10 Simple Life Teachings that Children Learn in School


Usually, children are victims of spoon-feeding and are made to listen to instructions, yet they wish to become independent people when they’re young.  It’s funny how we miss being spoon-fed when we grow old and how we get tired of our independence and long to become a kid again. Children from the age of 5-16, attend school and learn various things apart from academics which later turn out to be very useful and important. Till that tender age, it is quite natural to despise the lectures and time-to-time reminders of teachers at school. Little do we realize the value of numerous lessons which are imbibed in us when we are young which later helps us in our entire lifetime. We’re made to follow certain rules & regulations and if they’re broken, we get punished for our misdeeds. Life also works out that way. We are usually held accountable for our activities.

Here’s a sweet reminder of 10 simple life lessons which children learn at school, which tend to knock our doors at various stages of life, which teaches us many things unknowingly –

10.ORGANIZE THAT MESS YOU’VE MADE UP –  Teachers bug little kids to keep their surroundings clean, to organize their belongings and take care of them. When we grow up, we realize that keeping our surroundings in a tidy manner, not only makes us healthy externally, but also purifies our inner soul and keeps our mind clean, which is extremely important in the rat race that we’re all part of. Parents and teachers have taught us to organize our belongings since it’s suggested to stay in a clean environment, that applies in the daily lives of adults too.

9.TEAMWORK CAN BENEFIT EVERYONE – Remember that group project you prepared with the people you didn’t like? It taught you that working as a team can improve your interpersonal skills and it can turn your enemies into friends. In offices, you are required to work as a team to achieve a particular goal. No matter how much you wish to be away from a person, the job compels you to befriend that rival mate of yours. Teamwork not only enhances the bond, but also increases the productivity of a particular task!


8.YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE – Constant nagging of that strict teacher you had, she forced you to be nice to people in order to receive the same treatment in return. In our day-to-day lives, we observe that if a person is not talking to us in a polite manner, we end up being rude to them as well. We were expected to show some respect to the people around us, in order to get the same. Not much has changed, as the years passed by.

7.DECISIONS – GOOD OR BAD, MATTERS A LOT – It was said that good decisions lead to prosperity and bad decisions lead to serious consequences. A completed homework always led to praises and good grades. But an incomplete homework led to scolding and embarrassing punishments. As you grow up, you realize that no matter what decision you make for yourself, facing the consequences is inevitable! As you sow, so shall you reap.

Community High School freshman take notes on photosynthesis in their foundations of science class taught by Courtney Kiley, Wednesday afternoon, January 20th. Lon Horwedel | AnnArbor.com

6.EMBRACE THY UNIQUENESS – We all are unique in one way or the other. Instead of lamenting over the things that you don’t have, focus on celebrating the things that you have, and no one else is gifted with. You might be weird when it comes to socializing, but you surely lose yourself out with your best friends. You might not be that good in academics, but only your heart knows about your passionate love for music. Thus, embrace thy uniqueness with wide-opened arms.

5.PILOT OR FASHION DESIGNER – YOU CAN BECOME ANYTHING – No, it is not naïve when you dream big. Dreaming big is the first step to success. For, if you aim for the Moon, you will land up in the stars at least. Children are encouraged to choose any field that they want to when they grow up. We all have hobbies which can be best utilized if converted into occupations. The society has seen IIT dropouts joining music schools to follow their passion. Ultimately, it all depends on the happiness and satisfaction derived from your job.


4.HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY – Honesty indeed is the best policy. This has been inculcated in our minds since our childhood. In order to live a guilt-free life, honesty is mandatory. The times when you were in school committing mistakes, you surely want to rewind and correct them all. Right now, you like to be honest with your partner, your mother, your sibling and so on. You might’ve landed yourself up in trouble while misleading your mom regarding something you don’t wish to tell her. But, think and wonder. Do you really think that is required? Do you think you need to lie for a stupid reason?

3.COMMIT MISTAKES AND LEARN – Commit as many mistakes as you can and learn from each one of them. We’re all humans and we’re bound to make mistakes, may it be minor or major ones. Sitting and regretting won’t do us any good. Instead, it’s suggested that we learn from the mistakes and become better people! Remember the time when you got bad grades in math? If you had given up then, you would never be able to ace the same paper in your board examinations.

2.CARPE DIEM! – It is said that, everything happens for a reason. But, everything is still under our control and we are capable of responding to things as we want to. Seize the day, my friend. Instead of thinking about the results, burn some calories. There are miles to run and savor before receiving a befitting gift for all that you’ve burned. A particular assignment had deadlines which we had to follow. We had to seize each day without postponing our work. This is a life-long lesson for all the couch potatoes, out there.


1.HARD WORK, DEDICATION & SINCERITY – As kids, we were taught to work hard, be dedicated and show sincerity in all the work that was assigned. This is a life-long lesson which helps a person. These are the three keys to success for many achievers! It is cliché to say that hard work pays off. But that is the truth. Even teachers know that there are some naturally gifted students, but that won’t be of any use if he/she doesn’t work hard and follows the drill. Dedication towards a particular task is very important because it shows your willingness to perform it well. Sincerity also signifies the discipline within a person, it shows how much quality time the person is willing to devote.

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