10 Surprising Life Facts about Donald Trump

When I say ‘the Presidential candidate for United States’ 2016 elections and a real life villain’ you’d have already guessed who I am talking about. Yup, it is Donald Jr. Trump. It is not a secret any more how disgraceful a human being he is after he voiced his opinions in his rallies like how “Unfortunately, in today’s world, there is a Muslim problem” and “If black lives matter, then go back to Africa!”. America has long been ill-famed for mistreating the Blacks but when it seemed like racism was finally seeing a low, this man added fuel to the slowly extinguishing fire. His intoxicating speeches about Blacks and Muslims are everything we do not want to be hearing. Surprisingly, even after Trump being one of the most condemned people on the internet and around the world, he is perhaps winning in the elections! Know more about this billionaire and read on to find out the 10 most surprising life facts of Donald Trump.

10. He almost went bankrupt:


Not once, not twice but four times! All these bankruptcies were to restructure the business, without completely shutting it down. The first bankruptcy was in 1991 associated with ‘The Trump Taj Mahal’, which is a casino that went nearly $3 billion in debt. He had to surrender half of his stake in the casino, a yacht and an airline. The second was 1992 (Yup, 2 years in a row!), when Trump Plaza Hotel accumulated $550 million in debt. The third in 2004, when four of his casinos were $1.8 million in debt and he had to lower his stake from 47% to 27%. His last bankruptcy was seven years ago, in 2009, when America was hit hard by recession and he missed a bond interest payment.

09. Tallest Residential Building:


Trump Tower is a 58 floor penthouse condominium which serves multiple purposes of an office, retail and residence. It became the tallest residential building in the world in 2001 which was later surpassed by 21st Century Tower in Dubai. Trump Tower used to be an architecturally renowned building earlier, which was demolished by Trump in 1980. He claimed that all the beautiful structures of this Art Deco exterior will be donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art but were destroyed when the building was demolished. Trump Tower was then inaugurated on 14th February, 1983.

08. He punched a teacher in the face:

Yup, you read that right! While Trump was in second grade, he punched his second grade music teacher in the face because ‘he didn’t think he knew anything about music’. Trump said that he wasn’t very proud of the incident but that it is a nice example of how he had always been aggressive and assertive. He had the tendency to stand up and force his opinion on others, then by the use of violence and now by brain.

07. Studied at New York Military Academy:

Trump’s parents sent him to New York Military Academy at the age of 13 to make him more disciplined and to direct all his energy into positive work (Ahem!). Trump was a good student and performed well both socially and academically. He became a pronounced athlete and student leader at the academy. He then joined the University of Pennsylvania and graduated with a degree in Economics.

06. An active member of “Birther” Movement:


Now, what’s birther movement, afterall? During Barack Obama’s campaign for President, many people questioned if Obama was American born or not. Trump kept appealing to audiences to not ignore this question. While it was seen only as a distraction from important issues like economy and unemployment, Trump says he regrets none of it. Three years later, Obama released his official birth-certificate leaving no doubt that he was indeed born in Hawaii, which Trump calls a ‘’so-called-birth-certificate or whatever it was’’.

05. He’s a germaphobe:

Trump doesn’t like to touch people. He confessed that he is a germaphobe, a person with extreme fear of germs and an obsession of cleanliness. He doesn’t even like to press the Ground button in a elevator because it is the most pressed button! This definitely doesn’t go well with the crowds. Now, as he is campaigning for Presidency, and often meets with people and officials, he restrains from shaking hands. But then how do these people deal with it daily? Well, spraying everything with an anti-bacteria formula and the handy hand-sanitizers!

04. Almost got his head shaved!


The chaff coloured, unusual hair for which Trump is popularly known for, were once very close to getting chopped off and that too for a bet! Trump really likes to live on the edge. He challenged Vincent McMohan, the Chairman and CEO of WWE. Urrm, actually the story is a little more dramatic. While Vince was giving a speech in January 2007, Trump interrupted him by dropping tens of thousands of dollar bills onto the fans below. A furious McMohan at this interrupt and insult challenged Trump to a ‘Battle of Billionaires’ where they would both bet on a wrestler and whoever’s representative loses gets his head shaved bald by the opponent. Trump accepted the challenge and shaved a losing McMohan’s head in full public view.

03. Reality TV show:

Trump is dramatic and he sure knows how to get the public kicked and excited about anything! Doesn’t that make him a perfect candidate for a reality show? Probably, that is what NBC thought too! He was the executive director and star of the NBC reality TV show – The Apprentice, and was paid $375,000 for every show.

02. Doesn’t drink:

When it comes to gobbling down on anything, Trump strictly follows the ‘organic’ rule. He doesn’t drink alcohol, doesn’t smoke or do drugs and only eats organic. He is very health oriented and his whole family prefers vegan, organic and gluten free dining choices. He believes that exercising and eating organic food keeps him stress-free and positive. Whether you like him or not, there is no denying that his health-oriented lifestyle is definitely impressive.

01. Trump ran for Presidency in 2000:


Only a few know that Donald Trump stood up for Presidency in 2000. He had earlier considered for the post in 1998 but decided to act against it. In 2000, he campaigned on the outline, “The America we deserve”. He laid stress on fair trade, eliminating national debt and achieving universal healthcare. But he never really campaigned for it more than an explanatory phase. This got him more fame in the Reality TV show that he hosted, because if which he seriously considered running for President in 2012 and then finally acted upon it in 2016.

Trump is much more than just a real-estate developer. Whether he wins the election or not is totally in the hands of America, but he has totally managed to buy a lot of our time, thought and interest in this year’s presidential elections.

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