10 Things You Must Experience in Your 20s

Your 20s are the years when your body and mind are at their prime. These years have an enormous impact on who and what you turn out to be. This period is your transition from an impatient teen to a wise and experienced adult through pleasure and pain. Its the time to let yourselves loose, explore unknown possibilities, take risks and push yourselves without having to think of the consequences. You only get one shot at life and this amazing time, so why not make the most of your prime time? Here are 10 things you must experience in your 20s:

10. Immerse in a Hobby

People have a penchant for a lot of different things. There is always something that you wanted to learn and get involved in during your teens, but never had the time to stop and nurture a hobby. Be it sports, music, dance or collections, all of us get immersed in one or the other as if its our second nature. Your 20s are the years when you can do something about it. Later you will only regret not having pursued your hobby. So join a club, form a band, enroll for dance lessons and start that collection you always wanted to own. You’ll be amazed to see yourself working on your hobby without any external influence or pressure. That drive is something you’ve got to experience.
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9. Experience Fitness

If you’ve never taken your fitness seriously in your teens, it’s high time you did. Getting in shape is tough, but its amazing how much better you’ll feel when you’re fitter. This requires you to follow a regimen but once you’ve started, its hard to stop. That’s because you feel better from within and push further. Be a better version of yourself, you’ll only thank yourself later for it. That’s the best gift you can give your twenty-something self!

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8. Overcome Fear

All of us have some form of fear instilled in our brains. Something we’re afraid to try since childhood. Afraid of heights? Try base jumping. Afraid of the sea? Try scuba diving. The feeling of having safely completed a task that is nerve racking gives us a sense of accomplishment second to none. It boosts our self confidence and makes us feel less vulnerable. So go ahead and tame your fears, its an experience like no other.

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7. Experience High

There are things in life you have to experience to believe. Getting stoned is one of them. Your 20s are the years when you can loose yourself and not worry about the outcomes. When you’re high, you loose all sense of inhibition and become ecstatic about the little things in life. The experience is radical and fun at the same time. It also helps you to understand yourself at an intrapersonal level. There are a lot of options out there to get wasted, so choose wisely and drown in ecstasy. PS: Just make sure you’re not breaking any laws(pun intended).

6. Experience Love

If you haven’t experienced love in your teens, its high time you did. Love is a feeling beyond all others. Just go with the flow and fall for someone new. Its amazing how you can create a world of your own with your loved ones. If you’re already in love, never hesitate to express yourself. Compliment people, let them know how you feel and you’ll be startled at how much of it is reciprocated. So don’t hold your horses when it comes to love, its like the universe-always expanding. Fall in love, over and over again!

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5. Experience Travel

Everyone has got that one special place that they love, but never had the chance to explore. A place with serene beaches or beautiful valleys, whatever is your thing. Now is the time to take that trip to paradise and back because you never know what life has in store for you later. Travel with friends, with family or travel alone. All of them are different experiences you’ve got to have. Later on you’ll look back and cherish these memories that gave you immense joy. Haven’t got a place in mind? Close your eyes and throw a dart at the world map. Hope it lands on some place enjoyable and go packing!

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4. Experience Togetherness

Although this is the time to enjoy yourself to the fullest, its important not to forget family.Your parents and loved ones have a huge contribution in making you who you are. They deserve recognition for it. Sometimes we become too involved in our own life and we forget how important we are for our family. Show them just a little affection and you’ll be amazed to see it being exponentially reciprocated. Your family’s love is unconditional and so should be yours! The feeling that binds people in a family together is incredible.

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3. Experience Independence

Since childhood, we’ve always had to hold ourselves back because there was a certain way we were expected to behave. In your 20s you’ve got to experience living on your own. Get over your fears and live alone, taking responsibility for yourself. Its only a matter of time before you become self sufficient but its a feeling like no other. Not having to ask your parents for money and financing your own expenses is pure satisfaction. You’ve got to earn it, there’s no two ways to it. Hard work, dedication and a knack for uniqueness will get you there sooner than you expected. Money gives you power in the modern world and once you feel it, you get addicted. Becoming a strong and independent person is an experience to cherish.

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2. Experience Community Service

Humans are social beings and society plays a huge role in our success. Its important not to forget that and take an initiative to give back to the society. Not all beings are born equal. Some have to go through tough circumstances and are not financially sound. Do your best to make conditions better for them, join an NGO or just go about helping the needy in any form. The feeling of fulfillment from such work is worth preserving. The poor will love you for it and so will your conscience!

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1. Experience Nirvana

You’re unique. Accept that fact. You cannot change how the world works, so just do your best and wait for the results. Don’t get disheartened by people doing better than you. Your time is just round the corner. Everyone has that one thing they love and are great at. Life is about finding yourself, finding that very thing which comes naturally to you. Its gonna be hard and its going to take patience but once you get there, there’s no turning back. So stop feeling low when someone does better than you. You’re different and you’ll take your own time to get there. That’s how you can keep going even in adverse circumstances in your 20s. Stop comparing and experience calm.

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