10 Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas

Trick or treats, costume parties, jack o’ lanterns, horror movies – what do these things remind you of? The answer obviously has to be Halloween! That’s right – the most fun, spooky, and exciting time of the year, Halloween, is celebrated by people with great zeal and fervor – by throwing costume parties, lighting bonfires, decorating houses, etc. Although it can be quite an arduous task to come up with unique and spooky decoration ideas every year, we bring you ten super scary, spine-chilling home decor schemes you can try out this Halloween!

10) Creepy Cemetery

Creating a cemetery is easy, cheap, and a spine-tingling adventure for many. You just need to flatten some shipping boxes and cut them into shapes resembling tombstones. Paint them dark grey and let them dry. You can also paint them white on the edges and apply some artificial moss on them for a more authentic and aged look. Attach a piece of wood on their backs and plant them into the ground. Decorate the area with some ghost models for a scary effect. Your miniature graveyard is now ready. You can use the tombstones as a haunted pathway for the trick-or-treaters.


9) Spooky Eyes

The simplest Halloween decor idea that can give anyone a little fright – creating spooky, glowing eyes and placing them inside the bushes. Cut out a few eye-shaped pairs from some paper towel rolls and make sure they look as scary as possible. Now, place the glow sticks inside the eyes and position them carefully in the bushes, such that, they are clearly visible. People passing along the bushes will feel the constant stare of those creepy eyes. It will be nerve-racking experience for them.


8) Bloody Candles

Up your spooky factor this Halloween by transforming candles into bleeding votives, for they make a gory, fun and affordable DIY Halloween prop. You will require some red and white candles, and tinfoil to create Halloween taper candles. Press a small piece of tinfoil around the base of each white candle so that they stand on their own. Now drip the blood-red wax from red candles on top of the white ones until they get a bloody look, and your eerie Halloween candles are ready. If you do not have tapered candles, you can press some cut tacks on white pillar candles and then drip the ghoulish red wax on them.


7) Scary Silhouettes

The idea of monstrous shadows and silhouettes looming in your windows can be really scary. Print the template of your favorite silhouettes from the internet and arrange them properly. Bind them with transparent tape, cut the template out, place it on a heavy sheet of black paper, and trace the silhouette with a white wax pencil. Now, cut out the outline of the traced silhouette on the heavy black paper with an X-Acto knife. Tape the silhouettes in place. You may have to adjust them according to your window frame.


6) Reusable Jack o’ Lanterns

The classic idea of carving pumpkins into jack o’ lanterns can send anyone into a cold sweat, provided it is crafted with perfection. If you do not want to go through the trouble of cutting and carving pumpkins, you can buy artificial ones from a hobby store. They come in several shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, and the best part is that they’re reusable – you can store them for the next season as well. With an X-Acto knife, form a small cavity at the bottom of an artificial pumpkin, and create designs on its front. Use a sandpaper to smoothly sand down the uneven edges. Place an electric candle or a flashlight inside the pumpkin, and your creepy looking lantern is ready for use.


5) Doll It Up!

Dolls, just like clowns, are mysteriously creepy and ominously unsettling. Transform your old dolls into zombies by throwing some red paint on them for a bloody appearance. Give them a disheveled look with ripped clothing and messy hair, and mark some scars on them so that they look spookier. Scatter them on your front yard or in your room. You can also create a doll window display with artificial lightning and prerecorded sing-song voices of children for effect.


4) Cheesecloth Spirits

Involving cheesecloth spirits in your Halloween decorations can be really cool. Purchase some styrofoam mannequin heads and cover them up with a layer of cheesecloth. Apply glue all over the heads with a sponge brush; do not go below the chin level. Smooth the cloth into the facial features with your hands. Repeat until you have four such layers of cheesecloth, each seven feet long, and let it dry completely. You might tear up the cloth at the edges for a realistic look. Attach a screw eye on top of the head and use a monofilament to hang them from hooks. All you now need is a fan on low-speed, so that the spirits appear to be moving.


3) Create Your Coffin

Constructing your own life-sized coffin can escalate the eeriness of your Halloween decorations. A coffin can be used for multiple purposes; it can be used as a prop or as a coffin cooler; it can also be used as a table for dinner or as a spooky planter. You can even hide a person in it to scare people out of their wits. Inflatable coffin coolers are available in the market for those who do not wish to make one. You can create a coffin with the help of card boards.


2) Murder Scene

Another creative way of pumping up Halloween celebrations is by transforming any of your rooms into a classic movie murder scene. Fill up your bathroom, for example, with blood-splattered stuff so that it looks like someone has been murdered there. Make your own blood-red paint; then, take a hand towel and fling some paint on it with a brush. Dig your hands in the paint and wipe them on the towel for a natural effect. Squish the towel, wash it under running water for ten seconds, and let it dry. Throw some paint on the shower curtain, mirror, and napkins as well, and your bathroom is ready to haunt the people for the rest of their lives.


1) Budget Bodies

Nothing is spookier than a dead-body replica, and we show you exactly how to create such budget bodies that might scar your neighbors for life. Mold a couple of trash bags into a dead body lookalike. Cover it with a few more bags, and finally with a clear bag. Your budget body is now ready. Create some more bodies this way and bundle them up together. You can hang them upside down in your lawn from a tree, or place them inside your house.





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