12 Simple Tips On How To Feel Fresh In The Morning

Life is a serious struggle for people who hate to wake up in the morning. In spite of setting a dozen alarms, we tend to hit the snooze button and procrastinate in the bed for as long as we can. Well, worry no more people, for listed below are 12 simple tips on how to feel fresh in the morning:

12) Early to bed, early to rise

There’s a saying that goes ‘Early to bed, early to rise, keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise’, and its absolutely true. Stick to a particular routine – try to sleep and wake up early at a particular time everyday. There are so many advantages of doing so; your mornings will be productive, you will have enough time to finish your goals and you will feel fresh and active all day. It might be a tough habit to develop, but once you follow this routine, you will never look back.


11) Wake up with your favorite music

Have you seen the reality TV show ‘Big Boss’, where the contestants wake up in the morning feeling fresh, dancing to the tunes of Bollywood? Well, there is a pretty good reason for waking them up with music; it can alter your moods, and listening to your favorite tunes can definitely cheer you up, leaving you fresh all day. So replace that monotonous, ear-splitting alarm tone with a blast of your favorite songs and you’re good to go!


10) Drink lots of water

Drink at least 2 glasses of water right after you wake up, for it is the best habit one can develop and we can’t recommend it enough. Not only will you feel refreshed and revitalized, but drinking enough water will remove all the toxins from your body and keep it hydrated while giving a beautiful glow to your skin, renew cells, help you lose weight, purify the colon, cure illness and disease, fuel your brain, boost your metabolism and relieve constipation, among few other benefits.


9) Exercise

The best way to get yourself pumped-up in the morning is to work out or exercise. You can either hit the gym, or go for a jog outside, or even practice some stretches at home or do yoga. Follow this habit daily, and you will see magical results for yourself – your metabolism will get enhanced, you will develop a strong self-discipline, your physical and mental energy will get a boost, your appetite for breakfast will be stoked,  you will have a glowing skin, and of course you’ll get fitter and healthier.


8) Meditate

If you are still a novice at waking up early and if you feel too lazy to get out of your bed for a work-out, there is alternative for you – to meditate. Morning meditation does wonders to your body in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Besides leaving you fresh and active for the day, it eliminates anxiety and depression, pacifies the turmoil in your mind, improves concentration, increases emotional maturity, improves heart rate and optimizes creativity.


7) Let in the sunlight

It is no secret that Vitamin D obtained directly from the Sun has innumerable health benefits. Sunlight builds your immune system, increases the content of oxygen in your blood, cleanses the blood and blood vessels, lowers cholesterol, and also has a beneficial effect on skin disorders. Apart from that, basking in the morning Sun also improves your quality of sleep by reducing the release of melatonin – a night hormone that makes you feel sleepy, so that you feel more fresh and energized. Sun-rays are known to have an anti-depressant effect – they release endorphins in your body that fight against seasonal depression. They also release a happy hormone called serotonin, which has a mood-elevating effect on your body and makes you look fresh, young, and happy.


6) Take a hot/cold shower

While it is extremely tedious for some people to get out of the bed early just for a shower, it is actually worth the pain and effort – for scientists suggest that morning showers are actually better for you due to some interesting health benefits. Drenching yourself in extreme hot or cold water in the morning improves blood circulation, decreases stress, increases immunity, relieves cough, alleviates muscles, combats oily hair and scalp, increases fertility washes away toxins while keep your skin healthy and glowing. And will all that, you are definitely bound to feel fresh and active all day!


5) Have a healthy breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a common habit everywhere and among all age groups. Because people are always in a rush to reach their school/workplace on time, they tend to forget or skip having breakfast, without realizing what they’re missing on. Having a healthy breakfast boosts your energy, sharpens focus, helps reduce morning crankiness, enhances metabolism, prevents starvation and allows you to properly proportion your meals. Hence, developing the habit of having a healthy breakfast daily will leave you feeling reinvigorated and active all day!


4) Avoid your daily dose of caffeine

Grabbing your favorite cup of coffee right after you wake up isn’t exactly the best idea, for science suggests that our body gets accustomed to the caffeine and has a lesser reaction to it, waking us up less each passing day. Moreover, overdose of caffeine can cause unwanted effects on your body such as nervousness, irritability, upset stomach, muscle tremors and increased heartbeat. So avoid having coffee whenever possible and only have it when its absolutely necessary.

3) Do something exciting!

Waking up to your mundane, not-so-interesting routine won’t really freshen you up. Instead, wake up early and find some time for the things you love – be it reading, gardening, going for a swim or listening to music. This way, you will always be excited to wake up in the morning and have something to look forward to, besides feeling fresh and happy!


2) Increase your productivity

The best time complete your goals and get your work done is in the mornings. Try to increase your productivity in the morning; complete your assignments, prepare that presentation, clean up your untidy room, or study for your finals. Finishing off tasks in the morning will make you feel active and you will get that sense of achievement which will bring you immense joy and satisfaction, not to mention that you will have the rest of the day to yourself.

1)  Have a morning ritual

Plan a morning ritual for yourself – and make sure you follow it daily. Don’t forget to include all the tips mentioned above, form a schedule accordingly, practice it daily, and in no time you will see a tremendous change in your lifestyle and health. With all these good habits inculcated within you, you will never complain about feeling lazy in the morning, ever again!


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