10 Ways to Deal with Noisy Relatives

They often come uninvited and think of your home as their very own. Hence, why the necessity to ring up and inform before coming! Your world turns upside down with their arrival. You may not be one being largely affected by things happening around. But, these relatives would change you as a person altogether. Not only do you find yourself being largely affected by their mere presence but also wish for miracles to happen. All your moments of peace and serenity are long forgotten with the time they set their foot in your house. This happens all because they are a strong believer of altering your humble abode from a silent place to a vibrating one. They simply like bringing a little earthquake wherever they go. Such relatives however cannot be accused openly of causing distress to you as it is just the way they are. It is obvious that you cannot lock up your doors and pretend to not be in your house as soon as you realize that they are about to come (and that also given the fact that you get to know of their arrival or if you are lucky enough to). Therefore here comes an article perfectly written to rescue you. Read these 10 ways to deal with noisy relatives. You may thank us later.


  1. Pretend an illness

Oh yes! That definitely helps. This might be one of the few times when your illness or your fake illness will help you a great deal. You may or may not choose to tell the rest of the members at your house about your little lie. Choose your people wisely for you would not like anyone to leak your secret strategy to combat those noisy relatives that you are about to receive. Keep your illness to an optimum level as anything exaggerated also has a great power to attract those buzzing relatives around you. They would get yet another chance to showcase their infinite love for you. So you better chose your illness with great consideration. If you play your cards well, you would get the exact result that you wished for; you would be left to rest and be by yourself in peace. Mission accomplished!

  1. Sneak in to a friend’s place

Forget the distance and the time that it takes to commute to your friend’s place. When the need arises, these factors should be of no importance. Make sure to let someone know that  you are leaving for your friend’s place. You of course will not want to make your absence be given the name of disappearance. A group project at school or college is for sure more significant than sitting and laughing like nuts with those relatives. Everybody understands that and you won’t be deterred from going ahead to that friend’s house.

  1. Make an emergency exit

Prepare a fake shopping list which cannot be delayed anyhow. Those may include some important medicines that you are to take daily or some necessary cooking ingredient that you seem to have run out of surprisingly. Wave the list in the air and leave your sweet relatives laughing and merry-making with the more tolerant ones of your house. This freedom and peace of yours might be short-lived. But you would cherish it the moment you come back. Yes, you will have to come back.

  1. Earphones to rescue

You are already surrounded by a host of loudspeakers. No matter how hard you pray for the constant babbling to stop, it just will not. And then arises the immediate need to cope with the ‘disturbance’. It is obvious you cannot approach your parents or your siblings for you never know how they would react to it. So here comes your helping aid. Forget all about decency. Plug in your earphones. At least you get to choose what sort of noise goes in your ear. Next time you find yourself getting unbelievably pissed by your loud relatives, simply put in your earphones in front of them. Hopefully, they would get their message.

  1. Work in kitchen

With the coming of relatives, the kitchen becomes one of the busiest places in the home. With all the varied delicacies being prepared, the one cooking would surely need some help in the kitchen. Be their superhero and go and be their helping hand. Not only would it look really mature and understanding on your part but would also earn you great respect in the eyes of those around. As far as your benefit is concerned, you get to spend the much desired time away from the noise. By the end it is a win-win situation.

  1. You have a test to study

Moments like these are the ones where you need to be very thankful to the fact that you are a student.  Make use of it the best way you can. Put on a stressed look on your face and that would be the very first step of your plan. Let everybody know that your annual or semester exams are approaching. And if there is no actual exam happening, then you need to fake one. Career is important after all and it cannot be tampered with at any cost; make this your shield. Even the loudest of those relatives would try their best to lower their level of excitement at the tiniest of things.

  1. Water the plants

You of course cannot neglect those poor plants out there drying in the sun. They need to be taken care of. And they need to be taken care the most at the time when you need to go out and have some time in absolute silence. Hopefully the message has been delivered to all of you in need of help. Moreover your intentions are pure and clear; all you want to do is to water those drying plants. There is no reason as to why anybody would interfere with such a noble task of yours. Enjoy.

  1. Mend something or anything

There is always something or the other in one’s house that requires mending. And if you find nothing adequate that requires your attention, then go ahead and break something. It would also be a good way to vent out your frustration at having compromised with your peace and personal space for long; courtesy being your boisterous relatives. Plunge into a battle of making noise. The more they irritate you, the more you hammer or drill. The main idea is to create as much clatter as you can. Be adamant on wining and you will.

  1. Your dog needs a walk

You know your pet the best. You know when he is despondent and inactive, you need to take him out for some fun and activity. Since you know his best, the power of deciding when he needs a walk out in the park rests with you. There is a high chance that the poor thing is as bothered as you are by the constant uproar in your house. Do yourself and him a favour and take him out. You will have a companion who would most probably be able to relate with your tragedy. Of course you need not tell anyone in the house of the sudden reason to take your dog out for a walk. Let that be a secret between you two.

  1. Call someone

You can always call someone up. It need not even be a real call. But if you want this to be as authentic as possible then make a real call. But before doing that, make sure that you have a cheaper call rate so that you don’t end up regretting later.

Those relatives of yours now might gossip, laugh and chatter as much as they want. You, surely now can live in perfect harmony even in their presence.

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