20 Unique and Funny Talent Show Ideas

Funny bones always tend to have more calcium. Well if you agree then you could just be eligible for the next talent show. And you ask which one is that?. Keep reading and you may find a new talent show idea to conduct at your school/ college or just to stay put the boredom in your group. Wait, there are already so many? How about you go through  the following list which gives you 20 unique and funny talent shows ideas. Choose wisely !

20. Laughter club championship


This shouldn’t be a surprise. What better than a small competition of who makes your stomach ache for all good reasons than a bunch of people fighting to win the trophy?

Bring out the Russells and the Peters inside you, well only if you feel you can stand out in the ultimate battle of the laughing riots!

19. Situational Drama


Is it a play? is it an extempore? is it a… No, none of the usual ones. Situational Drama gives you a chance to enact on a given theme for which you have no prerequisite idea. This could be a game changer if you are witty enough to make the best use of the current affairs to give your drama cum narration a spicy twist. The person depicting the given scenario in the best and most entertaining way makes his way to the throne( not necessarily made of iron).

18. Twixing lyrics


You think you can sing? think about it again. This ain’t a scene, it’s a goddamned arms race! twist the lyrics of your favorite songs. These can be collaborated with rap competitions, singing the same song in different languages or even better, a competition in which you have to sing the song backwards.

17. House of cards


“For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy. There is but only one rule: hunt or be hunted”

Is poker you favorite game? Well, it doesn’t have to be. You just have to be good at controlling cards and stacking them high enough to make the complex of the most complex houses of cards. Bring out the master Shifu inside you as you need to have your inner peace at its peak. And blessings from Anemoi for the wind conditions as well. A fun game to start with until it becomes all high and mighty.

16. Acapella/ Beatboxing


Inspired by pitch perfect? The trend is on. Try to make the best use of your vocal cords. The competition gets heated up for every difficult note you hit. Why? because you just don’t sing. You also create music…with your mouth. Acapella is the art to sing and create instrumental music out of your vocal cords without using any instruments. Beat boxing is the Rambo version of that. Do it solo, do it in a group. It sounds beautiful when done in sync. So practice before you hit the stage. Because if you go out of sync, you sink.

15. Rags to riches


Walking on the ramp is what you are good at? then this one’s for you. Oh wait, let me finish. You don’t get to wear the sparkling gown today. Make use of the scrap provided to you to create your fashion signature. Be it the headgear. Be it the chunky jewelry or be it the cravings on your dress. Walk on the ramp with new confidence and steal the show.

14. Play it like a pro!


Music is art. Art is passion. Passion is emotion.Playing instruments is very easy, yes it is the audience who suffer right? Try  a competition where flutes are supposed to be played without the mouth. Instead the nose or any other decent place (of course). Think of playing the drums or a guitar with your feet. That is fun. And a great opportunity for the differently-abled . This can also be done for a painting competition. The one who is a pro at this has to get a bow.

13. Shadow dancing


Bored of colors are you? Because the world is going from three shades of color to fifty shades of grey. Shadow dancing is fun. The depiction of different stories, be it a social issue or be it a sitcom or just upbeat synchronized dance performance, will be a treat for the eyes. The proportion of light used in the performance plays an important role to give an emotion to the act. And if you get tired of the shadows, UV lights are always fun to use. Mix and match with LEDs lights and dazzle the dance floor!

12. Fruit carving


Yes, you heard it right. Artists have always been looking around them to create new things out of them.  What better than a few fruits and vegetables that can be turned into beautiful sculptures of birds, humans and modern art. The natural shades can bring the best color variations and if you are artistic enough, the rancidity can enhance the color of your artwork. And once you feel to hydrate yourself, just eat your porcupine!

11. Music from the waste


Music is such a vast institution. So there is room for one more. Let’s face it, the conventional instruments are costly and common. So play the drums using waste plastic bottles. Play the flutes using the coke glasses. If you are passionate, you can extract music out of anything and everything. So this contest is a lesson for every underdog who either could not afford the big flashy instruments or was bored of the available ones. Either way, drum-rolls for them!

10. Microart


The world can be your canvas- quite literally, since this particular talent requires you to be able to draw size-able art (think Burj Khalifa size) in a microscopic canvas (think grain of rice, or the tip of a fingernail). If you think you have the super sonic vision, the patience and a knack for intricate doodling, micro art can open a world of possibilities, in a water drop area. As they say, “small is big”!

09. The 2 minutes cooking challenge


Gordon Ramsey blessed you in your dream? Well he better, because you got to cook and you got to cook fast! Do conventional cooking shows seem to give endless time to the participants? Heat up the stage as making savories in 2 minutes is not easy. This competition gives proof that there are more dishes to make than those 2 minutes noodles. You get to learn so many new dishes that you can always try on your own.

08. Balance it


Did you know the smallest bone in our body is in our ear which helps us to balance our body? A trip to backyard science is a must before you enter the competition because moment of inertia is what is going to help you win the contest. Balance plates, glasses (if you are under budget then even books would do) on the ropes, on the poles and on the cubes hanging about 50 feet above the ground. Combine it with juggling while cycling etc. A cakewalk you say?

07. Master of manipulation


If you are confident of your convincing skills, then this one is for you. Win exciting prizes if you can make people do fun tasks. And by people I mean random people walking on the streets.

06. Street art


This is something that brings out the real artist in you. The world is your canvas. Portray your art on the stage. Even better, paint it on the street. 3D, 4D arts are a trend now. And if you are good at it, then this contest is all yours.

05. Newspaper games


Do people call you a nerd/show-off when you claim you can solve every Sudoku or every Crossword puzzle the leading dailies have to provide, and that too in record time? Well, how do you think they’ll react when there’s a talent show exclusively based on your morning brain racking sessions?

So sharpen your pencils, and your vocabulary , and get ready to go down and across in a newspaper game talent show! May the numbers and words be ever in your favour!

04. Air Balls


Are you the entertaining one in your school or college who can pull a crowd with your awesome juggling acts? Do you spend a long time-idling at home, trying to balance a spinning football on the tip of your fingers (or toes, if you’re that good)? Then Air balls can be a fun platform to showcase this talent, and pull an even larger crowd. After all, no activity done in your free time should ever go to waste, or just attract a group of annoyed grown-ups to tell you to study instead!

03. Role play


Mimic your favorite characters from all around the world. Be the politicians, music artists and even actors and comic characters! This goes on well and fun if parodies of some serious people or scenes from movies are done. If the competition is being held at school, play the roles of different teachers( which I am not guaranteeing that is going to go safe after the contest). Improvise by letting boys play the roles of girls and vice versa. The howling in the room is going to be very loud.

02. Synchronized swimming acts


People who swim are very creative in nature. So making beautiful patterns in the waters is a delight for the audience. So put on your swimming costumes. The swimming can present an act, a musical or just a performance. It is different and it is fun.

01. Fake magic act

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Yeah, people now a days seem to get all the secrets of the magic shows they go to. So why not take that advantage and make pun out of it. Do it with perfect comic timing to tickle the bellies of the audience. Get your props correctly though because this should not go way too south. Keep it light and keep it funny.

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