10 Ways to Make Math Easy

From our school days till our graduation, some of us has always been terrified of mathematics. We have bunked the mathematics classes, slept over the entire class, and then at the end of the semester, have failed the exam. Some of us like mathematics, but majority of us, hate math’s. The problem with math haters, is that they do not know how to do math’s.

Mathematics can take up your whole day, if you are interested in it, and can be a nightmare if you are not. But, there is hope for people who do not like mathematics and still would like to get good marks and pass the assessments. This list will make math easy for you. At the end of this list, you may end up loving mathematics!

10.Practice Mathematics Daily

“Mathematics is nothing but Practice”. Often we have heard our professors saying this excerpt to students. Mathematics is not a theoretical subject, rather a practical one. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to master mathematics without practicing and just by reading and listening to the lectures. There are several ways by which you end up solving a sum. It is not necessary that you need to do exactly the procedure your professor did to solve the sum. Practicing mathematics will make you familiar with different problems, with different characteristics. To do well in an exam, you need to solve a plethora of problems beforehand.

9.Identify the Errors

Troubleshooting the errors in your problem is very important when you want to master mathematics. Go through the solution of every problem you did, and identify the errors you did, and try to solve them. See the approach of the problem, and think that if you could have done it in a better way. These are the things which can make you a better mathematician. This rule goes for everything you study in life. Once you try experimenting with a particular subject or topic, you are bound to get new things which will excite you and therefore will make you better at it. Identifying the errors and reviewing them, will make you avoid the same mistakes in the future.

8.Mastering the Concepts

As I said, Mathematics is not a theoretical subject, but a practical one. Therefore, the most important thing is to understand what mathematics is trying to say, and where can you apply those applications in real life. Mathematics is a sequential subject, and therefore it is very important to understand the earlier topic to its core, and then go to the next topic. As more complex situation and problem arises, your basic concepts will be tested profusely. Mastering the basic concepts will also help you in knowing the different approach in problem solving.

7.Do not Memorize

Mathematics is not something that you can memorize. There are so many problems, theories and so many theorems that it is impossible to memorize. Rather the only way that you can actually master mathematics is by practicing copiously after understanding the concepts. If also a situation arises, where you need to memorize in order to pass an examination, do not administer the unethical method of memorizing. Rather understand the concepts, whatever you can, and give the examination and get started for the next assessment. It is not bad to flunk in an examination, but it is very important to know the concepts and do well the next time.

6.Work on your Doubts

Sometimes there are two parts of a problem. Maybe, you have done the first part easily, but you are stuck in the second part. It is a common behavior of students to leave that part, and go to the next problem. Avoid doing this. Rather, work on the problem, and go back to the main concepts which can help you solve the problem. Once you have solved the first part of the problem, try to relate that understanding in to the second part. It is very important to understand each and every step of a problem and clear your doubts before you continue to the next problem. Mathematics takes time and patience to conquer!

5.Keep Away from Distractions

Concentration is one of the prime factor when you are trying to master mathematics. It requires a lot of concentration, and requires utmost determination. While you can study any other theoretical subject, as you read a novel alongside, mathematics will test your concentration abundantly. Therefore, while you are doing mathematics keep away from distraction, and search for a quieter area in your home, where you are far away from all the noises.

Another great proposition which scientists came up with in the recent past is, studying mathematics with music. Scientists say, that it creates a relaxing atmosphere and enhances concentration. Obviously you should keep away from Eminem and Pitbull, but instrumental music is the best suited if you are trying to concentrate.

4.A Mathematical Dictionary

Mathematics has a lot of terms which is very tough to remember, and therefore compiling a mathematical dictionary is the way out. Create sticky notes or flashcards with the concepts, terms and definitions which are important for your regular day-to-day practice and compile them in to a dictionary. Most importantly, attach some examples of each concept, so that you can get back any time and recap the concepts and also see the examples.

3.Real World Problems

As we have discussed earlier, Mathematics is a practical subject and it is very important to perceive the practicality and the application of the problem by taking instances from the real life. Mathematics, sometimes may sound very abstract, but real life problems may spice up mathematics for you. Like, probability may help you when you are trying to win a gamble or buying a lottery ticket. Playing a dice game and the probability of getting 6 in every throw is also probability. Profit and Loss, Compound and Simple Interest, Age problems etc. are all examples of real life problems. Try them, and you will see that from the next time it would be easy when to solve a problem.


I am not saying that competition is a good thing, but when you are in the venture of mastering mathematics, it is very important to compare yourself with others. It is just a form of self-evaluation. If your school/college has a math group or a math club join it, and opt for various examinations which will test your mathematical skill. Doesn’t really matter if you lose, or if you do not win any prizes. Chances are, that your team will have brilliant individuals who can help you grow and can inhibit the love of mathematics in you.

1.Self Study

The most efficient way to study mathematics is studying by yourself. Buy a book which covers every topic which you need to know, and start studying from that book. Once you understand the concepts explained, start solving the problems. In this case, while you are solving problems, consult different books, because that will expose you to different problems and make you a master of a given topic. Another great source for understanding basic concepts is the Internet. The vast labyrinth contains almost everything. Search for the topic you want to know, and you may find something which is better than your book. Also YouTube features some great channels, who have video tutorials for explaining the concepts.

Last of all, you need to have a lot of confidence. You should have the guts to face every single exam knowing that you have prepared for the best!

Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you are numbers. 


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