10 Reasons to date a Short Girl

Short people have many disadvantages. Apart from people mocking them by different names they are engrossed with many problems in everyday life. Like, not reaching the top self every time they want a cookie, and getting dependable on others. But, short girls are a treat to date. They make the most perfect and amazing girlfriends. From hugging to kissing, everything is damn cute when you date a short girl. Below are the 10 amazing reasons why you should date a short girl.


10.Incredible Hug’s

When you date someone, hugging is one of the most special things that you guys do. A girl always prefers hugging than kissing. That is the form, in which they show their compassionate feelings.  To hug a short girl is a feeling that cannot be expressed. There hanging around just above your hips, and their foreheads close to your chin. It feels cute, and it assures you that she is okay. Resting her head on your chest, makes you feel like a ‘man’. It is an incredible felling when you kiss them on their forehead, while hugging them.

 9.High Heels

Short girls are cute, and their cuteness gets overloaded when they are on High heels. Since they are naturally short, High Heels suit them good. They do not look too tall, or too short while wearing high heels. As with tall girls, High Heels doesn’t really suit them, and they look like as if they are oversized, and resembles a ‘Human Giraffe’. High heels in short girls is a delight to watch.


To make up for the height difference, when she stands up on her toes, and tries to kiss you, it feels like a heaven and its incredibly adorable. Being in an advantage when it comes to height, you may tease her by standing up on your toes, and increasing the height difference that she wants to cover. It is an incredibly egoistic and romantic moment at the same time. She is just reaching out for you to kiss you which is massively romantic, while you with an advantage over height, showing off your male ego. Sexy, isn’t it?

7.Once you date a short girl, they are your forever

Some may not acknowledge the fact, that short girls have a tendency to stay forever with you, but this is true. They are often the one who will stay with you forever, and will walk down the lane, through your sad and happy times. They don’t need a reason to love you, because, they know who you are and that is enough for them, to love you till eternity. Maybe, because she is convinced that you love her, no matter how much short she is. She will love you all throughout her life, maybe more than you can return back.

6.Astonishingly, they don’t age!

Astonishingly enough, they don’t age like every normal people age. They will always look younger than people of their age, which in turn makes them irresistible. Who doesn’t want a girl, who looks younger than him? Everybody does, right! Statistic say, because of being short, their skin doesn’t crumble easily, because of the lesser surface area they have to cover and therefore they don’t age as normal people does.



Fighting with her reveals her another set of cuteness. This is controversial because, other girls don’t look like monsters when they are angry, they are supposed to look cute too. But, as per the common belief, short girls are said to be more adorable, cute and sexy when they get annoyed. When you say something awful to her, and she tries to beat you with her cute little hands, it is adorable. Sometimes, in the midst of a pillow fight, when you just give up showing your strength to her, and she hits you, just to show off her strength, those are the golden cute moments of a short girl.

4.Carrying them is Easy

Every guy has a dream or a milestone to carry their wife or girlfriend once in their life. Short girls are very easy to carry, because of their height. They will just hang on to you like a small little baby. Just like in the fairytales, where the prince carries the princess, you can also carry your princess for the romantic feeling it instigates. In fact, the girl loves it. As it is a guy’s milestone to carry around his girlfriend, a woman’s milestone is to be carried around by her man. When your girlfriend is too tired after a long day, carry her to home.


Because of being short, they are vulnerable to many things. Because of being vulnerable, if you date her, you need to man up and not be a chicken anymore. Therefore, dating a short girl actually makes you more mature, than having a dominating girlfriend. If you are a coward yourself, stay away from a short girl, because she needs someone dominating and powerful. You should be able to protect her from all the ill-names people call her, and you cannot be a coward to do that.

2.She needs you!

No matter how much independent she becomes, she will always need you for miscellaneous things. She has a height problem, and to fight that, at some point of time she will need you. You will have the chance of becoming her own personal superman. After trying hard to get the Nutella at the top shelf, she will always call for you to help. Rather than taking a chair, she will call for you, which means she relies on you for things she cannot do on her own. In libraries, she can’t reach out to the topmost rack, and will always call for you when she needs something from the higher racks. Not only height, but she also has a problem when it comes to taking selfies. You will be her savior in almost everything when it comes to height. You will be her ultimate ‘Superman’.


To be quite frank, guys have a male ego, and we feel inferior walking around with a tall woman. It affects our self-esteem and hurts our ego. Often it has been seen that, tall girls are smart and has a lot of confidence, which in turn becomes arrogance in later life, and can make a man feel inferior. Short girls can make a man happy by adjusting with them.

When she holds your arm in public, and kisses you on your shoulders, that is one of the best feelings that a guy can ask for. Then there are her efforts of being taller than you by wearing high heels. She looks damn sexy in those high heels, but those high heels also can’t help her in coming near you in height. These things are what makes your short girlfriend cute and beautiful and easy to cope up with and thus live with.

“Every tall boy, needs a short girl by his side.”


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