15 Creepy Paranormal Ghost Games

Are you the dare devil of your peer group? Do you enjoy gaming with monsters, ghosts, spooky dolls and eerie sound effects? This is the spot for you! Below is a list of 15 most terrifying games that you can play in order to satisfy the thrill seeking part of yours. Grab your gaming consoles, dim the lights and get ready for a bone chilling experience!

  1. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

You begin as a man looking for his daughter in a deserted town. There is not a single soul around and the only thing you remember is your daughter being lost in a car accident. As the game progresses, the secrets relating to your daughters disappearance come into view and towards the end, you are given the shock of your life! In between, a psychologist is regularly taking a number of personality tests and you will have to make certain choices which will decide your fate in the game. This game is truly one of the most magnificent psychological thriller games.

  1. Layers of Fear

If you like first person horror games, then this game will prove to be an absolute delight! If you like to take special measures to ensure that you are absolutely terrified of the game, playing this game with earphones is highly recommended.

In the entire game, you will be wandering in a Victorian-esque home somewhere near the turn of the century. Visuals are stunning along with some really terrific jump scares and sound effects.

  1. Fatal Frame Series

Have you seen the movie Grudge? Did it manage to scare you? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then the Fatal Frame Series will be another feather in the cap to your horror game collection. The game is a Japanese survival horror game and it uses scary white cloth clad ghosts. The only way to defeat the ghost is by using a camera to repeatedly click their pictures which makes it all the more terrifying.

  1. Resident Evil Series

If you like action combined with horror, then the Resident Evil Series would be a good option for you. You will be solving puzzles and shooting a number of grotesque looking monsters on your way. All parts are bone chilling however if someone asks for the best of all parts, then it has to be Resident Evil Part II.

  1. Obscure: The Aftermath

In the world of Obscure, the Aftermath, you will get a chance to visit your college days in the most grotesque manner. The college campus is filled with a number of monsters and mutants owing to a sinister dark flower that has appeared. The best part of the game has to be the bone chilling music track and the sense of being trapped in a spooky college campus with your friends!

  1. Silent Hill II

Gaming is always much more fun when it also connects to you on an emotional level and the silent hill gaming series does just that. This is the reason why it is for the second time that silent hill has entered the list. Silent Hill game part 2 has a surreal atmosphere. It has a deep emotional story and immediately helps you to relate with the protagonist. A true delight with decent scares, stunning graphics and a fantastic story which will get you teary eyed and scared at the same time.

  1. Dungeon Nightmares

This game is available on android, which means you need not turn on your play station or laptop if you’re in the mood for a thrilling experience. Simply download this game from play store and enjoy! You will be exploring a dungeon and will be required to find a key to get out of the spooky place. However, being in a dungeon, you’re not alone! Time to time you will be hearing eerie sounds and creepy skeletons will be moving past you. Keep your eyes open in the spooky dungeon as one mistake will straightaway lead to death!

  1. Five Nights At Freddy’s

Enter the life of a security guard who has to watch over animatronics. The scary twist is, that these animatronics are possessed! They will be innocent when you are looking at them however the moment you turn your back, they will start moving and come after you. Do whatever you have to just don’t let them get to the security room! There are four parts to this game and each part is a terrifying as the previous one!

  1. Slender

This is yet another first person horror game; you are given a flashlight and the ability to run. These are your own defense weapons. The main ghost of this game is the “Slender Man” who is faceless, with tentacles and is 10 or 11 feet tall. Creepy, isn’t it? The aim of the game is to find eight musical notes, and in each note, something is revealed about the slender man. Time to time the slender man will appear to be close to you and you are supposed to run away as far as you can to avoid him. The game ends if he catches you and consumes you alive! The game creates an aura of intense fear, vulnerability and suspense. The best part about this game is that it is absolutely free of cost!

  1. Alan Wake

This game is a psychological action thriller and is set in an all American town. The best part of this game is that it offers a huge, open world that the player can explore. You will be required to do missions and it is you who are the main driving force behind all the action that takes place in the game. The protagonist, Alan Wake is actually a horror writer who writes a novel portraying his nightmares. To his, and the gamers horror, these nightmares begin coming true!

  1. Until Dawn

The storyline of this game is quite interesting as it focuses on a group of eight teenage friends who have gathered in an inn at a snowy mountain, far away from the hustle bustle of daily life. The group is there to party and have fun in order to celebrate one year anniversary of disappearance of two of their friends. However, they soon begin to realize that they are not alone…

Sounds like a Hollywood Horror film? Does it not? Perhaps this is the intent behind the game, to give a thrilling experience to the player along with providing a Hollywood style setting.

  1. Condemned: Criminal Origins

Action and Horror are explicit genres and often go hand in hand. Condemned: Criminal Origins is a game which brings these two genres together. Meet Ethan Thomas, the young FBI Agent who is all set to bring justice to the world by pursuing a ruthless serial killer. However, he has to face off and kill a large number of psychopaths who continue to hide around him.

  1. Outlast

What can be scarier than a journalist out in an abandoned lunatic asylum with no means of self defense? This is why Outlast will give you nightmares from the first time you play it. With enormous jump scares and some utterly gruesome visuals, this game has a set of terrifying monsters that are desperately looking for you. The only way you can escape them is hide in a closet or some other place.

  1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

The classic venue for a frightening journey is a castle, and in Amnesia: The Dark Decent, you will get a chance to explore a dark and sinister castle. Meet Daniel, the protagonist who has no memory of his past and wakes up in a murky castle. He remembers his name, place of residence and that something is after him. As you begin exploring the castle, you will be accompanied by horrendous monsters and will need to overcome many other obstacles and puzzles. A classic terrifying experience awaits you!

  1. Silent Insanity: P.T.

The best way to describe this game is that it is a short game with ultimate level of psychological terror. You will be wandering in a simple urban house, everything will be fine in the beginning however as you proceed with the game, strange and terrifying occurrences will start taking place. Towards the end you would be left utterly stunned and the game will leave a long lasting impression on you psychologically. Keep your earphones handy, turn off the lights and get ready for an epic journey on your android device!

Fear is perhaps the only emotion that one can’t fake; that is the beauty of it. We hope you experience the maximum level of fear with these games and have a good, thrilling time!

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