10 Psychological Effects of Internet

Internet has known to be the most influential and important means of technology today. It has become a perfect source of knowledge and entertainment for us. Moreover, if you are reading this article it is solely because of internet. However, there are some facts that might discomfort you when it comes to the impact of internet. Most of us had faced a number of negative effects of internet like addiction to social networking, games. etc., but we also agree to the point that internet has helped us in a research works, daily life, knowing recipes, and what not.

Internet has been a guide for us on many things yet there are times when our parents actually do not favor us on using internet so much. Internet has not just made our daily easy but also has affected us psychologically. You might be thinking, how internet has affected us psychologically? When I talk about psychological effects, I am talking about our dependency on internet. To elaborate on this point here are 10 psychological effects of internet on you that might surprise you.

  1. Lack of Concentration

One of the ill- effects of internet is that people lack concentration because of it. This is so because when you are surfing the net about something, you see a number of links available for you and when you open one link, you find some more links inside that article that might distract you from what you were actually finding to what are you now reading. This shows how human mind lacks in concentration because of internet.


  1. Dependency on internet

Internet has made us dependent on it. It is not that internet comes to you and advertises “open me and I will solve all your problems” but it is actually us who have made our mind work in a way that whenever we have a question in front of us, we try to look its solution on internet. Now when it comes to our dependency, you might notice that even your mom at times look up for internet to find some new recipes for Sunday brunch. So it’s not just limited to the youngsters or teenagers, it is every person on earth who is dependent on it.

  1. Social Networking on the lead

Social networking has been the one that has made a number of things possible. As it said that everything in the world has its pros and cons so is with internet and these social networking sites. These not just connect you to your beloveds but also help you in finding new friends. Now the thing that has made this social networking sites worse are that there are a number of ways that can exploit a person through social networking sites and that are today counted under the panel of cyber-crimes. Social networking has also made people capable of harassing their enemies or ex’s sexually by uploading their private pictures and videos.

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  1. Harmful for kids and teenagers

Yes, internet is the most harmful thing for kids and teenagers as they can very easily get to know about things that usually parents prefer not to tell them. For instance, there are a number of sites having some ad clicks posting some unethical pictures or saying “hi this is xyz, wanna chat with me” and what not. Now when your child opens up this link he might find some pictures that are not suitable for his age. Also the increasing demand of pornography has made a number of teenagers explore internet and made them the dictionary of all such sites.

  1. Gives assured facts

There is one thing that is amazing about internet that it gives you assured facts and figures about any topic. All you need to do is just type on the search bar and you will get a good amount of result on that. It has made people confident and sure about what they are doing.

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  1. Encourages fakeness

Being fake is something that has been a very common task today. All you need is a random ID and a password. Create an account and be fake. This is one way of portraying fakeness and the other way is open your account and hide from the world the real self. Many people tend to act cool and super stylish by their words on internet which is because of lack of physical contact of people. Internet has made people attached to each other in a way that there is a huge difference between what they actually are and what they show the world about themselves.

  1. Attracts people to the virtual world

The bliss of internet has made people attracted towards it. This virtual world is something that does not have a physical contact with you but it is a way that brings you in touch with a number of things going around you. The truthfulness of facts has made many of us rely on internet completely. And this virtual world has become a very important part of life for many.

  1. Has turned to be an addiction

The internet-addiction is something that every parent is scared of because of the growing use of internet by the kids. This addiction can be good and bad. It is good in a way that now kids are more confident about what they speak and do as they have a surety that they are right. This addiction is bad in a way that many people today just look into their smartphones and forget the real world they are in which has brought a distance in their relationships with their family members.


  1. Affected the parent-child relationship

The most affected relationship by internet is the parent-child relationship. You might be thinking how? This is because 90% of the arguments between a mother and a child are because of something related to the internet. It is not just the child but also the parents have been affected by this psychologically in a way that they find something new because they could never experience such a thing in their childhood.

  1. It has been a distraction for students

Internet has been a complete distraction for students as they, apart from learning something from internet, finding new games for themselves, some new links that can easily keep them engaged the whole day. Internet has made the students feel like they are independent and do not need anything else. However, they forget the real value of their parents and get into the race of being better which actually spoils them.

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It is not that internet is a bad thing; it also have some positive effects that have brought a change in the society. However, one must take care of the amount of usage of internet and that you are not any more addicted and dependent to it because this is the only thing that can not just do good for you but can also exploit you. Whenever you surf the internet make sure that you are careful while doing it and you do not get addicted to it. Surf the net and just be careful.

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