11 Best Gifts you Can Give to Your Girlfriend

Love itself is the best gift of all, but sometimes it can be pretty hard to think of a unique gift to express your love to your girlfriend. You want to give her something perfect, but it’s just too difficult to decide what’s actually “perfect”. A watch? No, that’s too mainstream. A beautiful necklace? But you gave that on her last birthday. Maybe something nice that you do can be her best gift, but you’re not sure. And hence, her birthday, your anniversary, Valentine’s Day and so many other occasions can be nerve-wracking for you.

But don’t you worry now, child. We’ve got just the perfect collection of perfect ideas to make your girlfriend’s day perfect. Read on!

1. Makeup

Every girl loves makeup, but you need to be sure that your girlfriend has an eye for something particular for the last couple of days. Maybe she’s planning to buy that Dior perfume that was launched last week? Or maybe she wants the latest winter collection of her favourite brand’s nail paints. You have to be very observant as to what exactly it is that she wants.
If you’re not sure if there’s something particular that she wants, you can gift her a hamper made of her favourite brand’s products.

2. A Historic Tour

If you have to make her feel special and loved on your anniversary day, you could try this out. Plan a day for both and take her to the places that you’ve had memories together. You could start where you first saw her or met her and then take her to the restaurant where you had your first dance with her. You could also take her to the place where you had your first kiss or where you first held her hand. That’s it. Plan a day to relive all your memories. She’ll feel that she means a lot to you and that you remember all the wonderful moments that meant a lot to her too.

3. A Scrapbook

Handmade gifts are simply the best. They show that you’ve put in a lot of efforts to show her that you admire her. A photo album or a yearbook full of her pictures and the best times she’s had will make her sentimental, though in a good way. Call up some of her friends or family and ask them to send you her favourite childhood pictures or their wishes for her birthday. Compile them all in a nice album or scrapbook and wrap it up real nice. She’ll be more than just happy to remember all the beautiful moments of her life.

4. Wall Art

You could give her a unique, nicely made dream catcher or a painting that suits her personality. You could give your cute, petite girlfriend a wall art with Shakespeare’s quote, “And though she be but little, she is fierce”. You could give her a photo collage of her beautiful pictures, or a customised initial letter of her name. Or you could give her a framed picture of yourself and her, which she admires the most.

5. Jewelry

Don’t misunderstand this with some ordinary neckpiece or earrings. Make it extraordinary by customising it. Gift her ‘inside engraved ring’ that says “I Love you” or a pair of such rings engraved with the names of each other. You could also customise a bracelet for her by writing your wishes or her favourite quote on it. To make it even more special, you could get the special date engraved on the ring or bracelet. A pretty pendant with a special message or the picture of both would also be a wonderful gift.

6. Her Favourite Book

Now, her favourite book is something that is predictable as a gift. To make it more special, get it signed by her favourite author. It will make her crazy.
You could also try finding the first edition of her favourite book to gift her. First editions mean a hell lot for readers and she will love you forever for this crazy, wonderful gift

7. A Love Jar

If you know that she loves romantic, sentimental stuff, then you could try giving her this one. Write 365 notes (one for each day of the year) including your thoughts about her, your favourite memories, her favourite quotes, etc. and put them in a jar. Ask her to read one before starting on with her day. It will surely make her smile every single day and she’ll be very happy.

8. A Weekend Getaway

It can be tiring when you both have to work for the entire week. You don’t get much time together and sometimes, it can be frustrating. Everybody wants a getaway and you can plan one for your girlfriend to make her happy. Take her out of town to a lake house or some other serene place where both of you can spend quality time with each other and no one else. You could make her breakfast, give her a lovely, casual dress to wear for dinner and do her favourite activity with her. She will be elated with this wonderful gift.

9. Chocolates

You know she loves chocolates but won’t eat them because she’s afraid that she’ll gain weight. But gift her chocolates and tell her that no matter how she looks, you’ll still love her just as much. She’ll understand that you really love her for who she is on the inside. It’s the best way to express your love for her.

10. Surprise Party

If she loves surprises, plan a whole day treasure hunt for her. Leave notes in the kitchen, her bag, her office table and in her car to guide her to the next destination. She’ll be thrilled by it. Leave small gifts like chocolates, a dress, a lipstick, etc. with every note. Call up her closest friends and family to throw her a surprise party in the evening. She’ll be delighted.

11. TIME

Girls can be a mystery sometimes and so, no wonder guys find it so hard to gift them something. There are going to be times when you’ll feel that she already has everything she likes and that there’s nothing more you can gift her. In that case, give her time. Maybe she’s yearning for your time but she doesn’t say it. Can you recall when the last time the both of you went on a date was?
If no, then you definitely should take her out on a special date. Let her know that she’s still the most important part of your life and that you’re thankful for her love and support. Apologise to her if you’ve been distant lately, and she’s sure to be happier than ever. That’s all she ever wants from you.

Your girlfriend will like anything you gift her if you give it with love. It doesn’t matter if your gift is big or small, cheap or expensive. So, you don’t need to worry a lot about it. Try your best and give it with love. Make her feel special by doing things that you don’t usually do. Help her with her work, make breakfast in bed for her or arrange a candle-lit dinner for the both of you on the rooftop. Be her man and she’s sure to fall for you all over again.



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