10 Signs that indicate that you are doing better than everyone else

Each and every day at your school, college or work place you are surrounded with people who are running. In fact all of us are running towards achieving our personal goals. The competition kind of gets to you more often than not and you wish to take a pause and examine how far have you already come and how far are you left to go. Comparing yourself with people who have different goals can get a little tricky at times, but you still have subtle signs which indicate that you are doing better than everyone else around you. So it is time to take that check list out and assess if you are doing better than everyone else around you.

10) Not enough time


You really wanted to read that book or attend that concert but you were satisfied with putting those hours into your project or any other task? Well, according to most successful people, not having enough time is a sign that you have filled up your day with events as much as you can. More often than not, these events and this hard work that you put in is what helps you stand out. Quite a few people would opine that not having time for recreation or pursuing your desire is a bad sign, but the logic behind this is that you must work as hard as you can while you can.

9) Last movie was?

Yes, we understand that you have people around you who watch every movie the weekend it releases. Yes, you might envy them at times, but not remembering the last movie you saw in the theatres is a sign that you are working hard towards your goals. As we know, every person has only 24 hours in a day and a fixed amount of energy. Not remembering the last time you invested your time and energy into something that doesn’t contribute towards your goal, is a sign that you have been investing your resources wisely! Moreover, you can easily watch the HD print online, anytime!

8) Losing friends, strengthening a few


Psychologists opine that you tend to maintain strong relations with people who share thought process similar to yours. As many movies quote, you aren’t growing up or heading towards excellence if you aren’t losing people around you. In your circle, you would always have people who are friends for a season, these are the ones to fall out first as soon as you begin to place goals over a drink at the bar or a random vacation. But this is not as disheartening as it seems. You would also be strengthening your bond with those people who have well defined goals or those who really want you to achieve the excellence that you aim

7) Milestones come quicker


The first promotion, the next one, and a bigger one 5 years later? Well, the timeline of your milestones would barely match that of people around you. As you begin to do better than everyone else, you will continue to rise faster. In such a case, you would be overstepping the general, expected milestone advancements. At times you would also be surprised by unexpectedly quick upgrades, well that is a sign that you are doing better than anyone else around you!

6) Hurdles aren’t too scary any more

There were times when something as trivial as a presentation in a class full of people, or in a board meeting seemed tough. Well, now as you get to being better, hurdles aren’t scary anymore. Even greater hurdles like slack in the production, inability to meet deadlines due to circumstances beyond your control, ever dissatisfied boss, adverse working conditions, whatever the hurdle might be, you are now ready to face it head on and overcome it. As you get to doing better than everyone else, you will see that your attitude towards facing and managing crisis and difficulties in your way is more positive than others. You are challenged by hurdles and not bogged down by them. Well bravery is a sign!

5) Sound sleep


There are various scientific research case studies that investigate the habits that can lead to a sound sleep, but the simplest one of them is the one that works on basic logic. The more tired you get in a day, the more peaceful and sound is your sleep. When you work beyond the normal effort, either mentally or physically, you are bound to experience greater fatigue. This automatically will lead you to a sound sleep. In addition, when you know consciously or sub-consciously that you have done the best that you could, you are bound to be calm and peaceful. Also those few hours of sleep is the only relaxation you allow yourself, hence a sound sleep is a clear sign in ways more than one!

4) Smartphone out of order

We are used to our parents or elders asking us to get off the phone, keep focus away from it and what not. Well, sadly, they do have a point. Smartphones not only engage your attention in futile things for a long time, but they also extract energy from you, which has been proven practically. As you begin to do better than others around you, you will have lesser time and even lesser interest to devote to your smartphone. Hence, if you have no clue where you left your phone, have 8-12 missed calls each day, hear complaints of not giving immediate responses, it’s a sign that you are doing better than everyone else around you!

3) Attention – wanted or unwanted


There is a really famous quote that says – “people will talk behind your back, which proves you are ahead of them”. One of the most major signs that you are doing better than anyone else is the fact that you will begin to hear people talking about you. As long as it is praise or admiration, you will be happy, but it will soon shift to stories that they cook up in their own kitchen. Attention, wanted or unwanted as it might be, you will be getting plenty of it wherever you go.

2) Incoherent conversations

As and when you begin to work out of the quotidian, you will start discovering newer avenues to life. When that happens you will automatically start shifting from the topics that you found interesting earlier, to newer ones. Well, being around people who keep making conversations out of such petty topics, will make these conversations incoherent to you. You will begin to see no meaning or usefulness of it and would begin to drift away. Incoherence is rarely a good sign, this is a rare case.

1) Out of place


The most talked about thing in context of successful people is that their issues, concerns and interests are different from the crowd. The major point behind this is that they evolve over time. As and when you begin to put in more effort than others and begin to do better than anyone else around you, you will also begin to feel out of place. Their concerns would no longer seem big enough to you, the obstacles would no longer be scary and you would not be deriving happiness out of negativity any more. Feeling out of place is the most important sign, a sign that is hard to miss!


So this was our list of signs which prove that you are doing better than anyone else around you. This is surely just the beginning. As and when you proceed further up on a monotonically increasing graph, you would find even clearer signs. Do let us know about your opinions and experiences!

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