10 Things You Can Do Legally If You Go to The Right Country

Have you ever dreamt of running around naked on the streets or be high on marijuana? Though we have the liberty to follow our dreams in life, but with dreams as weird as these, they are often limited by the law. Fortunately, with some 196 countries in total, all having a different set of laws and rules, no matter what your dream is, some or the other country will help you fulfill it. Read through the article to know 10 things you can do legally if you go to the right country.

10.Walk around Naked in Spain

No matter what the political scenario of this country is, Spain has a huge reputation talking of nude beaches. Tourists from all around the world visit Spain, not just to see the amazing landscape, but also to scurry off to the nude beaches. But, astonishingly enough, in Spain, the law says that you can actually roam around naked in any public place, and not just on the nude beaches. As per the law which has been passed in 1978, the constitution of Spain has given the right to people to walk around naked. In Spain, walking around naked is considered as a basic Human Right. Though, there has been several efforts in the past to change the law, but, none have gone through.


Therefore, if you have a dream of walking around naked in public places, or be somewhere where you can completely be naked without constricting clothes, you can visit Spain.

9.Every Drug has been decriminalized in Portugal

Have a fetish of taking every drug and be ultra-high? Then, Portugal is your place. Portugal has decriminalized every single drug that exists. Obviously, decriminalization doesn’t mean that drugs are legal in Portugal, it just means that taking the drug cannot be considered as a crime in Portugal. Therefore, if you are caught with any type of drug or weed, you will still be taken to the counselor, but you can’t be jailed.


Though, there is a positive side of decriminalization of the drugs. Before the decriminalization, Portugal faced a serious problem of drug-related deaths. One in every 100 people were addicted to heroin big time. But, after the decriminalization, drug-related deaths have reduced to 90% of the original rate.


Are you always afraid, that someone might carjack your car? Have a wish of installing a flamethrower? Then, South Africa is your place. In 1998, a product called the ‘blaster’ came out in South African markets which were marketed as flamethrowers for cars. The blaster sent out blasts from both sides of your car to a distance of 20 meters or 65 feet. Surprisingly enough, it will not damage your car paint.

Charl Fourie, cooperating with the South African police, demonstrates an anti-hijacking "Blaster" flame-thrower in Johannesburg in this December 11, 1998 file photo. REUTERS/Peter Andrews/Files

The product was legalized because of the increasing number of carjacking’s every year. The country legally permits its citizen to kill somebody who tries to break into his/her car. Though, the inventor of the ‘blaster’ has said that ‘blaster’ cannot kill anybody, but can blind them. The blaster has been taken off the from the market because of decreasing sales. But, the law stands, and flamethrower still prevails.

7.Marry a Dog

Not only a Dog, in India, you can marry any animal you want. Dogs and cats seem to be the most popular choice around here.

All this started when a man in New Delhi married a dog. He later explained to the media that, when he was merely a child, he stoned and hanged two dogs. Now, later in his life when he acquired a disease, he consulted an astrologer (rather than a Doctor). The astrologer advised him to marry a dog to remove the curse upon him. Therefore, he had to marry a dog. Surprisingly enough, the man’s family approved too and helped the man pick up a wonderful bride for him. As a Custom, they also threw a lavish wedding party, commemorating the marriage of the man and the dog.


So, if you want to marry your pet, or have an obsession of marrying an animal, come to India.

6.Stealing Artworks

Want to steal some fabulous piece of artwork? Have an obsession for artwork? Netherlands offers a solution. In Netherlands, if you steal a piece of artwork, it legally becomes yours after 20 years. Therefore, you do not have to resort to the black market to sell it. As long as you have a little bit of patience, and can wait up to 20 years for the artwork to become completely yours, this seems completely doable. As soon as the 20 year is up, and the artwork becomes yours, you may sell it to anybody.


In fact, as per the law of Netherlands, the statute of limitations for any property theft is 20 years. If the artwork is stolen from a public collection or an exhibition, then the statute increases to 30 years. Moreover, the police give a low priority to artwork theft, and therefore there is a big chance that you will never get caught and the artwork will be completely yours.

5.Inject Heroin

Canada actually has a provision for people who are addicted to heroin to inject it. But, under the provision of a government employee. How cooler can it get for addicts? If you are searching for a place where you can inject heroin in peace, without being afraid of getting caught, then Canada should be your place. The government building where you can inject heroin under the supervision of a government employee is called InSite. To enter this building, you need to have your own drugs. Once you are inside, you can give in a fake name, and start injecting heroin with the sterile equipment’s available there. There are 12 booths each having a clean needle and sterile pieces of equipment. The medical professional will also help you find the right vein. Mostly, this initiative has been taken so that people can do heroin safely and no overdose occurs.


The program has been a huge success. It was initiated due to the increased rates of HIV in Canada. Some of the people also come back two or three times a day to inject.

4.Selling your Kidney

Okay, this is not something which normal people do. But, yes, some people do have weird wishes to fulfill. If you are one of them, who has a dream of selling their own kidney, Iran is definitely your place. In Iran, people put up posters around the towns to advertise about their kidneys. They write their blood group and a phone number in case someone want their kidneys. But, this is just the beginning. To spice this up, some of them also put up their health reports to prove that their health is completely okay and it is perfectly safe to take their kidney for transplantation. When the kidney business gets competitive, some of them also tear down other posters.


This practice though, is controversial, has done wonders in Iran. Today, there are no donor waiting lists in Iran.

3.Call yourself a Dragon or a Hobbit

Excited to call yourself a Targaryen or a Dragon or a Hobbit? Then, Russia is your place. According to Russian Census, it is legal to classify yourself as a dragon, hobbit, elf or Martian. Often, the younger ones of the society classify themselves as hobbits or elf, while the elder ones as Martian or Dragon. It is legal to classify yourself in any ethnicity you want, even if it doesn’t exist in real life.


However, this has given the chance to Cossacks to classify themselves as one. Cossacks are people of Ukraine and southern Russia, who are noted for their horsemanship and military skills.

2.Own an Automatic Gun

If you ever have dreamt of owning an automatic minigun, then the United States of America make it possible. We all know that it is perfectly legal to own an assault rifle in the United States. But, a little loophole in the 1986 Firearm Owner Protection act makes it technically legal to own an automatic minigun in the United States. Miniguns, are intended to kill hundreds of soldiers at a time and was introduced during the Vietnam Cong.


Though for a minigun, one needs to have a Class II license. A Class II License is expensive, and tough to track down, but anyone with enough compusure can do it.

1.Drive a Tank

If your dream of driving a tank, has not yet been fulfilled, England should be your dream destination next summer. Though, England is not the only place where you can drive a tank. Several places in the United States actually lets you drive a tank, but those are meant to be joy rides and is encompassed to a specific place. England takes it one step further, and tanks are road legal in England. Therefore, you can literally go anywhere boarding a tank, be it a school or grocery store. But, the only clause to this is, you have to deactivate the weaponry and attach rubber tracks with the wheel.


There is also a company named “Tank Limo” which allows customers to pick up grocery or take tanks to wherever they want. Great, isn’t it!


This list can actually go on. There are places in the world which can fulfill your every single dream legally. So, keep dreaming and keep fulfilling them!


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