10 Reasons why Hostel life Rocks

Most of us look at school and living with parents as the place of rules and restrictions and this is one of the reasons why the sound of hostel life excites us. The excitement is more of a conjunction of the unknown experiences you are about to have and the space to make your own rules. The independence, the no-rules is the only rule policy and much more. The special thing about hostel life is that your siblings or cousins are more excited about it than you are! Planning all the little things that you would need to take with you, storing up home made food, arranging all your favorite clothes in one bag and never having to wear that T -shirt which mom thinks looks good on you but is now too childish to wear! Apart from these, there are 10 reasons why hostel life rocks. Read on!

10) That Independence

You might turn 18 or 21, but the real independence never steps in if you stay at home during your college years. The same freedom kicks in the day you enter your hostel and that is your independence day without it being August 15! The idea of being in-charge of your way of life and not having an adult around to keep an eye on you, is more than enough an adventure for a teenager just out of school!


9) Sleep at 6am, wake up at 1pm

No, we did not write it in reverse. One of the most important reasons why hostel life rocks is that you do not have to play by the house rules. No mandatory sleeping by 12 or 1am maximum, no mandatory waking up before the sun goes overhead, no rules is the only rule! You can make, break and mend your own schedule with no complaints from the people around you.

8) Any time Party time

There was this Bagpiper advertisement which gives you the 3 have’s to have a party. In the hostel, you need just one thing – the wave! Once the wave of “let’s party tonight” initiates at one end of your wing, it spreads like a wildfire and all the wherewithal is unearthed. Someone’s speakers, someone else’s playlist, someone’s liquid stock and all the party people at one place. So all you need is to gather people and you can have a party literally any time!


7) Too many cooks make a Biryani

Be it birthdays, festivals and tons of such occasions that India gives us a chance to celebrate, Hostel makes it an event with all the people! A Holi of tearing up each other’s, clothes, a Diwali of crackers at room doors, a painful birthday both physically and economically, the people make it into memories for a lifetime! They say too many cooks spoil the broth, but here all those cooks make up a Biryani together!

6) Wear what you wish to

As gender biased as this might sound, this applies to both girls and boys. Girls have the freedom of wearing whatever they secretly wished to but were either too afraid to ask for at home or weren’t permitted to upon asking. With the blessing of online shopping, you can order whatever you want and experiment with all kinds of dresses. For the boys, all the hassle of go put a trouser on, put a shirt on, everything goes out once the hostel life steps in. They too can wear whatever they want whenever they want and also nothing when they so wish! Freedom of dressing up or not dressing up at all is one of the reasons why hostel life rocks!

5) “Clean your room” bomb diffused

All of us at all points of time have heard one favourite playlist on our parents’ audio track – “Clean your room!”. As much as you like being messy and loathe cleaning, you had to clean up your room on a regular basis if you wanted to prevent your mother from stepping into your territory! All the nagging, all the instructions and all the blackmail of “clean up or skip dinner”, becomes a thing of the past in your new kingdom called your hostel room. From 3 times worn t-shirts to freshly washed ones, all lie in the same pile of clothes which migrates from your bed to the floor at night and back to the bed in the morning. From used plates to chocolate wrappers, empty toothpaste tubes and worn socks, your room is a treasure hunt for both people and pests. Your friends need to sail their way into your room and excavate a place to sit! All this is not only allowed, but also stress-free!


4) Make your own choices

As much freedom as you might have had at home, you still had a veto power over your decisions. As you step into hostel life, almost all of your decisions are your own. Which classes to attend, which ones to bunk, what to eat for dinner and when to skip the mess, which movie to watch when, when to study and when not to. All these decisions which were once scrutinized by your parents are now your own, with nothing but a faint acknowledgement of others.


3) Additional importance from your family

Calling it importance or sympathy is your take, but the way your family looks at you totally changes once you shift to a hostel. From respecting your opinion about everything as they feel you are capable of living alone and managing everything, to pampering you every time you go home for a vacation. In India, this is not limited to just your immediate family but even your younger cousins or siblings start admiring your life, independence and fantasize that you would be having the most happening life out there!

2) No hiding 

Admit it! As sincere and innocent as you might be, you always have a few things that you never want your parents or anyone else to see. Staying at home, looking for good hiding places and remembering those all the time is one huge effort! But staying at the hostel you have to make absolutely no efforts to hide any of that stuff or worry about somebody looking at it. Be it the letters or cards from that special someone, your magazines or comics books or even an ugly report card. All lies in the open, unaffected by the fear of intrusion. Hostel life really is quite relaxed hah!

1) Free extendible wardrobe

Every girl or boy who has ever stayed in a hostel would agree that their wardrobe or rather any supply of stationary, soap, toothpaste or anything else extends in each direction of their room at the hostel. Right and left, up and down, all across the hallway. While girls have the opportunity of trying out unending outfits that their hostel mates own, having matching pair of shoes and accessories for virtually every dress, having the comfort of barging into every room while looking for that one perfect pair of earrings to having a troupe of stylists to dress you up for a special date, a hostel is really a boon to a girl who loves to dress up! For the boys, the extendable wardrobe is more of a comfort than an opportunity to look better. Waking up 10minutes before the class, they can wear the first t-shirt they see and slippers from any room and head to class! As difficult it is to keep track of things that actually belonged to you, it also is very convenient to have everything that you need all the time!


Even though many people, including your elders would tell you how tough life is in a hostel with all the low-taste food, the hassle of managing everything yourself and the absence of homely comfort, hostel life is one thing every youngster must experience at least once in their education. As all hostellers would agree, all the pros are heavier than the tiny set of cons! So go ahead and make most of your college life!

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