10 Things you can Learn right now in 1 Minute that will be Useful for your Life


There is so much we can learn that would make our lives easier. Study a new subject, understand economics, learn a new language, take classes in cinema appreciation, join a book club, learn cooking and baking, take self defence classes- these are all things that would enrich our lives. The trouble is that most of us simply do not have the time to take months from our busy schedule and learn something new. Wouldn’t it then be nice to have things that take less than a minute to learn but can improve the quality of your life?


Fortunately, there are some things you can learn simply by reading this list. These are life hacks that require less than a minute to register in your mind. They don’t require you to take hours from your busy lives and learn something new. These hacks are easy to learn and easy to remember. They include everything ranging from technology to relationships, household work to health- here is a list of 12 things you can learn that will be useful for your life-

12- Blink

Most jobs and classes today require you to spend time typing in front of a screen. If you work in front of the computer for long hours and can feel the strain on your eyes, here’s a trick to reduce it. After every couple of hours, take a break, look away from the screen and blink rapidly for a few seconds. This will reduce the strain on your eyes and stop them from watering. Also use eye drops if the problem is severe.

11- Ice cubes to get rid of wrinkles on your clothes

If you have just washed your clothes and want to dry them, but don’t want them to look wrinkly, simply toss in a few ice cubes in the dryer. Then run the dryer on its hottest setting to steam out the wrinkles from your clothes. This sounds strange but it will get rid of the wrinkles and make your clothes look smoother, thus saving on the cost and effort of ironing all of them minutely.

10- How to prevent yourself from crying

Are you the crybaby of your circle and often find yourself crying in public? Do you often find yourself sniffling in a movie where everyone else is bored? If yes, then you are probably one of those people who cry a lot, sometimes when you don’t want to. If you think you are in a situation where it would be inappropriate or embarrassing to start crying, simply brush your tongue to the roof of your mouth. This will confuse your brain and stop you from tearing up.

9- How not to lose pens

Are you the kind and generous soul in the class room who lends pens to people who keep forgetting to get their own? You are then also the soul who finds himself without pens, for people simply don’t return pens. If you often find yourself lending your pens to people and not getting them back, here is a simple trick for you- while giving your pen to someone, hold on to the cap. The person you have lent it to will return your pen, for nobody wants a pen without a cap because the ink can spoil clothes, bags etc.

8- How to avoid spreading germs

Flu season is here and you have already caught it, probably from somebody who did not wash their hands. Flu virus spreads through direct contact, while shaking hands, or by indirect contact, through handling things that have been handled by other people who have the flu. To avoid spreading your cold around, cover your mouth and nose with your elbow instead of your palms. This will ensure that your hands are germ free, and you can work and meet people without the fear of spreading bacteria and viruses around.

7- Chew gum to avoid being nervous

If you are about to do something that makes you fearful or nervous, simply chew some gum to calm yourself down. Your brain thinks that it would not be eating if it were in danger, so you basically trick your brain into calmness. Chewing on food helps calm you down before important interviews, meetings, dates, adventure sports and the like. It also makes you appear more nonchalant and confident.

6- Undo a sent email on gmail

Accidently sent someone an email that was not meant for them? Fret not, you can simply retrieve it if you use gmail. Go to settings and open the ‘labs’ tab. Toward the bottom, you will see an ‘undo send’ option. Click enable and save changes. The next time you send an email, the yellow box will have an undo option that will stay on your screen for a few seconds. For the future, also remember to not type in the email address until the very end. That way, even if you accidently hit send in the middle of composing your email, it won’t reach the wrong person.

5- Figure out if your TV remote is working

The small bulb on your remote is called the IR emitter. When you press a button, it emits a light that is not visible to the naked eye but can be viewed through a digital camera. So if you think your remote is not working, use your phone camera to see whether it emits a light when you press a button. If it doesn’t, it is time to change the batteries.

4- How to avoid spending money at supermarkets

We all get tempted and buy groceries we don’t need when we go to supermarkets, thus overshooting our budgets. The delicious pastries, ready to eat packets of food and instant noodles can tempt anyone into buying them. The trick is to eat and get a full tummy before going grocery shopping. If your stomach is full, your brain will not be tempted by snacks and expensive food items. You will avoid overspending and stick to the things you actually need, not the things that look delicious.

3- How to get rid of a sneeze

Nothing is more annoying than a sneeze that won’t come, or more embarrassing than a sneeze at the wrong moment. Simply press the area between your nose and your upper lip with your finger. This gets rids of sneezes that you feel are coming on but don’t really come. Also a handy trick if you are in a class, a quiet meeting, a memorial service, in the middle of church or something of that sort.

2- How to sound sincere

When you are apologizing for something, the word ‘but’ can sound like an excuse and make you sound insincere. Replace the but with a pause. For example, instead of saying ‘I’m sorry we overshot the budget, but the holiday was expensive’, say ‘I’m sorry we overshot the budget. Our holiday was expensive.’ This will make your apology sound more sincere and heartfelt.

1- Andrew Weil’s ‘4-7-8’ breathing trick to fall asleep

Having trouble falling asleep? Inhale through your nose in 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds and then exhale through the mouth in 8 seconds. This breathing exercise will calm your nervous system and help you fall asleep in minutes.


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