10 Things Mothers Selflessly do for their Children

Quotes, books or movies; the selfless love and care of a mother has been depicted via every possible platform. You see around and there is for sure a movie coming up or a great bestseller talking about a how the protagonist owns his life to the hardwork and constant motivation of his mother. If not these, then switch to some speech of a well known personality and pay great heed to the speech. Despite such a widespread description, it still continues being underrated. No matter how much it is talked about, there would never come a point when it would be aptly understood how deep and pure a mother’s love can be. In their moments of fury, they often say , “You would understand the pains of being a  mother only when you have a child of your own.” That is one dialogue that most of us have heard at one point of time or the other. At a younger age it seems as one of the most cliche dialogues that we can ever hear. Her love might not come across as very obvious to you for she might not be showing it in big gestures. It is here that you need to develop a deeper insight. In  order to help you in understanding her selfless devotion to your life, here we have ten things that she has done for you and probably continues doing.When was the last time that you showed gratitude to her selfless love and care. It is not late even today.


  1. Cooks

Now this may come across as stereotypical to many. But, this is true for many households. Mothers in several families cook three times a day. Here comes in her role of a caretaker. She makes it a point to provide you with nutrition as well as taste. What can be her hidden selfish motive behind it? Just one probably. She desires seeing her little ones healthy and strong. That is the one secret motive which drives her to cook for you tirelessly three times a day. There is a reason as to why people turn nostalgic thinking about the home made food prepared by their mothers. Stepping out of your home and trying to establish a life without her around you would make you ponder over this.

  1. Does laundry

She made sure that you went to school wearing clean uniform (the shoe polishing part may have been yours to handle). She did that for a stretch of fourteen years of your schooling and probably continues doing it even today. Ever wondered why it was ‘by default’ her responsibility to do the laundry of all the members of the family. It was never a responsibly and never would be. It is simply that she took that duty in her hands.

  1. Takes you for shopping

You may be an adult, but she would still love taking you out for shopping. This is one of the things that give her pleasure and happiness along with the sense of being in your life. Even if you refrain from telling her about something that you are in need of, she comes to know of it. Yes, you may say here that she does have some magical powers in this aspect. As far as you may recall, she would be amongst your best shopping buddies, even if not the best one. She knows about your likes and dislikes and it is often that you let her do the shopping even for yourself. You know you can trust her.

  1. Protects you from father’s anger

It is obvious to you that you have a protector when it comes to face your father’s anger and harsh lectures. Your mother comes to your rescue and saves you from the agony. Even if she doesn’t come at the scene, she is sure to come in later and make you understand where your fault lies. It would be her words that would end up making more sense to you. She protects you altogether, from others as well as from the probable destruction of your own negative thoughts.

  1. Listens to your woes

Since a very early age you start holding her as your confidante. She becomes the first person to hear you out when you have to narrate some embarrassing episode that happened in your school. You share most of your secrets and worries of yours with her for you know that she has a cure for almost anything and everything. Her advices are something that you count on. While you expect her to comfort you in your hour of distress and tension, did it ever occur to you who is the one doing that for her? She is indeed solving out your problems despite having a bundle of her own.

  1. Fulfills your demands

This is one person who tries her best to fulfill all your demands. There lies an urge in her heart to see you smile with glee and content. That becomes her driving force. You come back home and smell that mouthwatering delicacy. It is then that you realize that your mother has prepared the dish that you were talking about the last day. No demand of yours escape her mind. Despite the absurdity of your demands, she puts in her best efforts to fulfill those. No mother likes to see her child broken hearted.

  1. Compromises her sleep

Mothers barely bother to think about their sleep when their children are sick or in pain. Maybe they don’t even have to bother as sleep just doesn’t seem even a distant possibility then. She will sit by your side tending you with much care, irrespective of the number of hours that she has to stay awake. It is all because she cannot imagine of letting you sleep writhing in pain and sickness. She puts you and your health ahead of hers all because she feels responsible to take care of a life that she has brought forth in this world. She worries and frets for you far more than you realize.

  1. Going hungry at times

You may never even come to know of it as she does so without letting you have even a slight hint about it. It may not be every time that she has cooked something in abundance and you still end up licking all of the delicacy. Seeing you eat something with such love and eagerness satiates her heart. That for her comes out to be as something enough and the fact that she herself remained hungry doesn’t even cross her mind. All of us at one point of time or the other have done so, even if unknowingly, to our mothers. Take out some little time and cook that one dish prepared by your mother that makes your mouth water every time. Take her by surprise.

  1. Doesn’t care about her wishes

They might come across as super beings, but it is nonetheless true that they are as human as the rest of us. Mothers have their secret wishes too. But we know what they end up doing. So strong is their urge to go on fulfilling your wishes and demands that she let go of hers. She collects the money that she had been saving for long to buy herself a pair of new earrings and instead goes and purchases that one thing which you have been doting upon since some time.

  1. Educates you

Seeing you thrive with success is the biggest goal of her life. She tries her best to make you realize the importance of education, sometimes with patience and sometimes with the use of some threat and anger. Since your early schooling years itself she makes sure to sit with you and go word by word helping you understand the subjects being taught to you at school. Your mother makes you realize the importance of education only because she wants you to have a promising career ahead. It is all for you.

She loves you. This one reason is enough to make her do endless number of selfless things for you.

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