10 Things everyone must Experience During their Teen Years

ThirTEEN and beyond. Stories from your cousins, friends who read on the Internet, a little bit of your own fascination and the inevitable parental tiffs. Teenage is the time when most of us get a sense of what is happening around us, begin contemplating, and make memories which we vividly remember. It is also the time where we start discussing and choosing our careers and life goals. Needless to say, the opinions and ideas formed during these years can be essential in moulding our futures. Our opinions are greatly influenced by what we experience and the level of exposure we receive. Here are ten things everyone must experience during their teen years.

10. Get a job and learn the value of money earned
The value of money is surprisingly trivialized and with parents catering to almost all our needs, we fail to understand the hard work that goes behind every cent earned. It is not uncommon for stores and food joints to offer part time jobs with a nominal pay. Devoting some of your time for part time work during your vacations will make you utilise your time productively. You can earn a part of your own pocket money and at the same time get hands on experience of work which will build a sense of responsibility in you

9. Learn how to manage your bills, investments and do your taxes
Every citizen of any country with an established political and economic system requires a working knowledge of how salaries, taxes, insurances and other financial matters work. Unfortunately, this is something which is generally not taught to students in schools. Most parents can provide you with the basics and you can learn the other important stuff online. You can also try and assist your parents to get some real time experience. These are skills which will help you immensely in your lives.

8. Start thinking about your career and prepare for it
While some of us may not have figured out what we want to do in life, all of us have some hobbies and interests. Our interests may be varied but they are related to some specific streams of study and work. Try and find out about the fields of work in the streams you are interested in, what different kinds of work can offer and which ones may are suited to your dreams and aspirations. It may be stupid to constantly plan for the future and stop living in the present, but it’ll be an easier path for you in the future if you have narrowed down a few things, with some abstract planning.


7. Start lending a hand in the household chores
Our parents must have learned how to manage work and household chores when they were in their late teens and like a “rite of passage”, we should learn it too. Many successful people have displayed qualities like confidence, self-reliance, and dedication. The chances that you’ll stay with your parents after high-school or college in this globalized world filled with opportunities are almost none. It would be wiser to learn how to use the dishwasher, or wash the curtains from your parents than to learn it on your own after messing up a few times. So, start helping and show your parents that you respect what they do for you and also that you’re ready to take care of yourself.

6. Volunteer for a cause and give back to the community
Community service is our fundamental duty as responsible citizens of a nation. We grow and spend our lives in harmonious union of the different groups in a community. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live a life with sufficient comforts. It is our duty to reach out to our fellow citizens and try and alleviate the problems faced by them. It teaches us how we need to move ahead together and develop our nation, and be thankful for what we have in life. The ability to appreciate things in life helps you to be content and peaceful.

5. Visit a place far from home all by yourself
Travelling is exciting and full of adventures. While you may enjoyed one too many trips with your family, a trip with friends or by yourself is a completely different experience. It lets you explore the place according to your interests and opens increases the possibility of discovering something truly astonishing. What comes along with it is the opportunity to take care of all your belongings and yourself, take decisions, and adapt to the situations and surroundings when required. While you may not have taken the trip for these reasons, they sure do help you in your future.


4. Visit the lands of your ancestors and explore your native culture
Your parents and you may have lived all your lives in an urban setting but you should never forget your roots. Learning about the culture, traditions, and lifestyles of your grandparents and their parents in their teenage will be no less than an eye opening experience and you’d be able to discover some similarities and also adopt some of their practices to make your life better. On a whole, you’ll have a taste of the best of both times.

3. Fall in love and get your heart broken (or maybe find the love of your life)
Perhaps it is the most cliché thing to experience on this list, but love is a feeling which cannot be replaced. The sheer feeling of joy and comfort which arises after one falls in love is and always will be unparalleled. Teenage is the time when we first experience this feeling in its true sense. Whether you get your heart broken or find the love of your life, loving someone teaches a lot of things. One learns how to share, compromise, manage priorities and lead a balanced life. So go out, look for someone who takes your breath away and fall in love, because it will not only introduce you to an amazing new feeling but also teach you some lessons on the way.


2. Connect with nature
Mother Nature has always been benevolent and gracious. Her miracles are beautiful and perfectly placed in the grand scheme of the world. Nature has flummoxed man for many millennia; she has her secrets and her offerings. Studies have shown that a man well connected to nature is more aware of his surroundings and gets connected to the ecosystem. The gifts of nature are extremely helpful to all creatures on earth. Try and explore the places around which haven’t been contaminated by human involvement. Observe the beauty of the smallest of things and you’ll experience a sense of calmness you never have imagined. The lessons of peace and balance you’ll learn from nature will help you to lead a balanced life.


1. Discover the beauty of the times spent with family and friends
In a career oriented, money driven world, we often forget what life is really all about. Humans are social creatures and sharing life’s greatest moments with your loved ones is the simplest path to euphoria. Enjoy the moments you spend with your family, festivals and other celebrations. Have great times with your childhood friends and school mates, once you’re on your own paths, these memories will definitely brighten up your mood on a gloomy day.

Not everyone has the same situations and experiences, but some things are common in all lives. As you pass through some of the most memorable years of your life, these tips will help you to transform yourself into an individual who’s content with his life and at peace. After all, nothing can be more valuable than a happy and healthy life.

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