22 Of the Most Beautiful Magnificent Trees In The World

“In nature nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and yet they are still beautiful”- Alice Walker

Nature has always been a fascination for mankind, the deeper you try to connect with it, the more it has to offer. Trees are a sight of awe to me, the gallant way in which they stand over the years, be it in groups or all alone makes one ponder about how much a tree has to offer on the lines of wisdom, life lessons and a thing or two about being giving in nature without expecting any return. The majestic poise with which a tree stands the test of time showing the true determination to bear fruits, provides shelter without bias and offers solace and a sense of support when one has lost hope. We all have seen trees in various sizes, shapes and hues; but, some of them just take your breath away by their sheer exuberance and beauty. Here is the list of some of the most magnificent trees on this lively planet of ours, hope you enjoy going through the long, winding sojourn of nature’s finest offerings, Trees!

Go on and gasp all the fresh air being offered, and yes it’s for free!!

red autumn

22.Blue Jacaranda

The color blue is often associated with gloom, dullness. Take one good look at the Black Poui as they known in Central America and all your sadness will be absorbed by the tree. The slender barks with their pale whitish complexion to go along with the long, blue flowers bloomed in groups is a sight in itself. The tree has various cultural references all over the world. They can be found in USA, Spain, Southern parts of Italy and Portugal and rarely in Australia and parts of South Africa.

blue jacaranda

21.Canadian Hemlock

The trees mostly found in the regions of Northern America are found to grow up to heights of 100 feet in average. They are also the state tree of Pennsylvania. The oldest recorded Pruche Du Canada, as fondly known, is 554 years and is 173 feet tall. The Canadian Hemlocks are widely popular for their heights and life expectancy, both going a long way!


canadian hemlock

20.Cannonball Trees

The tree sacred to Buddhist and Hindu religions is a native South American tree which appears like a flower bouquet. When in full bloom, there will be nearly 1000 flowers covering the entire lengths of the tree. The flowers have a strong scented fragrance, especially in the nights giving it a heady cocktail touch. The fruits though have an unpleasant lingering taste.

cannonball tree

19.Western Yellow Pine

These pine trees are seen growing in various natural habitats and true to their piney nature, are of great ornamental value. The trees have been put through a test of nuclear blast of some sorts and they seemed to survived the blast! showing their capacity of sustenance in harsh climatic variations. Quite a fighter this one, along with their romantic views up the hills. This tree is the prince charming of the tree world! The trees are native to native to Canada and western parts of USA and widely found growing in North America.


western yellow pine

18.Coast Coral Tree

Make sure you observe a tree with bright orange flowers the next time you take a stroll in the neighborhood park. Tempting as it may seem, be careful when you decide to be adventurous to pluck the vibrant sunny flowers; because the tree bark is covered with thorns! They are native to Southeastern Africa and are found in India. They are the official tree of California, USA.

coast coral tree

17.White Poplar

The tree with its origins in Morocco is known for its beautiful five-lobed leaves.The peculiarity lies with the upper part of the leaves being a lush green while the lower part is completely white. The silvery-white tree bark has diamond patterns giving it an intricate artistic design.

white poplar

16.English Oak

The majestic tree widely seen in Britain and Denmark resembles the crown with its wide spreading rugged branches. The trees have long lifetimes averaging about few hundred years with some instances of Majesty Oaks being 1200-1500 years old. The circumference of the tree is the key highlight of the trees ranging up to 40 feet.

english oak

15.Bald Cypress

The name “bald” is because of amount of leaves it sheds during autumn months. They are seen growing at 50 meters above sea level. The tall trees with red bark, lush green foliage and dark brown cones make it a worthy sight to drop your jaws wide open and admire at! They are found in the Southeastern and Gulf Coastal plains of USA.

bald cypress

14.European Larch

The European Larch resembles the Christmas trees and seen mostly growing in the Swiss Alps and are native to the Central European Mountains. The leaves of the tree have the thickness of thin strips and they change into various shades of green as the seasons pass, each shade of green appearing better than the previous shade.

european larch

13.Monkey Puzzle

The tree gets its name because of the fact that it’s puzzling for the monkeys to climb up them! The sharp, pointy and triangular leaves of the tree make even the most modern designers envy at this creation of God. Its existence dates back to nearly 200 million years, meaning that it seems to have rubbed shoulders with dinosaurs. They are found in Central and Eastern parts of Chile and also in Argentina. The Monkey Puzzle tree is the national tree of Chile.

