanted to play an instrument or learn music? This is the time to pursue, be it a hobby or something you had to drop long back. Be it making jewellery or candles, perfumes do as your heart says and stay positive. Carrying out a hobby can be amusing and productive.


2) Learn to cook healthy

Pregnancy changes the usual diet and a lot of new ingredients are advised for intake. This is the time when you have cravings this makes it hard to follow a healthy diet. Make your diet interesting by picking up different grain, vegetable, fruits in each meal. Impress your husband, cook something new and diverse keeping in mind the new diet regime that is to be followed. Healthy cooking is all about the choices you make in choosing the right ingredients like for example, opting for unsaturated (e.g., olive oil) over saturated fats such as butter etc. Widen your cooking knowledge and start a new leaf before you welcome your baby.


1) Educate yourself

Pregnancy is a totally unique phase in life, loads of new things to familiarize you with. While you have the time and chance, read as much as possible. Let those books lead the days when you are expecting especially get acquainted with all the required medical terms that the gynecologist uses, this would definitely proof to be of help at some point. Not necessary to read only concerning pregnancy, one can catch up with any sort of books that interests her. Remember, books can be the best friend who gives knowledge, something you need at all walks of life.


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