12 Ways to Avoid Morning Blues

Everyone dreads Mondays. No one wants to go back to work after spending a weekend full of lazing around and doing absolutely nothing. Yet, when “THE” day comes in front of us, we are left with no other choice than to go and start a whole new week of work until the much-awaited weekend arrives again. And since Monday is that unfateful day, it holds the title of the “Most Dreaded Day” of the week.
A weekend is something that everyone looks forward to. Whether you spend it doing absolutely nothing, or partying with friends, it seems to fly away in a blink. The feeling of the weekend sticks to our mind, body and soul, and despite some genuine efforts refuses to let go. The most common term given to the dread of Mondays is “Monday Blues”. Even though blue is also the color of happiness (take, for instance, the bluebird of happiness) in some cultures, in others, it’s the symbol of low spirits. Similarly, the Blues from Monday-blues acquires its meaning from the noun “blues” which refers to the feeling of ‘sadness’ or ‘melancholy’. The sadness can be a result of laziness, extreme tiredness or lack of interest. This term has been associated with Monday because the freedom of weekends makes us melancholic, and we lose the will to work.
It takes enormous amount of self-will and convincing power to get up early on a Monday morning, get ready, while preparing the mind and body to accommodate into the work mode for the next five days simultaneously. There are many reasons for Monday-blues. One of the most obvious is that you might not love your job. Well, no surprises there. It might pay you well, but if you don’t enjoy and love your work, you don’t look forward to the next time you step into your office. And it’s time you revisit your professional-choice.
But, there are many people who do love their jobs, yet feel the Monday blues. If you’re one of them, we have the panacea right here for you. Read the following 12 ways to make the Monday Blues disappear.

1) Wrap up as much as you can

Keeping the Monday light by finishing most of the work on Friday evening is a good way to beat the blues. Your ‘pending-things-to-do’ list should be as less as possible. This will keep you in a good mood and you will have a smile on your face throughout the day. Also contributing to this smile is a clean and clear desk. The less messy your desk looks, the happier you will be when you see it.

2) Plan up before hand

Lay out the schedule of your work for the next week beforehand and make sure to follow it. Once you know your tasks, it becomes easy to prepare the mind to be in the right frame while working, and it reduces the level of stress.

3) Wake up Early

Hit the bed early on Sunday night. Okay, no one is asking you to sleep at 9 in the evening, but certainly don’t stay up till 3 in the night. Though, the thought of sleeping early on a weekend night might not sound so appealing, it becomes important to set up the mood for the next day from the previous night. You wouldn’t want to start a Monday morning with lack of sleep and then lag behind in every task. If you wake up late, you have no time for breakfast, you would rush and when you reach office, people will throw work on your face. So waking up early gives you enough time to organize and prepare yourself.

4) Find time to Energize yourself with some Exercise

Don’t know what to do when you get up early on a Monday morning? Exercise. Or do Yoga. Either will rejuvenate your mood, hit the endorphin level on a high, give you a sense of calmness and motivation, a wave of freshness will prevail and you’ll be ready to rule the day physically, mentally and emotionally.

5) Wear the best

Cheer yourself up and dress your best. Once you look your best, you will feel confident. And when that happens, your spirits will rise. Plus, nothing cheers up your mood better than a few compliments on your looks.

6) Don’t skip the breakfast

Going to work without eating anything in the morning is a big No-No! Because, morning hunger crankiness is something you would definitely want to avoid especially on a Monday. Plus, with a low metabolism, you won’t really work efficiently. So have a hearty breakfast and bid adieu to hunger related mood swings.

7) Groove to Great music

To feel less lethargic and more energetic, let the music play! Dance around in the house, tap your feet, bob your head and spread the energy around, even when you are commuting.

8) Smile

Put up a smile on your face. Recall some funny joke or a happy memory. Some researchers have said that even the thought of laughing raises the level of endorphin, also known as the feel good hormone, and it helps everyone feel a lot better about their morning.

9) Work

You know what actually the truth is? It is not work that tires us, but the thought of working that results in us procrastinating. So stop thinking about work, and start working. It is that easy.

10) Take short breaks

Working continuously is bad for health. It puts stress on the eyes, and gives pain in the body. Also, working too much at one time tends to overwhelm you. Thus, it is recommended that you take a short break, preferably of 10 minutes after every hour of work. Also, you should keep moving in every 20 minutes. Change your sitting position or stand up and take a walk around your cubicle. This not only rejuvenates you but also keeps you fit and free from the chair-induced-pain.

11) Treat yourself

It always feels good when you look forward to things, be it small or big, given to you by yourself. Gift yourself something- a pen, notebook, post-it stickers, chocolate treat, online shopping, anything. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Just the thought of looking forward to your favorite things on a Monday boosts up the mood.

12) Do NOT let Social Media Platforms take up your time

Social Media Platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. extracts so much time from your day that they leave you with less work done and more left pending. 10 minutes convert into hours without you even noticing how time flies. So, do not hamper your disciplined schedule if you cannot live up to the strictly-made 10 minute break.

So, what are you waiting for? Fight the blues with the above clues and have an amazing start to the week!

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