monkey puzzle

12.Horse Chestnut

The Horse Chestnut trees are popularly known as the Conker Trees, as the seeds of the tree are used in making the children’s game of Conkers. The British government during World War 1 asked the children to donate them to the then Government to produce acetone needed for the armaments. The bright red, round seeds along with their white flowers having a touch of yellow and a brush of pink have a soothing effect on the observer.

horse chestnut

11.Malagasy Baobab

The avenue of the Baobabs is a famous legacy of the long lost dense tropical forests of Madagascar which has given way to modernity. The remains of the once thriving natural beauty have now been curtailed to a stretch of few hundred meters. Nevertheless, this famous tourist destination makes it a totally worthwhile natural beauty.

malagasy baobob

10.West Indian Mahogany

The national tree of the Dominican Republic, it is widely seen in Cuba, India, Bahamas and Jamaica. There is a wide dispute among the natives about the origin of the name of the trees. Some people argue that it gets its name from the West Indian islands it was first seen on. The seeds of these trees are paper thin and are in the shades of light brownish orange tinge.

westindian mahogany

9.Red Mangrove

These huge trees appear in between vast stretches of water bodies. The way in which its roots and the prop roots support the whole tree is in itself a nature’s miracle. They survive in brackish, swampy salty waters. Quite a tough guy, this one!! They are found in Florida, Texas and Louisiana of USA and also in some parts of Hawaii.

red mangroves


One of the most adored and popular ornamental trees in the world, the wisteria is an aquatic flowering plant belonging to the pea family. The flowers come in varied colors of purple, pink, violet or white and have a mild fragrance. The Wisteria is an inspiration for many artworks and paintings in Chinese and Japanese cultures, often being presented as good luck charms. It also has to its credit a dance form going by the same name.



7.Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple trees are stout in height not growing more than 8 meters and also they are seen to have a hemispherical dome shape on the top. The leaves of the tree are seen having variation in the sizes and shapes of the leaves accredited to the genetics of the tree. They are seen in various hues like pink, violet, burgundy, white, red and mild indigo.  They are native to Japan, North Korea, South Korea and some parts of Russia.


6.General Sherman Tree

The largest known living single stem tree on the earth is the General Sherman tree is a great sequoia. The tree is located in the Giant Forest National Park of California. The trees are credited to grow to great heights and often big holes are cut through the barks to make way for vehicles to pass through. They are found originally on the slopes of Sierra Nevada in California.

general sherman

5.Rainbow Eucalyptus, Hawaii

One of the most bizarre spectacles of nature, the barks of the rainbow Eucalyptus tree morphs all the colors of the rainbow. It appears like it just didn’t know what color to wear for the party, so it just wore all of them. Don’t be judgmental people, it flaunts it with great fashion sense, the diva of the plant kingdom!! These species are found in New Britain, New Guinea in natural habitats.

rainbow eucalyptus

4.Dark hedges of Ireland

The long avenue of beech trees lined in an impressive manner will captivate the observer with its nonchalance. On taking a closer look, The Game of Thrones fans will guess it right. Yes, it’s the very location where the season 2 first episode was shot. Quite a majestic jest it lends to the air, need I say more?

dark hedges

3.Blooming Cherry Trees

Without any speculation, the most beautiful among the list, the cherry blossoms or Sakura as they are known in Japan, their national tree is a heady sight right from the word go! These captivating beauties paint a rosy picture(literally!) and are seen in many avenues around the world. Wondering how picnicking culture under the trees started, here it is, all hail Imperial Japan and their beautiful tree.



2.Oak Avenues of Carolina

If you ever want to know how to bend and bow and yet seek anyone’s attention, learn from these Oak trees, they seem to be bending, but they make sure you swoon and croon to their tunes. Th trees are native to Northern Hemisphere spread across Asia, Americas and North Africa.

oak avenues

1.Dragon Blood Trees, Yemen

Called so because of the red sap the tree produces, it is commonly found in the archipelagos of the Indian ocean. Known for their distinct appearances resembling an umbrella, they surely grab one’s attention.

dragon blood trees

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