10 Reasons School life Relationships are Special

Do you remember those group punishments in School? Your first crush? Bunking those boring classes, and smoking in the back alley? Those are the memories we all have from our school life. The days we left back at school are never going to come back. It is not only the school building which makes us nostalgic, it is also the people we spent our school days with. The bond or the relationship we shared with our school friends is unbreakable and lasts a lifetime.

Not only friendships, school life love is also very special, and it is said to last till eternity. Statistics say, that 90% of school life couples get married. Here are some reasons that why school life relationships, be it friendship or love, are so special.


10.Growing Up

Growing up with some of the best people that we will ever meet in life is indeed something we all cherish. Cracking idiotic jokes, walking in the hallway, bunking classes and then getting punished together, are some of the wonderful memories we all have from school. School life carves us, and make us who we really are today. Between jumping around in those tiny shorts and being thrown away from the class for talking, school life taught us some of the most important lessons of life.


While we are in school, we hit adolescence and infatuation for a special somebody starts to grow. Between those heavy makeups, and douche t-shirts, falling in love was rare. But, falling in love at that moment means that you are set for life. It means that your love is for eternity.

9.Bad Times and Good Times

School friends never give up on you. No matter how bad you are to them, they will always come back for you. They will be there for you when you fail in your examination, and they will also be there for you when you clear the engineering entrances. For all the bad times you face in life, they will be there to cheer you up for the upcoming good times.

Things are better when you have a school sweetheart because they know when you are actually fine and when you are faking it. Therefore, you have a solid establishment, where you can fall back to when you are stressed out or feeling low, and they can rejuvenate you. Staying together for so long, makes couple know each other’s breathing pattern too.

8.Friends do not Judge you

A huge advantage with school friends and the factor which strengthens the relationship is that they don’t judge you. Because of being together for such a long time, they know you inside out, and they do not need to judge you by your external changing characteristics. Thus, you can be comfortable around them, and do whatever you like. You do not have to pretend in front of them.


Same goes for your childhood sweetheart. They know who you are, and will never judge you based on your present characteristics.

7.The Reunions

School reunions are something we look forward to every year. We don’t have to make an effort to enjoy ourselves when we meet our buddies. Making jokes about each other, talking about the old times in school, and how we used to prank the teachers, these reunions are loaded with memories from school life. Plus, talking about the present problems of life, and solving them with a bottle of beer is something we all wait for all year long.

6.Secret Customs

Remember what we did when we all passed our boards successfully? Yes! Every friend group has some weird custom which they do, for celebrating every milestone. Be it the drinking games of our bachelor days, or the birthday bashes, there are some customs which we celebrate whenever we meet. A friends group is like an exclusive club, where some things are really exclusive.

Same goes for a childhood love. Couples for a long time, they have some secret customs which they do at every patch ups, and every milestone one of them reach.


Remember the days, when your mom went out to work, and you had lunch at your friend’s place! At this stage, after long years of friendship, our families know each and every one of our friends. As I said, it is like a closed club. In our school days, we practically spent most of the time at each other’s home. Our families know each other, and our friend’s parents are practically our second families. They know us and trust us, and are an awesome support. Those sleepovers and study meets were always fun because our families supported us.

4.Plenty of Photos to Recollect memories

Remember those embarrassing moments when your friends and you were peeing together or those awkward pictures of you in underwear on your visit to the water park? There are plenty of photos to recollect the best times of your life. Those frames will be with you forever and are the best way you can destress yourself when you are really down.

The nostalgia of school life and friends, evoked by a single frame.


You can recall the memories you had with your high school sweetheart through the photos. From the first time you kissed, the first time you held hands and walked in the park, every moment is captured in those time frames.

3.Support System

School friends are your foundation, and you know that you can always fall back on them. Like, a personal counselor, they will hear about your problems patiently and will always come forth with a solution. With no expectation in return, they will help you and give you advice. More than friends, at times, they become your kindred spirits.

Your school life love is also your support system. In fact, more than being soulmates, couples are each other’s best friends, go-to persons for one another, endless supporters, partners, cheerleaders etc. They have supported you at every point of life and will go on supporting for years to come.

2.Survival in School

Those boring math’s classes were lively because of your friends. Those gossips in the middle of the class, about the extramarital affair of the professors, were always so much more interesting than the boring classes. From beating up a bully, to group punishments, these friends were always with you.

If you have dated in school, you must have sat with her, hands in hands, talking about how you people would like to have your future settled. These moments actually helped you escape those boring lectures.


1.Secrets and Embarrassing Stories

All your embarrassing stories to the girl you stalked your friends know it all. Remember that day, when you had no money to get back home because you lost your entire money on the gambling bet? These friends helped you, and didn’t let the matter reach to your parents. Probably they still don’t know, their son has a criminal record. Thank your friends for that.


Guys in relationships have a lot of embarrassing stories of each other, which become memories to cherish for life.


The little things like these, keep us together and makes our relationship so much more interesting. School life has forever been the best part of our life, and school friends are still our best buddies!

I wish my school days could have dragged on a little longer, or that I could go back and do it later in life. 
-Cara Delevingne.

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