10 Things Girls Do that Guys Just Don’t Get

A mind of a girl is not really a labyrinth, it is as simple as chopping an onion – once you get used to it, it’s a smooth sail. Every step taken seems akin a simple decision but in actuality it’s this web of  a bundle of thoughts and emotions that have the ultimate goal of doing good for the man. Just sip on your favourite liquid, relax on the couch and watch her weave the magic spell – life.


  1. 9th July 2015, Wednesday at 3 o’clock, 20 minutes, 36 seconds and 67 milliseconds

Brown leather jacket, the black fedora, yellow bow-tie . . . didn’t pick up on time, the compliment wasn’t honest . . . favourite music is Bryan Adams, favourite food is Italian . . . it goes on and forth. Any architect, if compared would be much more redundant with minor details than girls in love. These are ways of portraying affection indirectly rather than being Juliet and declaring it passionately from the flower-laden terrace, with desire infatuated dialogues. The minor details are as essential in a relationship as the major ones for a building can be constructed only and if all the bricks are perfectly cemented.

  1. You never compliment me . . . stop complimenting me

The key ingredient of indecisiveness is confusion. One of the ways to the end a problem has gleaming sunlight which appeals and the next second it’s raining heavily on the same way, making the other one look attractive. No matter what the outcome the main focus always revolves around thinking positively for the well-being of the guy and therefore the muddle occurs because the mind never ceases the thought process. If a favourite restaurant isn’t the perfect date then it’s probably due to the heavy scheming of how he wouldn’t like the decor or how unorganized the service might be.

  1. The salad isn’t the real deal

The urge to spank her hand off your fries could be obsessive yet the two horned devil – love smirks at you while fiddling fingers evilly. Never does a human strive to achieve zero than a girl gobbling pieces of grass to stay fit. The nagging monster of fat fails to leave nightmares and keeps affecting the food habits. Thus, if the greasy, oily fries seductively call her to make love . . . don’t be a Joey.

  1. Comfort level: Minus

The high heels inflict pain. The one piece squeezes lungs like a serial killer on mission. The skirt is far too long to avoid tripping to death. The black halter in glaring sunlight would probably give a heat stroke. Yes, girls are aware of these factors. When your eyes gaze lustfully at the legs highlighted by heels, the curves outlined by the dress, the waist performing tango with the length of the skirt and the colour bringing out the features in the sun . . . it’s all worth that one smile.

  1. I’m okay. It’s fine.

Actually being in love may or may not be a fib but that sentence up there definitely tops the list of lies. It commences with the guy not understanding the reason of the crisis he caused or a problem in general. This is followed by the confusion of emotions and thoughts in the girl’s head and ends up with the words ‘It’s okay’ as a way to compensate. Usually, it’s a way to stop any further problem or feeling the need to be strong and sort out the situation by herself. The typical eye look-away is to ensure that he doesn’t get the gravity of the situation and hopefully focuses on the temporarily fake smile lighting away the sadness.

  1. Here is the wrapper of the first chocolate you shared

A treasure lies in the depth of a wooden box carefully placed under the bed being caressed by the dust monsters continuously. It consists of the most random artifacts like the tissue paper from the first date or a flower preserved between pages from the first kiss. They seem like trash but in actuality would be the first thing that she would save in case of a fire outbreak. It’s not good to get attached to physical memories but wasn’t that a part of the contract signed when indulging in a relationship?

  1. There is absolutely nothing to wear

Being the boyfriend your chance of succumbing to death under a pile of clothes is much more likely especially if you decide to take upon a lone mission of opening the cupboard door. Yet, there exists constant complains about the lack of clothing. There might be similar looking blue tees in bulk but each one is different in actual. It’s one of the times when each situation requires specific clothing and nothing seems cherry on the cake. This is coupled with the fact that girls need compliments and the need to feel good about themselves with the way they’ve dressed, even if the whole world is going against their plan.

  1. Heathcliff is the perfect blueprint of my man

The innocent thinking along with originality is tainted by books, movies and what not. The expectations skyrocket when fictional characters become the bar that is used for comparison. Girls know about the surreal world that exists and the distinction as well. There is still the want of feeling like a Disney princess and that’s why the expectations will always remain. Even after all that her guy would secretly be the perfect blueprint anyways no matter how many sappy romantic movies spoil her mind.

  1. Gossip

She has been sleeping with her best friend’s boyfriend since a week now’, ‘The Zara sale isn’t as fruitful as always’, ‘Her mother is cool with the riff raff she hangs out with . . .’ It’s a never ending tale, coupled with a pinch of exaggeration and a lot of drama from various different angles possible. It’s innate in the nature to talk about whatever interests the mind because that’s how nature works with girls. It’s high time that guys admit to the fact that girls aren’t the only one who adore gossiping. The need to discuss Harish’s dating life is as essential as the updates of the latest football match that happened yesterday.

  1. Forget the assignment, I have a concert to attend

The list of excuses to be around the guy for just one instance is longer than Ulysses. Even if it seems as if the Rashtrapati Bhavan has decided to give all the work of running India to the girl, her priority would be to somehow bend through and be with the guy even if she’s dead tired. The important part is to feel the presence, see the smile, get a hug and be appreciated. So what are you waiting for? Give the girl what she wants and who knows, you might just get your very own happily ever after.


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