10 Reasons why some People will Never Succeed

Success is explained by Google as “the accomplishment of an aim and purpose”, while failure is the inability to reach one’s aim and purpose. People who are successful defines success in the way they want, while people who are failures have the same characteristics all over the world. While success subjective and depends from person to person, failure is cliché and is same for everyone.


Everyone wants to achieve success in his or her lifetime, but some people fail drastically due to their own mistakes and on purpose. We all have the same ability, but what matters the most is how we apply ourselves to our aim. That is what differentiates between failure and success. Many people will never success because of certain things they undertake or do. Here are 10 such reasons why some people will never succeed.

10.Value of Time

Success comes when you strive hard towards your goals. When you devote a huge amount of time towards the thing you really want to achieve, success comes as a result. People who are unsuccessful, do not devote enough time to their dreams, and instead does random things which are not needed. They are everywhere and anywhere, except where they should be. They do set their goals and make promises every year, but those promises are never fulfilled, because of their bad time management.


Fantasizing is different from visualization. That is exactly what a failure wouldn’t understand. Rather than working towards their aim, they fantasize about it. They don’t take action, and expect their dream to come towards them. They spend enough time in planning and preparing for their aim, but they do not take the necessary action afterwards, and that is why, they cannot achieve anything. They are people who will accept failure as it is, rather than step up and do something.

8.Understanding their Goals

Successful people know what their goal is, and understand them. They can work towards it tirelessly, and will never back out, when it comes to achieving their goals. The standing rule is, the more important a goal is to you, the higher should it be placed in your hierarchy. But, people who are failures, they don’t understand their goals, and they cannot distinguish their goals, and hence can’t devote time to the most important goal. They do everything, they take part in everything, but at the end of the day, does nothing productive when it comes to achieving their goal. Planning the steps towards achieving your goal is really important.

7.Limiting Beliefs

You will hear people saying, “I am not really good in Math’s”, “I cannot speak well”. These are the unsuccessful people. They always put on limitations in their way. These are self-imposed limitations and they put these on themselves, so that they can aim low and stay underachieved in their life. The first step towards being successful is to gain confidence, and these failures lacks confidence. They need to get rid of these ideas about their set of talents, and work towards their aim. IF you are not really good in math’s, you will be, and if you can’t speak well, you will be. There is no need to pee your pants every time you confront with something you don’t like.



Failures give great excuses. They have an excuse for everything and anything. They will always find a way to hide their disability through these blames. When they fail the mathematics exam, they say, that they didn’t get step marking. They never really try, and when it comes to giving excuse, they just make up something and tells the entire world. Successful people fail also, but what they do is, they accept their failure and start their engine again for the next hurdle. But, failures give excuses.

5.They can’t say ‘No!’

Due to the lacking confidence, they are in constant worry about what others think of them. Therefore, to be liked by everyone, they say yes to everybody. Therefore, they are not really loyal to their dreams, and is set to pleasing others more than concentrate on their dreams. While, they can’t say no to people, people get the best of them. In the contrary, people who are successful, they are bound to devote their time only to their perspective.

4.Unrealistic Goals and Resistant

People who fail, set goals before choosing the path. Those goals are primarily unrealistic, because those are based on false hypothecations and other people’s perspectives. Often in a frantic attempt to reach his/her goal, these people take the wrong path. People who are unsuccessful, they often are not open to ideas because they have already set their goals, and is resilient to choose other paths that might be available to reach the goal. While successful people are open to ideas and their goals are very realistic.


They cannot take challenges, and even if they take one, they cannot face the adversity. They have a habit of fleeing the situation as soon as they face adversity. They are resistant on taking adversity, instead they change their goals as soon as they face it. While, it is very evident that adversities will come between your goal and you, you should fight those challenges in order to be successful. Failures often hypothecate the challenges, and seem to see them as a bigger problem, while they are actually very minor problems which can be solved. They have to understand one thing, their path will not be as smooth they imagine it to be, and there will lots of thorns in the way.


They are self-proclaimed procrastinators. Every time you say these people to do something, they will always delay it off. They like to live off their life depending on tomorrow. On the contrary, people who are successful in life, they like to live their life to the fullest, doing the things then and there. One of the primary thing that, distinguishes between an unsuccessful man and a successful man is, delaying things off.


They are ignorant! As simple as that. They haven’t got any views on any topic whatsoever, if that topic doesn’t directly affect them. They are not open minded, and judge people based on their views. A characteristic that all unsuccessful people have is, they think that everyone should live life according to their rules. They don’t read and have a habit of educating others, with their ‘formal education’. Apathy is a disease, and these people spread it. In this world full of interesting things, they don’t find anything curious to learn about, and hence remain apathetic. Successful people are always open to learn new things, and have an open mind. They don’t judge people, and they don’t want people to be their way.

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. 

-Winston Churchill

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