20 Unusual Hobbies that can Transform into Lucrative Careers

We all have hobbies, right? The very idea of transmuting an avocation into a day job sounds amazing! I mean, who doesn’t wanna get paid for what they love doing? If you love painting, writing, programming or any other ‘earning’ leisure activity, you know you’re already in the safe zone. But what if you like something like duct-tape art or cigar collection? You’re in your twenties and the clock is ticking. Better start looking for something else. Or maybe not? You think your hobby cannot be your bread and butter, but you might actually be wrong. You are different and you want to be like everyone else, this is a serious illness. Your unusual craving can surprisingly transform into a lucrative career. We have a list of 20 such side lines that can transform into a career.

20. Pooktre art:


Pooktre is a unique art of shaping living trees into different artistic designs. From making chairs out of a live tree to a dancing lady, this is much like any other form of art. Pooktre has been around for a hundred years now and because of only limited artists this gives you great career opportunities. So, if you have this weird liking to shape trees, you’ve got yourself a job!

19. Jewellery design:

This is a very old hobby, but most of us forget by the time we are in our early teens. Complex jewelry out of beads, paper and other simple objects is becoming a huge market today. A lot of people today have started making and selling this type of jewelry as it provides a cheap and funky option as compared to traditional jewellery.

18. Filming yourself talking:

Thanks to websites like YouTube, ‘filming yourself talking’ can not only provide you bread and butter but can actually make you a millionaire! Sounds amazing, right? You must have heard of ‘how-to’ channels, the ones where people tell you how to do something easily at home. It doesn’t matter if you’re not all that ‘talented’. People just talk about their daily life, mix it up with some nice puns and there you go!  You have got yourself a nice video! Don’t ask me why, but people love watching this stuff. The more popular your videos get, the more you earn!

17. Chocolatier:

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Well, some love making them too. As the love for chocolate grows, so does the demand. Chocolate making is an art and a hobby. So, this a great career option, with a lot of ‘sweet’ perks.

16. Graffiti Artist:

Though it might sound abstract, graffiti has wide social appeal among the younger generation and thus forms a great medium to get ideas and information through to them. Groups and companies alike use graffiti to spread their thoughts and products to the world. Graffiti artists are being hired to advertise products, beautify the city and many other jobs.

15. Ice sculptor:


Are you one of those people who gets really happy when ice gets accumulated in the freezer, so that you can play with it later? Well, my artistic buddy, I think you have an amazing job opportunity. Ice sculpture is an art that is fast gaining popularity. The demand for ice sculptures at weddings, events and parties is surging. Now what is so eccentric about these sculptures is their crystal like appearance which adds class to any event. Their short life (it’s ice, it melts!) is sometimes an issue but can be managed by setting up a cold temperature around it. Ice sculptors are popping all across the globe, turning their hobby into cash.

14. Playing poker:

A large number of people have gone jobless and even homeless because of poker, but you love playing it and have gone through endless rows of unsuccessful attempts of breaking this destructive habit. Well, maybe you don’t have to, afterall. What if you make poker your job? This is definitely not so easy, but once you’re in the game, it’s gonna get you a hell lot of money! There are many tournaments on regional, national and international levels.

13. Beetle Fighting:

I’d say this one is the wackiest hobby I’ve found. I mean seriously, beetle fighting? Well, even this weird ‘leisure activity’ of yours can be transformed into a great career! But it is mostly practised in parts of China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, being one of the most popular sport there. And what sport doesn’t earn you some bucks? None. Be it betting, tickets for the show or making such videos go viral, you have plenty of options to fill your pocket with cash.

12. Duct tape artist:


Much like any other art form, duct-tape art is profoundly popular these days. If you loving making such projects and find your paintbrush in a tape, start making money out of it, buddy! These beautifully created paintings are sold online by many artists on commission. Talk to an agent or open your own website, there is a lot to explore.

11. Gaming:

Today’s gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. While some people play video games to unwind and have fun, the more entrepreneurial ones have started making a living off of video games. Be it a game tester at a production house or just making guides and exploring deeper elements of games and uploading it on the net for the world to see. These types of jobs are quickly grabbing the attention of those who have the skill and passion to take gaming to the next level.

10. DIY guide:

This one is for those crafty people out there. Crafty people who have a specific skill set, that of making homemade pots, cards, clothes, little decoratives and many such things. Of course these come expensive, but the trend of making them on your own is soon catching up. People are on the lookout for guides on how to make these things. Sounds like a career to me.

09. Parkour:


This hobby is a little extreme. It is a relatively new ‘hobby’ which is earning great acclaim. It’s basically a form of physical art where people perform tricky maneuvers, jumps and random dangerous stunts. The populous is really enjoying parkour and people ready to push it to the extremes have made a career out of, performing live, uploading videos on in the internet etc.

08. Puppeteer:

Puppeteering is a rare hobby, one that requires a lot of dedication and practice. But, after all the hard work the result is very gratifying. Children love puppets and being a good puppeteer gives you an upper hand in a thinly populated crowd. Children’s TV shows are a great start and the business can be expanded to solo performance.

07. Being a mermaid:


Professional Mermaid. Yup, that’s a real thing! It’s perhaps a fiercely competitive job that sometimes involves swimming with fishes, dancing underwater or working with children. People love mermaids, so much that being a mermaid has turned into an amazing lucrative career option.

06. Metal Crafter:

This hobby sounds like something out of medieval times, and to be honest it is. Crafting objects out of metal isn’t easy, it requires elaborate equipment, extensive practice and it is a bit dangerous. But, after overcoming all these dangers, metal crafter has a large market. People are keen on getting custom built metal objects, be it classy swords, or just showpieces.

05. Comic Book Artist

Everyone loves reading comics; they’re fun, exciting and ignite imagination. On the other hand, writing comics is a monumental task. That’s why making comic books is a great career option. For someone who has a creative imagination, and good artistic skills, making comic books seems like the ideal job as it combines art, writing and imagination.

04. Magician:

The art of sleight of hand is a complex one, but a rewarding one nonetheless. After a lot of practice and dedication, a mastery of this art opens one up to the world of entertainment from a very uncommon point of view. It has a large scope for expansion because who doesn’t love a magic trick, right? Another awesome option to turn your unusual hobby into an amazing carrier.

03. Mime:

Another one from the entertainment world, miming is a form of silent drama where a person expresses his emotions solely by his facial expressions and actions. It is considered one of the hardest forms of acting. Some great examples of miming are Charlie Chaplin, Bip the clown and Mr. Bean, though some actors only deal with the humour aspect, it can be expanded to sorrow, anger and many more. It is a unique hobby which is highly appreciated among the learned in art.

02. Skydiving Cameraman:

Skydiving is fascinating, many people yearn to go skydiving, the feeling of free-falling must be sensational. But, when someone goes skydiving, wouldn’t they want the memory to be with them forever. A cameraman along with them is the perfect solution. This job might have a large learning curve, but if skydiving and video making are your hobbies, this seems ideal.

01. Cigar band collection:


For some a cigar band is just a piece of foil that is to be thrown away, but for others it is a history – a collectible that adds to the romance and mystique of smoking. So, if you have a huge collection of such band, don’t just keep it in your old drawer, put it for auction! You might find it hard to believe, but these collections are widely sold in online auctions. So earn while you yearn for these collectibles.


If you ever had a hobby you thought might turn into a good career, go ahead! What are you waiting for? It might just be your dream job.

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