10 Things That Make Your Room a Junkyard

When is your room ever clean? Probably just when you are expecting guests; or that one time in a decade when you feel super proactive and inspired and want to take charge of your life and you decide to start by cleaning your room. Other than that, your room is always a mess. No matter who you are, what you are, where you live or how old you are, your room is never clean! But there is an exception to this rule i.e. if you are a neat freak.  But that is a whole other scenario. For now, let’s just focus on the things that make your room a junkyard.

  1. Books and stationery


We all study in our rooms. On the bed is the most comfortable spot to cram all that information in our brains. It is also the ideal spot for working out the most intricate and challenging sums. Not just studies, we do a lot of other things in our rooms like indulging in our hobbies. More often than not, our bedside table always has a book with dog-eared pages just waiting to be picked up at the end of the day. Or, maybe you are an artist and love to sketch in your room by the window. Invariably, your books, sketching pads, pens, paintbrushes and other stationery will be lying around in your room making it super messy.

  1. Unmade bed


An unmade bed is enough to destroy your room. There is nothing more untidy in a room than a bed which has been slept in but not made afterwards. Creased pillows and unfolded blankets automatically make your room appear tired. Yes, rooms too look tired. Your whole room looks incredibly messy if your bed has not been made. And usually, we tend to dump random things on this bed which makes it look even more untidy. An unmade bed is probably a neat freak’s nightmare.

  1. Toys


Now, this category is something only a few people can relate to. These people are either parents or elder siblings. When you have a child in the house, your entire house is full of sunshine and happiness. The baby smell and the sounds of laughter and innocent bawling every now and then are honestly magical. But you know what’s not magical? The clutter lying around all over the room! A child has approximately a thousand toys which include hundreds of dolls, cars, toy robots, soft toys and the worst: Lego’s! These lie around everywhere and your room looks like it is being haunted by a baby. And the Lego pieces lying on the floor are like the baby’s weapon to cause some serious damage to your feet in case you step on them by mistake.

  1. Food

Some people have a strict No-no policy when it comes to bringing food into their rooms. And these people are fictitious! There is perhaps no one in the world who doesn’t eat in his room. It doesn’t have to be proper meals. But random snacks – chips, burgers, fries and the likes are much needed delicacies that need to be brought into your room for peaceful consumption. Now, while your binge watching all the seasons of your favourite sitcom and binge eating fries in your bed and your phone suddenly lights up with a text from your friend inviting you to go chill with him, you obviously won’t think about throwing the greasy packet in the bin. Oh no, no! You would naturally just grab your phone and rush out. And all these packets and plates and glasses and cups keep accumulating in your room making it look nothing better than a junkyard.

  1. Make up

If you are a girl, this is the story of your life. Before going out, getting ready is a mammoth task. Getting your hair on point and your liner perfectly winged are truly challenging feats. After accomplishing all that and more, there really is no time to fix your room up. So your make up lies around everywhere along with your hair dryer, straightener, hair brush etc. You promise yourself that you’ll clean it up the moment you get back home. No matter how sincere the intention is, by the time you get back home, you are way too tired to do anything other than sleeping. So, that is precisely what you do. Your day is over and your room, a mess.

  1. Towels

Assuming all you readers take a bath regularly, you will find your room cluttered with wet towels. Right after a refreshing shower, you dry yourself with a towel and chuck it on the bed or the chair, at least most of you. And of course, that makes your room really untidy.

  1. Gizmos and gadgets

Technology is life. Which room is free of several gadgets? All of us have laptops and tablets scattered everywhere. Speakers, headphones etc. etc. always give the room a very unkempt look, especially when they are not in proper places, which they never are. And then the remotes! Oh the remotes are so annoying! TV remotes, remotes to the sound system, AC remotes and remotes and remotes! They are usually everywhere but nowhere to be found when you actually need them.

  1. Cables and chords


In today’s time and age, electronics has become an integral part of our daily lives. We really can’t take one step ahead without all our gizmos and gadgets. In fact, something as primitive and simplistic as telling the time is also done using our phones. The funny thing is, even if we are wearing a watch, we would probably still check our phones to tell the time. Laptops, tablets, fancy headphones, this, that – everything is constantly walking ahead with us. And when they are not walking, they are usually lying all over our rooms making a mess. Our room, especially the desk region is as if infested with a million cables and chords from every gadget we own. And after a point, all these cables from all these gadgets mingle and get united into one so that you just can’t tell them apart. It truly is a whole day’s job to untangle them and put them in their rightful spots. And come on, no one does that! Ever! So, they just lie there innocently forever probably till the day you abandon them and move out.

  1. Newspapers and magazines


It is a terrific habit to read the paper on a regular basis. Following magazines too is quite a decent habit to harbour. Regardless of whether they are business magazines or fashion magazines, keeping in touch with what you love is always recommended. But the problem lies in these good habits messing up your entire room. Usually, newspapers from three weeks back are piled up in three different corners of the room. And the latest issue of your favourite sports magazine is always lying around just waiting to be read. All these, while understandable, still make your room horribly untidy and impeccably messy.

  1. Clothes


You may be a teenage girl or a fully grown adult. Regardless of your age or gender, your room is bound to be cluttered with clothes. Shirts, trousers, underwear, shorts – it is as if they were meant to be scattered all over the room. Often when you look into your cupboard searching for the perfect outfit for the night, you can’t find anything at all and you start cribbing about how you don’t have clothes and you absolutely need to go on a shopping spree. But how will you find anything in your cupboard? After all, everything you need is anywhere but inside the cupboard where it belongs – on the bed, in the chair, all over the floor, behind the couch and everywhere else it is not supposed to be. So, the No.1 thing that has made your room a junkyard since the beginning of time and will continue to do so till the end of time is clothes!

There are perhaps a million more things that make your room look absolutely unkempt and dirty. There are also perhaps a million ways to clean it up and keep it sort of tidy. But, let’s face it: we’ll never end up doing that. We might as well succumb to the messy junkyard we call “my room” that our sloth has led us to.

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