12 Best Fountain Shows in the world

Fountains are used as decorations in any place from entrances to private baths. These marvellous forms of architecture have been used since time immemorial to add beauty to places. Many forms, sizes and shapes were used by people in older times as a symbol of wealth and uniqueness

However, in today’s times, the whole concept of fountains has been brought up to another level. Incredible colours and music have been introduced in the fountains which are displayed in public places. These presentations are referred as “Fountain Shows” and their beauty is admired by every single person in the audience.

The fountains have now been redefined with usage of lights, fog, fire and lasers to give them a modern look. This has given a whole new meaning to the fountain shows. Although there are many wonderful fountain shows around the world, all with their unique beauty, but let’s check out the 12 best ones.


12. Longwood Gardens Fountain, Pennsylvania

Longwood Gardens is a wonderful place to visit. The fountain in the gardens has a large network of pools and nozzles situated at a distance from each other. It was constructed in 1931 and lights were added later. In 1984, the fountain was completely computerized. It has various pools incorporating 380 nozzles with a system of 18 pumps which shoot around 10,000 gallons of water per minute. The open air show is glorious to watch.


11. Scioto Mile Fountain, Columbus, Ohio


The stainless steel halo-like structures of the Sciotio Mile Fountain in Ohio are beyond comparison with anything else in Ohio. The fountain is open to all and children love to play around in water. However, the actual show starts in the late evening hours. The various colours of light make it irresistible to watch.

The fountain covers an area of 15,000 square feet with 1,100 nozzles. Out of the 5 halo structures, the central one can shoot water up to 22 meters high. The fountain is operable only from April to October and relies on an underground reservoir with a capacity of holding 10,000 gallons of water.


10. Epcot’s Fountain of Nations, Florida


Epcot Center in Florida is the third most visited theme park in North America. It is owned by The Walt Disney Company and is accounted among the world’s most visited theme parks. Among its several parks and resorts, the Epcot’s Fountain show is also one of its most attractive features. The show takes place in the late evening. The water show is accompanied by music and lighting. It is the highlight of the evening if you’re spending your vacation in the resort.


9. The Magic Fountain, Barcelona


It is a very old fountain which has underwent a lot of damage with time. It was built for the 1929 International Exhibition that took place in Barcelona. It was heavily damaged in the Spanish Civil War of 1955 and was only operable in 1980 after proper repair. The fountain only displayed light when it was constructed, but now it is choreographed with music. The show is very beautiful and attracts many spectators in the evening hours.


8. Fountain of Wealth, Singapore


The fountain located outside the Suntec City Shopping Mall, the Fountain of Wealth was named the largest fountain by the Guinness World Records in 1998. It covers an area of 1,683 square meters with its bronze ring-like structure which is created on the concept of “mandala”, meaning “universe” in Hindi language. It is a symbol of oneness, unity, harmony and equality.

The fountain is turned off throughout the day and is turned on in the evening. It invites people to collect coins from it for good luck instead of throwing them into it. The show starts in the evening with many lights and lasers. Personalized messages are also displayed from 8pm to 9pm.


7. Jerudong Musical Fountain, Brunei


Jerudong Park is an amusement park in Brunei. It is the largest and the most expensive park in South-East Asia. It has attracted many visitors for all these years. The musical fountain of this park is operable from Friday to Sunday of every week. The show is accompanied by colourful lights, holographs and lasers. The fountain is synchronized with music. The night is colourful and musical with this amazing show.


6. Aquanura, Efteling, Netherlands


Situated in the Efteling Theme Park in Netherlands, Aquanura fountain was premiered in 2012 on the 60th anniversary. The fountain show lasts 10 minutes in the evening hours and is synchronized with music. The 200 fountains are arranged in a grid structure and the show is a combination of light, water and fire. The fountain has 900 lights which provide a glorious view. The fountain show is witnessed by over 6500 people every day.


5. Banpo Bridge Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, South Korea

Banpo Bridge in South Korea spans over the Han River and connects the districts Seocho and Yongsan. It is a double-decker bridge which is popular for holding the world’s longest fountain. There are around 380 water jets that run along both the edges of the 1,140 meter long bridge. The jets shoot around 200 tons of river water every minute and can shoot up to 43 meters horizontally. Around 10,000 LEDs illuminate the water as it falls back in the river. The fountains can also be synchronized along with music.

The sight during both day and night is beautiful, but the night-time show gives a better feel due to the rainbow lights. The fountain is only operable from April to October and gives the best view when watched from the Banpo Hangang Park on the southern edge of the river.


4. KLCC Water Fountain, Malaysia


No visit to Malaysia is complete without visiting the Twin Towers, also known as Kuala Lumpur City Center. The place is loaded with activities for the whole day, one of which is the Symphony Water Fountain Show. It is a spectacular view in the late evening hours with all the colourful lights and the fountain choreographed to music.


3. Lotte Department Store Fountain, South Korea


Lotte Department Store is one of the leading stores in South Korea. Innumerous people visit this place for shopping each day. However, the specialty of this place is the amazing water fountain show which is displayed every hour. It is a beautiful sight and can be seen from all the three floors of the mall. Comfortable seating is provided in all the balconies as well as the ground floor to watch the 10 minute long show. It is so irresistible to watch that people pause their shopping to watch it.

The water falls from the ceiling in radiant colours. The precision of the water is so good that shapes and alphabets can be cut out in the water as it feels. The fountain is choreographed to the music that is changed seasonally. It is something worth making time for.


2. Bellagio Fountain, Las Vegas


One might visit Vegas to watch the choreographed stage performances and shows, but Bellagio Fountain is beyond everything that you will see in Vegas. The fountain which is said to “romanticize your senses” is a perfect tranquilizer after a long, happening day in Vegas.

The fountain is built in the 8-acre wide lake of the casino and cost $40 million to construct. It is a web of 8,000 meters of pipe and 1,200 nozzles which shoot water up to the height of a 24-story building in harmony of the music. The maximum amount of water that the fountain can shoot is more than 20 gallons. There are about 4,500 LEDs which make the fountain show colourful to the extent of hypnotism. The shows feature music by DJ Tiesto and change routinely.




  1.  The Burj Khalifa Fountain, Dubai
    The Burj Khalifa Fountain, the largest choreographed fountain system, is situated in the 30 acre spreading lake at the base of the world’s tallest building. It is 275 meters long and shoots water up to 150 meters in air. Several water jets and water robots are used to make the water dance as it is shot out from the fountain.  It has 6,600 lights and 25 coloured projectors and can spray 22,000 gallons of water at any point of time. The beam of light from the fountain is visible even from 20 miles away.
    The fountain displays innumerous patterns of water and gives a mesmerizing effect. There is no comparison of this fountain with any other. World music and Arabic music is often used for choreography. The show takes place in the evening and a delight to watch. It is, indeed, very captivating.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoxxK-8MeWw.

There’s beauty in everything. Who would’ve thought transparent water could look so mesmerizing? These fountains should definitely be on your list of things you got to see this vacation.

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