10 Things you should Never do when Drunk

Remember the childhood times when parties implied creamy cakes, shimmering caps, colorurful balloons, adorable gifts and so on. But, the spring time of life has a completely enthralling meaning attached to it. Be it a fete or funk, cheerfulness or cheerlessness there will be one thing in common- HARD DRINKS!!

If it is a birthday bash, glasses are clinged!

If it is a reunion, beer is the drink!

If we earn wings, we gulp down hard liquor!

If life is harsh, boozing becomes the rescue!

When we drink just one glass does not seem to have a full stop. It lures us to have more and then one more. Booze has become the show stopper and the best playmate of the youngness. But the other side of the coin is that it tempts us towards things that do not even cross our minds.

To have good memories from last drinking experience and to be able to taste it again one must be wariness and follower of some chief points.


The list of 10 things you should never do when drunk rolls down here!

10. Disconnect the connection between drinking and smoking.

Smoking has become something complimentary while having hard drink. When we overdo the alcohol intake, our body finds its own rescue by puking out the excess quantity. If you do not want to feel sick, keep your hands off those tempting addictions of smoking. Smoking compresses the lungs causing downfall in oxygen supply to the blood stream. Also it will come in the way of vomiting. Consequently, it will become a thorny task for the body to swipe away the dangerous toxins.

The short lived attraction of smoking and drinking together can give you long term suffering.

9. Say “no” to the mishmash of pills and alcohol.


Mingling with companions and blending in the joy of drinks paves way for hangover. Our very obvious next step to throw the hangover out if the window is having pills. But who knew that popping specific pills will do more harm than good. Here have a glance of the most common wrongdoer medicines.

  • Prescription opiates when gulped down with alcohol can get your breathing sluggish leading to unconsciousness. One may experience a drop in the pulse rate and blood pressure as well. The noticeable such pills are Vicodin, OxyContin, Tylenol 3 and Percocet.
  • Stimulants give the feeling of concealing the after effects of alcohol which triggers the urge to consume more of them. The product of alcohol and these pills are frustration, violence, impairment of judgment, black out etc. The examples of these are diet pills, Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta.
  • Depressants like Xanax, Valium, Ativan and Klonopin etc. when pooled with liquor leads to a synergistic impact. Taking these is an invitation to loss of memory, dizziness, stumbling and slowing down of sphincter control.

Paracetamol too is a NO when drunk!

8. Beware of the coffee when drunk.

Sorry to break that bubble of the biggest myth. We give thumbs up to the fact that coffee is an aid to alert the brain when drunk. But the reality seems to hold opposing views. Coffee does not sober you up and can’t metabolize the alcohol faster. Sipping on coffee ONLY draws the illusion of alertness and tells your brain that you are active. BUT note dear drinkers, it is just a false impression to your brain.

So avoid coffee when drunk as it is not for power but a faux pas.

7. Foodies, don’t munch onto these goodies!

It is palpable to yearn for various cuisines when you slurp down the hard drinks. But you need to control your cravings towards some of the feasts. Chocolates are the number one on the list. The caffeine, fat, and cocoa in chocolate is to be avoided at any cost in order to not aggravate your hangover. You may consider not eating salty snacks that can make you to booze more to quench your thirst. The same goes for fries.

Don’t say no to coconut water to soothe your thirst and to banana to calm your hunger.

6. Donating blood is not the right time.

If you come around a situation of blood donation where you need to show up courtesy and humanity, you need to check your drinking status. Generally, it is not a green indicator to donate blood under the influence of alcohol. Intoxicated person may not be sound enough to reply to the donor questionnaire and declaration. Also, one might not be able to put up with the blood withdrawal.

5. Don’t let yourself behind the wheels.


After having drinks down your throat you need to get back to your place. But if you are not able to stand still on your feet then driving is not your job for the day. The idea of driving drunk is not only a risk for you but it will also put others’ life at stake.

Drinking was definitely your choice but playing with the lives is sure ly NOT! Make sure you reach your place without harming single life.

4. Drunken state snaps + online posting = BLOOPER!

With all the latest smart phones and the “selfie” vogue we tend to flaunt by posting every picture online. We do lose our heads in making sensible judgments when drunk. If our drunken state finds route to the online social networking, we may land in a misfortune. Such an action in drunken revelry will only give you regrets at the end of the day. It may cause irreparable damage to one’s name.

Hey!!  “I was drunk” will be the worst excuse to undo the harm.

3. Do not get your fingers texting or calling.

Even the most introvert fellow may be jam packed with intense bravery. All thanks to the
glasses he just finished. Push your phones in your pockets/ wallets so that when you become sane you do not have to say, “when did I text that?” Not all your notions need to lose their privacy due to the glasses of drink.

Also, you do not want yourself to be stealing eyes the next time you meet the person who was texted/ phoned by your drunken fingers

2. Picking on a fight won’t make you a HERO

We must agree to disagree especially when our “spirits” are high. There is no need to get offended when somebody does not get your back. There are always two sides of the coin, right? So do not turn the opposing views in a steaming debate/brawl. Ensure that nobody has to go back with blues and blacks in the mind and at the body.

1. Laying your head back might not suit you.

Because you just had a bottle of alcohol, the world around you might seem to spin. You do not want to trip of while walking. Sitting and waiting for the dizziness to cease is much needful. Tilting your head back may give you a comfortable position but the head spins may reach the next level. So sneak in a position where your head and body are in a line.


“You may feel the absence of drinking element but don’t let its presence make you go through bitter memories.” Happy Drinking!!

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