12 Countries with the Strongest Military Armies

Countries invest grandly in their armies with an aim to make them undefeatable. Ammunition, trunks, aircrafts, etc. are designed with the latest automation to keep the army strong and updated. Gone are the days when only manpower was the main constituent of a strong army. In today’s time, a strong army is a combination of many things. With advanced technology, size is not the only thing that matters.

U.S. Soldiers with 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division return fire during a firefight with Taliban forces in Barawala Kalay Valley in Kunar province, Afghanistan, March 31, 2011. ( U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Cameron Boyd/Released)

Let’s check out the 12 countries with the most powerful armies in the world.

  1. Egypt

    With a budget of $4.4 billion, Egypt is the strongest army in Africa. The modern army was established under the reign of Muhammad Ali Pasha who is called the founder of modern Egypt. The Egyptian army is one of the oldest and strongest armies of the world constituting of 468,500 active frontline personnel, 1,107 aircraft, and 4 submarines. It also has the fifth largest tank fleet in the world comprising of 6,624 tanks.

Egyptian army receives a considerable amount of financial aid from the US and is one of the strongest armies.


  1. Pakistan

The army of Pakistan came into existence in 1947, when the country was declared independent. It has the largest active personnel in the world with 617,000 along with a large tank, aircraft and attack helicopter fleets. Since its existence, the Pakistani army has fought 4 wars with Afghanistan and India.

Moreover, it is assumed to be building nuclear weapons at a fast rate. It is believed that if it continues to build them at the same rate, it will be the third largest nuclear depository in the world.

Currently, it has a budget of $7 billion with 2,924 tanks, 914 aircraft, and 8 submarines.


  1. Turkey

The Turkish Army is the largest army in the eastern Mediterranean. It has a budget of $18.2 billion and is the fifth most abundant in submarines, having 13 of them in number. It has 3,778 tanks which is an appealing number along with 1,020 aircraft. Although it doesn’t have an aircraft carrier, but its 410,500 active personnel make up for it, which include both males and females.

Moreover, as the Turkish army is contributing as a NATO member in Afghanistan war, the USA is funding them abundantly.

  1. Japan

The land of the rising Sun has struggled a lot to cure the wounds of the nuclear obscenity that happened decades ago. But now, it has risen well in all areas, including the sector of armed forces. Having a budget of over $41.6 billion, Japan has a fleet having 678 tanks and 1,613 aircraft.

Although the Japanese army is comparatively small, it is very well equipped with the latest technology. It has 16 submarines and 4 aircraft carriers along with active frontline personnel of 247,173. However, all the equipment and personnel is only to be used for peace and not offense, as stated in the constitution of Japan.


  1. Germany

Germany has a lead role in the world’s latest technologies ranging all the way from cars to machinery. Even in the field of military, Germany is spending around $40.2 billion annually to keep it updated. It also has 408 tanks and 663 aircraft. The active frontline personnel is 179,046 in number. The ammunition and guns owned by this army are to be appreciated as well.

  1. South Korea

Due to threats from neighboring countries like North Korea, Japan, and China, South Korea has to spend a heavy budget of $62.3 billion on its army. To keep these facts in mind, South Korea has a relatively large army consisting of 2,381 tanks, 1,412 aircraft, and 13 submarines. With these assets, South Korea has the sixth largest air force in the world.

The USA is the major financial support of South Korea and trains the National army of the Republic. With an active personnel of 624,465, South Korea has proved itself for not only having the most literacy rate but also for having one of the largest armies.

  1. France

The French military doesn’t comprise of much active personnel, which is 202,761 in number, but it is very well equipped, trained and is capable of force projection. The country has 423 tanks, 1,264 aircraft, and 10 submarines. With a total annual budget of $62.3 billion, France is also the fourth largest nuclear power plant which tests its nuclear weapons on its own.

France is also engaged in military deployments throughout Africa to help stabilize the government.


  1. The United Kingdom

Even after deciding to cut down the size of the military by 20%, UK has still acquired the place of the fifth strongest army in the world. With active personnel on the frontline being 146,980 and a total of 182,000, the UK army is able to serve its nation in the best ways. The country has a reasonably good amount of aircraft (936) which include interceptors, fixed wings, trainer jets, helicopters and fighter helicopters. The 407 tanks are always there to protect and fight back for the nation. The country also has 10 submarines which keep an eye on any form of aggression.


  1. India

India is trying to be the best in every area including military powers. The finances for army are being increased to make sure that the country has the best equipment for its army. To overcome aggression from the neighbouring country Pakistan, it is essential to have a strong army for India as Pakistan is also investing a lot in its military. Moreover, the disputes related to Kashmir are too strong to compromise in the armed as well as defensive forces.

India has a total of 1,325,000 active frontline personnel which is one of the most active manpower apart from China and US. Alongside, there are other reserve troops of about 2,143,000 to look after the country in any intractable situation. It also has 6,464 tanks and 1905 aircrafts out of which there are 761 fighter aircrafts and 20 attacking helicopters. Moreover, India has access to nuclear weapons as well.


  1. China

The Chinese army flaunts a large number of active personnel. Being among the 3 largest armies in the world, it has 2,333,000 frontlines active personnel which are a huge number. China currently has a budget of $146 billion and is planning to increase it. China is abundant in ammunition having 9,150 tanks which are the second largest fleet of Russia and 67 submarines which are just behind the US. It also has 2,860 aircraft including attacking helicopters.

China has grown rapidly and is now developing a range of ballistic missiles and fifth generation aircrafts. Due to clashes with Japan, India and Philippines in certain matters, China is moving forward with leaps and bounds to make its army even stronger. Also, due to its very strong economy, it might become the world’s largest weapon dealer in near future.


  1. Russia

Russia is undoubtedly a very powerful arm since it was a USSR. Due to disputes with Europe, America, Israel and the Middle-East (except Syria), Russia is very concerned about its security. Thus, it has developed a very strong military for its defense. Russia spends $84.5 billion annually for maintenance and up-gradation of its military and is expected to increase the budget by 44% in the coming years.

Russia has 766,055 active personnel, 15,398 tanks which constitute the largest fleet in the world, 3,429 aircraft, and 55 submarines being the second and third largest respectively in number. Russia is also the second-largest dealer of weapons after the US.


  1. USA

The USA is the Super Power of the world in today’s times. It is the largest dealer of weapons and firearms, challenging Russia. It has a budget of $612 billion which is a massive amount. It has active personnel of 1,400,000 and a fleet of 10 aircraft carriers. It also has the largest number of aircraft, a total of 13,892, which comprise of several interceptors, fixed wings, transport aircraft, helicopters and attack helicopters. A fleet of 8,848 tanks adds grace to the US army.

The USA has a new rail gun for the Navy and a well-equipped and trained human force which makes it the strongest army in the world.


Every country is making efforts to improve their armed forces for defense and maintaining peace. Many generations of aircraft are being introduced, aircraft carriers are being built and what not. With new innovations and technology coming up and nuclear weapons being developed, there is a huge threat to the nations also. It should be made sure that these weapons don’t come into the wrong hands.

It is important for the nations to support each other in times of need as only then the purpose of having such great power is successful.




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