10 Ways to Keep Your Wife Happy

Go down the memory lane when you were dating her. Reminisce her eye to eye smile when you brought her flowers, recollect the delightful blush of her cheeks when you showered compliments and remember the sparkle of gratified eyes when you made her feel special among your mates!

This elation filled adorable phase breathes its last just for the opening years of marriage. The freshness of love and affection tends to lose its sheen and shimmer post honeymoon chapter. Is it because you are busy earning bread? Or is it because doing lofty pompous things is just not your cup of tea?

But when you tied knots with her you did not add just another person in your life, but gained a confidant, guide, caring lover and the best pal for lifetime. She is worthy to be applauded and appreciated, loved and cared for leaving behind her family to be your best CONSORT and COMFORT!

She does not aim to lighten your wallets, neither urges you to spend a giant chunk of time and does not even expect you to put extreme efforts towards her. Just teeny sweet things are enough to label you as the “Best Husband”.

Here are 10 ways you should adopt to keep your wife happy!

10. Stick “those” dates in your heart!


Do you remember the date when she cuts the birthday cake every year? The date when you two met each other? The date when you put the wedding band on her ring finger?

Where men are accused of skipping record of such dates, women have a reminder in their hearts. Never give her the chance to bicker on not remembering the “special” dates. Just by marking the calendar and presenting her with beautiful greetings will make her feel the Luckiest Lady. After all, it is not just her “special” day; you own the extraordinary date too!

9. Render her speechless with pleasing surprises!


Surprises do not come with a specific date. Spice up your love life by dropping a pleasant surprise for your beloved lady especially when she expects the least. Deliver the bouquet of her favourite flowers at her place, don the apron when she have had a long day or revive the memories by asking her out with the wedding ring.

Trust us; she will melt there only (even if you forgot Point no. 1) And you always have the option of gifting her something she has been craving for so long!

8. Make compliments complimentary to everything and anything!

It is no hidden fact that how much a woman loves to hear compliments. From her shiny new look to her messy bed look, from her taste of shopping to her fondness of music! Compliment each and every little thing and you will be the ultimate king of her heart.

Appreciate her selfless service rendered to you from dawn to dusk. Drop her thanking text for the food she makes. When she rejuvenates you after a long day, tell her you are rejoiced to marry her. “You are irreplaceable” and “ I am proud of you” – is something she will die to hear from you.

7. Be eyes and ears to her silence and words!

While she is getting her hands on smoothening up your life, she might herself bump into rough surface. Either she would wait you to take sight of her silence or she would seek your time to speak up. She is emotionally attached to you so she needs to be felt secured. Just discover her anxieties, hold her hand and say, “you are there for her in all the darks and lights.”


6. Unfold all your blues and pinks with her!

Communicating is the sure shot key to the lock of a woman’s heart. You are on her mind for 24 by 7. While you are away for work or anything else there is one question always popping in her mind- “What is he doing?”

She would heed uppermost attention to each detail you would offer her about your day. Whether it was the craziest moment or the tongue-tied moment of your day, she is going to be the best listener. Nothing is huge than her man narrating her the miniatures of his day.

5. Put a blushing smile on her face with a phone call!


Don’t engross yourself in work so much that you do not have 10 minutes to devote towards your beloved one. Women are head over heels with the voice of her partner. Dialing her number at lunch break or in your spare time is guaranteed to put a smile instantly on her face. This also is going to sweep her anger away when you get late in ringing the door bell back from work.

4. Shower the warmth of your love on her! 

Your soothing touch is something she misses throughout the day. Keep the freshness and juiciness in its pristine form even after years and years of your marriage.  Weave whimsical memories by surrendering yourself completely to her.

Get her cheeks crimson by playing with her fingers. Give butterflies in her belly by putting your arms around her. Lock her in your arms and peck her. Replay the music of romance and draw her into your love very often! Don’t let your physical love come with an expiry date!!

3. Change is the call of freshening up!

Do away with the monotonies of daily manner of loving and expressing. Drive her to some exotic- erotic place weekly or monthly. This will also give you a break from your corporate race. Explore the place with her and capture these special moments in your camera. Make sure that the trip brings magical memories for the pleasure of the lovebirds!

2. Keep everybody posted with “She is mine.”

Women have a thing about being flaunted by “their man” in front of all. Whenever you are chilling out with friends or stop by any family event, just holding her hand from the start to end would make her feel like a princess. The more you will showcase your love for her in the social gatherings, the more loyalty you will pocket for yourself from her.

1. Never let her feel like the weaker sex!

Don’t be the ruler/ owner of her life. She has a heart and mind of herself too. Always and always acknowledge her decisions and suggestions. Women nowadays don’t like to be considered as mere home-makers and the follower of men’s words. Let her slip in her space and feel her freedom closely!

After all she is your spouse not slave! Chucking away the male chauvinism and giving her equality would definitely multiply respect for you in her heart!


She is your life mate. When you keep her happy, she makes sure to return you the favour with immeasurable love!  Your wife doesn’t expect you to bring down the stars and moon. Just small adorable gestures and sugar coated words are all it takes to lodge in her heart permanently. Even you reading this article for her would not stop her from smiling ear to ear!
Live happily wedded!!!

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