10 Social Networking Etiquette You Must Follow

Humans have always been the most social ones in the fauna family. The forms of  socializing have modified with time.The current lifestyle does not allow most of the people to get social in person. That’s when social media comes to the rescue. Almost everybody is familiar with most of the social networking platforms. There are so many platforms to choose from, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and more. Most of us have accounts on all of them. Creating a social media handle demands some care.There are certain etiquette we must follow while being a part of social networking. These internet etiquettes are commonly known as netiquettes.

      1. PRIVACY


This is the basic setting of any social media platform. You must always be careful while updating your privacy settings. The account must always be private. Those who are neither your followers nor friends should never be able to track your status or view your pictures. Privacy invasion on social media can have unpleasant consequences. Always make sure that you have a strong password and your account is private. You don’t want anti-social elements to spoil your idea of socializing.



Since you will keep your account private and you know the people who are connections on your social media handle, you should be honest with your information. Make sure that the information that completes your profile must not be fake. You can always choose what information to keep for public display. No one forces you to add your phone number or any other contact details you don’t wish to share. So, whatever you put on your profile, keep it real.

Though not a compulsion but it is always good to add a profile picture. It creates a good impression plus people can easily find you. Also, be careful about choosing a profile picture. It is displayed publicly, choose wisely.

NOTE: Please don’t be one of those Angel or Princess fake accounts and put up the photos of famous celebrities. This is the worst thing you could do to social networking sites.

      3. POSTING


The most useful  feature provided by a social networking site is that you can post anything you want. Now, some people are too liberal with the word anything. This feature is added to update your current status or situation and not to post every petty thing you see, feel or do. Over posting creates a bad impression. Also, make sure that the post you are sharing online is not offensive to anyone. Dissing someone through a post makes you an anti-social element.



You should never make a single account for both personal and professional purposes. There must be two separate accounts. Linking all the social media handles to the same account can create problems. Professional accounts need more attention and the important emails may get neglected if there is only one account for all purposes.



All of us upload photos on social networking sites every now and then. If it’s your birthday, a friend’s birthday, a family trip, office party or any other celebration, a large number of photos are clicked. And these photos have to go online to summarize what you are up to. Before sharing these photos online, you must take the consent of people who share the frame with you. Not everybody wants their photographs to go online. And not every photo qualifies to be posted publicly. Be smart enough to decide.

      6. TAGGING


Now that you have shared a photo, you choose to tag people that are available in the photograph and on the social media you share this photo to. This previously mentioned sentence makes complete sense if you read carefully. You should never tag anyone who doesn’t have to do anything with the picture. Just for the sake of getting maximum reactions, do not tag all of your friends. This is very annoying and of course stupid. Also, ask your friends first if they want to be tagged in the photos you upload even if they are present in the picture.



If you are friends with someone on facebook or following someone on Instagram and twitter, you have the liberty to comment on their posts, photos or tweets. Do not comment anything that can offend. Your comment is visible to those who are friends with your friends. So, avoid using resentful comments that can cause embarrassment to the others. If you can’t resist telling your friends how you exactly feel, send them an inbox message.



Not everybody who sends a friend request is friendly. If you don’t know the person, just do not accept the friend request. Similarly, don’t let people follow you on Instagram if you don’t know them. Even if you still get requests from the same person over and over again, report that profile as spam. Do not follow just anyone on Instagram or twitter.



First of all, you don’t really need to play candy crush saga or Farmville online. If you are really a game freak, there are tons of better video games to play. The notifications of game requests are probably the most annoying thing on earth. No one likes to receive notifications that do not concern them. Using social networking sites to play games does not really make sense.



This part needs special caring. It’s okay to follow a celebrity profile but make sure you follow the right one. The ones that have a proper blue tick mark ahead of their names are the genuine profiles. Always check this blue tick mark before you start following a celebrity. There have been many cases of cyber bullying because of the lack of awareness and crazy fandom.

These were some of the common etiquettes you must have while being on social media. There are some other points that are more likely to test your common sense and normal human behavior. These include things stalking someone’s profile. It’s sometimes okay to go through a profile and maybe even stalk them because of some crush issues. But stalking in general either makes you a creep or a parent. Parents do have the tendency to stalk their children’s profile but that is not acceptable too. Their friend requests are more like a spy asking  to enter your territory. But then they are your parents, you should always accept their friend request and immediately change your privacy settings.

There is a ground rule of any social networking site that almost everybody is aware of. But for those who are new or old for the technology, here it is- Never like your own posts.

Social networking sites are meant for you to stay connected to the people you know. Follow these basic etiquettes and you are good to go.

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