11 Simple Tips to Reduce Fat without Exercise and Workout

In my life, I have met many people like me – people who love to eat and who do not like to workout. Yes! I know that is a very difficult task! Hogging, lazing around but having a petite figure. It was very difficult to find such a regime but I managed to find the perfect balance between not giving up food, not exercising and reducing fat. Doesn’t it sound almost too magical, edging towards impossible? Well, it is really possible and here are the 11 ways to reduce weight without exercising! –

  1. Sit or Stand


You may be just as indolent as I am. Your typical afternoon goes like this: you stuff yourself with food and then you look for a place to sleep. You just love to lie down and take that afternoon nap. But if you want to lose weight, you will have to learn to nap while sitting or standing after a meal! Why, you may ask? That is because sitting or standing up helps burn calories at the rate of 71 and 93 calories per half hour respectively. So, you don’t have to really do anything but choose to sit or stand instead of lying down!

  1. Sauna


All of us have heard about sauna. It is technically a small room used as a hot air or steam bath for cleaning and refreshing the body. Due to the heat in the room, the person present in the sauna obviously perspires. This promotes the burning of calories without any effort at all! You just pay some money, walk into the sauna and relax there to rejuvenate your body and lose weight at the rate of 150 calories burnt per hour! Only remember to take a bottle of water or juice to the sauna so you can replenish the electrolytes as you lose them. Do not make the mistake of taking alcoholic beverages to the sauna. Alcohol during a sauna is harmful to the body as it could lead to dehydration!

  1. Cleaning

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Have you ever wondered why your maid has the figure you crave? That’s right! It’s because she really gets down on her knees to clean the house and loses 150+ calories every half an hour! If you want to lose weight and save some money, fire your maid (do it gently though) and clean your own house every day. Do the dishes manually, wash your clothes manually, dust all the articles in your house, clean all the spider webs hanging from the ceiling, scrub your sink and pot, scrub the bathroom and kitchen tiles and make all mirrors spotless. Also, move your furniture to sweep behind and under them. You will definitely need no other work out to regain a healthy physique while simultaneously making the people who live with you happy! If you have the excuse of being a working person, give your maid an off every Sunday atleast.

  1. Play Pool

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Pool is formally known as Pocket Billiards or pool billiards. For lazy people like us, this long term was reduced to just ‘pool’. A 150 lb (68 kg) person burns about 170 calories per hour playing pool. That is equivalent to 15 minutes of jumping rope. But since we are languid, we would rather not skip rope and quietly play pool. The basic goal of this game is to pocket the balls placed on the table. Most of us won’t obviously have a pool table at home but there are many pool centers that have a meager entry fee (definitely much lower than any gym’s fee). So pick up your cue stick and start playing to lose weight!

  1. Bartend

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If you drink, even occasionally, it adds to your calories. So if you want to continue drinking without gaining calories, then bartend (200 calories burnt per hour). Whenever you or a friend of yours throws a house party, volunteer to bartend and learn some flashy moves from YouTube. Those moves will not just impress your friends and that cute guy from your neighbourhood, but will also help you atleast not put up as much calories as you would have otherwise.

  1. Bowling

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Bowling refers to the sport of rolling or throwing a bowling ball towards a target by a player. Lackadaisical people, who want to lose weight, indulge in this activity all over the world. Today, the sport of bowling is enjoyed by 100 million people in more than 90 countries worldwide! You could be one of them and play to look cool as well as lose weight at the rate of 250 calories burnt per hour.

  1. Cooking

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You may wonder how the preparation of the thing that makes you fat can make you lose weight. Let me tell you how. Cooking is the art of preparing ‘food, glorious food’ for us gluttonous (and no offence but fat) people. Cooking involves chopping of vegetables, frying, stirring, smoking, baking, roasting etc. Doing all of this and more while standing in the kitchen for some time in the heat from your stove or oven, can actually make you lose weight at the rate of 110 calories/ half hour. Also, before starting to cook, you have to shop for groceries and if you do that with a cart, it will also help you burn 150 calories/ half hour.

  1. Have Sex


Talking about sex is a taboo in our society. But our country’s population speaks volumes about this taboo. Deviating from this controversial topic, how does your gardener retain his 6 packs without going to the gym? He ploughs your garden in the morning and ploughs someone else at night! It is a fact that having sex or making love to your partner, burns atleast 350 calories per hour! So what are you waiting for? You want to lose weight in a hot and steamy way? Grab your partner and get it on! There is a reason why you feel exhausted at the end (wink)! But a little tip: keep it safe!

  1. Car Wash

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It is a hot summer day. You are feeling sluggish but you have to take your car into the car wash. You are also day-dreaming about losing weight. Step out of your house with a bucket of soapy water and a scrub and get down on your car, rough! Clean her through and through to burn upto 200 calories in half an hour of washing your car. This way you save money and lose weight at the same time! Hi five!

  1. Clean Backyard/ Mow Lawn/ Shovel Snow/ Rake Leaves

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You must have understood the basic idea of this point from its heading. It is like an all season guide to losing weight without much ado! During spring, you can help out in gardening by cleaning your backyard (300 calories burnt an hour). Remove the unwanted weeds, dig the soil and plant new seeds and shrubs. If you have a lawn, mow it to maintain its aesthetic beauty as well as to lose weight. During autumn, rake all the leaves that will be falling from the trees around your house to avoid a swimming pool of dead leaves and at the same time to shed some calories (350 calories burnt per hour). During winter, shovel all the snow in your own garden by yourself (450 calories per burnt hour). It will help you walk in and out of your house easily and also help you drop some pounds!

  1. Swim

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If you are a water person like me, losing weight will not be that tough. Simply sign up for a swim class and learn how to swim (if you don’t already know how to) or join a swim club. Put on your swimming suit (the swimsuit will also motivate you to lose weight so you could look hot in it), jump into the pool and leave 500 calories behind every hour!

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