15 Fun Ways to Celebrate New Years’ Eve

It’s unbelievable. What a roller coaster of year this has been. What with all the wars, accidents, killings, and a lot of our favourite celebrities deciding this life wasn’t worth it. The world has mourned enough for a year. And seriously, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say we’ve been waiting for 2017 to unfold in front of our eyes, with bated breaths and dreamy eyes.

And here we are, on the brink of this new chapter of our lives. 2017 is right there, within reach, and we have to do something humongous to welcome it. So here are 15 fun ways you can celebrate New Years’ Eve for a great year ahead!

1. Partying v1.0: Wild Child

Do it all. If you’re a party animal, you’ll know what the scene is. If you’re not, find somebody who is!  Bunch up with your friends and visit a dance club. Let your hair down, let the booze course through your damn veins, and (maybe) find somebody to kiss. On NYE especially, clubs have special events: DJs from far and wide, open bars, drinking competitions, themed parties. Whatever is your thing, nobody’s going to stop you. Go wreck the world.

2. Partying v2.0: A Little Tamer

If you like dancing and drinking and laughing with your friends, but all the mayhem isn’t really your thing, (or you’re too lazy to get a cab) have a house party! Choose your own music, your own drinks, your own food (maybe a potluck!) and just close friends having the good ol’ fun. Bring the roof down. A great way to welcome a new year with people whose company you enjoy.

3. Partying v3.0: Tamest Of All

If you’re not a fan of any noise at all, you can still have a party that is more personal and way quieter. These can include card games, munchies, board games, midnight breakfasts and anecdotes from a life well-lived. These are memorable, and a beautiful way for you to reminisce with old friends.

4. Pub It Up!

Personally, I think there is nothing as warm as a group of drunken people. Pubs are great if you’re in the mood for socialising but aren’t a fan of the loudness parties often bring. You could hit it off with somebody, or laugh with your buddies, or even sit by yourself and get drunk. Some pubs may have karaoke nights or even local bands performing. Either way, it’s partying but without the glitz. Good times ensured!

5. Formal Events

There are a lot of posh restaurants and hotels who conduct formal parties. These mostly demand formal attire, and have performances by professional musicians. You could enjoy jazz & blues or classical music, eat from a buffet, and indulge in ball dancing. Most of these parties are invite-only, or ask that you buy a ticket beforehand, the collections from which often go to specific causes.

6. A Sunset Picnic!

This is for the ones who are a little outdoorsy, and appreciate nature for all it has and all it is. A picnic is a great way to remember the year for all its ups and downs, and to envision all that the next year will bring. Food, fresh air and comfortable conversations. Just to think about it is blissful. And the beauty of sunsets added to it, what more could one ask for!

7. Eat Out!

Maybe choose this as a special day to dine at a restaurant that is commonly a little out of your budget. Dress up, and go out with your significant other, or your family. Choose the special from the menu, drink good wine, have a good time with no holds barred.

8. Get Away

New Years’ Eve is also among the best times for you to plan a getaway. Go to the mountains, or plan a trip to your nearest beach. Go away from your regular life. Spend the couple of days being in an unusual place, maybe all by yourself, or with those close to you. A bonfire by the sea, a hiking trip, a cabin in the woods, drinking until dawn— whatever feels right for you.

9. Have A Cooking Sesh

Do this with your family, or your friends, or their families! Everybody can come together and decide what they want to eat, shop accordingly, and then everybody can get their hands dirty. A grand dinner is much deserved! The kitchen is a great place to bond, and in the end, everyone gets to eat the fruit of their labour. Add wine to the equation, and it’s perfect. Chop chop!

10. Get Romantic On The Roof

This is a great idea for some time with your significant other, very personal and also easy on the pockets. Cook some food (or order from outside), dress your terrace up with some lights, dress yourself up, and have a candle-lit dinner on the roof. Put some soft music if you want, add alcohol to the mix, and you have a great night ahead of you. Later, you can also stay up and watch the stars.

11. Love Yourself!

You can do this buy yourself or with some friends, or even with your better half! Go to a spa, get massages and have a relaxed evening. Pamper yourself all you want. Devote the end of the year to making yourself feel good. You ought to look great as you make it to a new year!

12. Give Meaningful Gifts

If you couldn’t give gifts to your loved ones on Christmas, you can sure give them on New Year’s Eve! You could write them handwritten notes, or give them something they’ve been meaning to buy. You could even make gifts for them: a mixtape, a CD of memories, a photo frame. Watch the smile spread across their faces, and it will give you more joy than you could imagine.

13. Walk Around

Some of us are watchers. While a lot of people party the night away, you could take a midnight stroll (if it’s safe where you live) and observe the movement. Watch as fireworks fill the sky, and people wait for their lives to change. There’s nothing more beautiful.

14. Be An Angel

There are a few of us, who’d be much happier bringing smiles to other faces. If helping others is what gives you warm feelings, it would be great for you to eschew all the noise and partying, and visit a children’s home or an old age home. You could give away your old clothes, or some donation, some food you made at home, or just your presence and some warmth! There are so many faces that would light up when you give them a little more love.

15. Do Nothing!

This is my absolute favourite. You don’t even have to get out of bed if you don’t want to! Cuddle with your lover, eat regular dinner, have a movie marathon, get a little drunk, laugh. There is nothing more celebratory than comfort, and knowing you belong somewhere. Have a great new years’ eve.

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