25 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Whiteheads on Nose Quickly

It happens to the best of us. The day that we need to look our best is surely the day nasty whiteheads choose to attack our nose. If you need to get rid of them at the earliest, this list of readily available home remedies is the answer to your SOS call. Try them and get that flawless skin for the perfect selfies on every occasion.

1.Lemon Juice:

It is a mega wonder from the Kitchen, useful for so many common skin troubles. Just apply some lemon juice on your nose, using cotton or rub on to the nose for around 10 minutes, to open up clogged pores and dry up the excess oil.


The most basic and easiest solution is to subject your face to a relaxing session of steaming, lasting for less than fifteen minutes. Make sure to cover your head with a towel while steaming. Complete the process with any exfoliating produce to get rid of the more difficult whitehead.


To clear clogged pores and bacteria use this healthy cereal alternative, with yogurt (only unflavoured) to form a paste and allow it to stay on the skin for almost fifteen minutes. Once done, remove with a warm washcloth or lukewarm water.

4.Brown Sugar:

Apart from being a healthier variety of sugar, brown sugar can easily act as a scrub and face mask. Just make a paste of brown sugar and virgin coconut oil and gently scrub the face to get rid of all the dirt and grime. Once scrubbed, leave on the paste as a mask for almost ten minutes. Leave a warm washcloth on the face to loosen the sugar binding and then carefully clean the face. The glow will surely be distinct.


The less smooth texture of strawberries, when compared with other softer berries, makes it an effective ingredient to tackle the problem of unwanted whiteheads. A paste of mashed strawberries combined with honey, to attain a sticky consistency will surely make your face soft and glow.


Our household white toothpaste (not the gel ones) not only rids us of bad breath but can surprisingly do wonders on the adamant whiteheads as well. Rubbing it on the nose, when mixed with salt or baking powder, with the help of a clean, unused toothbrush for about a minute will provide the desired results.

7.Tea Tree oil:

No need to buy expensive tea-tree products, infused with unknown chemicals. Instead use a tea-tree essential oil, mixed with water in case it feels too strong, dabbed on cotton or a more convenient Q-tip to remove whiteheads. It is advisable to wash the face after twenty to thirty minutes of application of the oil.

8.Olive Oil:

The uses of olive oil are endless and it surely makes a cut to this list as well. Olive oil when used with sugar or lemon juice or yogurt makes for a useful trick for a clean and supple face.


The most favorite remedies of all herbal aficionados, a simple paste of sandalwood powder and rosewater, left on till it dries, will do the trick by removing excess oil.

10.Baking Soda:  

Baking soda is a savior for skin troubles. Be it teeth whitening or dandruff removal and even whitehead removal its uses are bizarrely varied. Just a simple mixture of water and baking soda of a mask-like consistency must be applied on the nose. Once dried, it can easily be washed off.


One of the most unthinkable ingredients, Cinnamon can also act like a whitehead fighter. Create a paste of cinnamon, baking soda, lemon juice and water and apply it as an even-layered mask on the face. On drying, the mask must be washed off.

12.Gram Flour:

It can be effectively used to brighten the skin and is a strong scrub for the whole body as well. If mixed with rose water and then applied on the nose until it completely dries, will ensure that the nose is left clean and open-pored. Depending on the severity of the whitehead attack, a stronger alternative can be by adding milk to the original paste.


We all know the well-touted benefits of honey on our health but it displays amazing smoothing properties when used on the body. Application of pure organic honey, not the processed kinds, as a solo combatant or with fellow troops like sugar or egg will rid the nose of whiteheads.


Fenugreek leaves can be used for skin clearing. Creating an overnight face mask of fenugreek leaves, with a little water to form a paste can be an interesting choice. It must be rinsed off in the morning. It is lauded as a permanent solution to whiteheads when used frequently for some days. Definitely worth a shot!

15.Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apart from being a handy alternative for a toner, Apple Cider vinegar can be mixed with water and applied using cotton, to kill bacteria and remove excess dirt, the main causes of our whitehead suffering.

16.Aloe Vera:

The magic plant with medicinal properties to help accelerate natural healing of our bodies, Aloe Vera is a must-have for almost all skin troubles, tackles whiteheads efficiently and takes care of scarring as well.

17.Coriander leaves:

The medicinal properties of coriander leaves can be exploited by extracting juice from them to be applied on the affected nose. It can also be used in combination with turmeric and water to form a paste to make your face whitehead and blackhead free.


Ground almonds, when mixed with oatmeal and rose water to form a paste can remove whiteheads. Another alternative paste can be formed using almond, glycerine and lemon juice on the face.


The antioxidant property of tomato makes it very effective to handle scarring. A paste made by mashing tomatoes and adding some lemon juice for about half an hour will give you a shiny nose.


A mask of raw blended potatoes can be applied on the complete face. Post 30 minutes it should be washed off. The mask will not only leave your skin lighter but also make it glow.

21.Raw Milk:

Apart from being used as an alternative to water in a variety of face masks and pastes, plain raw milk can be left overnight on the face for a prolonged time to see reduced scarring and lesser breakouts. Another scrub alternative can be a mixture of milk with salt to be massaged on the face for almost twenty minutes.

22.Warm Towel:

Another alternative to the steaming technique can be a daily dose of a warm towel. Dip a towel in warm water, wring it and then apply the warm towel on the face for ten minutes as a daily beauty regime before going to bed. It will keep the pores clean and healthy.

23.Liquid soap with salt:

A quick fix and no hassle solution to the whitehead problem is the mixture of liquid soap and salt. Recommended to gently rub it on the nose several times in a day, till the whiteheads vanish. Ensure that we give a rest of at least two to three days before repeating the process.

24.Egg white mask:

Egg whites make the pores of the skin firm and tight. Egg white mixed with warm honey, oil and organic yogurt must be mixed well and applied in a thin layer. Left on the face for 30 minutes, it can be washed off using warm water.



Turmeric leaves the skin soft and glowing and when used in a paste to form a natural scrub with lemon juice, rice flour and honey it can be a sure route to clean your adamant whiteheads.

So equipped with this treasure trove of natural remedies to battling whiteheads, ensure that you look your best and cleanest every day. A healthy skin is the best accessory one can adorn for any occasion.





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