25 Reasons why America is the Greatest Country of all Time

Beginning to mark its status in world since World War 1 as a military power and finally, emerging as the global leader after World War 2, The United nations of America (USA), has proved to be the greatest country of all time and continues to do so till date. Not only Americans, but The entire World awaits the final result declaration about who shall be the next president of America, A democrat or a Republican, because that is how influential the US president, their politics and policies are to the entire globe. So, What makes up this nation mighty –


  1. Let’s Talk Money($)

When an average of 2/3 of the total foreign exchange reserve currency of countries around the globe are in dollars, it has to be the dominant as well as primary form of Reserve currency among the pool of Reserve currencies. This dominance of the US Dollar ranges between 61%- 71% since 1995 till today in all international transactions.


  1. The Ultimate NUCLEAR Power-

If u know who ended the 2nd world war, u would probably know how that happened as well. The US was the first country to develop nuclear weapons and the only country to use them in warfare when it unleashed Nuclear bombs on the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki, an attack first of its kind. A time, the world felt like being at the mercy of USA, although that is done now, currently the USA is the world’s largest supplier of Nuclear power for commercial purpose that is generation of electricity.


  1. The GDP numbers do the speaking.

Its population is accounts for only 4.4% of the world total the United States accounts for nearly a quarter of world GDP that is Holding 22% of nominal global GDP, It is true that US is the world’s largest by nominal global GDP with $18.56 trillion nominal GDP for  the year 2015-16.


  1. Excelling at socioeconomic performance.

With an overall Human development Index of 0.917 as per the HDI report for 2015 including an average wage of $58,714 that is 4th highest in the world, per capita GDP, and 3rd highest in terms of productivity per labour hours. Military that can make u kneel.

  1.  Military that can make u Kneel

    No other country can beat US at the top of the military power index, a third of global Military spending,making it the world’s foremost military and economic power.

  2. Large Manufacturing sector

Heavy Manufacturing Industries such as steel, automobiles, aerospace, telecommunications, chemicals, electronics, food processing, consumer goods, lumber, and mining play a vital role in the US economy accompanied by the production of a vast majority of the world’s civilian and military aircraft.

  1. Leading in Scientific Research and Innovations.

Currently, standing at the 4th position on the Global innovation Index billboard for 2016,and at the 1st position in terms of Scientific research in accordance with worldwide scientific Journal rankings.


  1. the first nation to land man on the moon

National Aeronautics and Space Agency(NASA) is the world’s leading space agencies with tons of successful missions such as historic landings on Moon and Mars in the space alongside developing future Space technology.


  1. The US does not negotiate with Terrorists

In response to the tragic terrorist incidence on 9/11 carried out  by Al-qaeda terrorists that struck the World Trade Center in New York City, the United States launched the War on Terror, which includes War in Afghanistan, the 2003–11 Iraq War and killing Osama bin-laden, which proves that The US government shall go beyond any limits to protect the citizens of its country.


  1. U are Welcome

The United Nations of America is home to the world’s largest immigrant population, making it one the widest diverse countries with multi-cultures. Indian immigrant population is the fastest growing one in America, amongst all others.


  1. The bulls and Bears of Wall street

New York city is not just the financial district to the United states but to the entire world, The New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ are the world’s largest stock exchange by total market Capitalization.


  1. “The City of Angels” – Los Angeles.

The city that ranks 6th in the global cities index of 2016, is the hub of Entertainment with the Hollywood, where every one of six residents work in the creative industry that gives L.A its title of “Creative Capital of the World”.


  1. They got all u need

The United States is the largest importer of goods and second largest exporter. So whatever you can demand is right there.


  1. The Essential fuel to all

On the charts of the largest producers of Oil in the world, Russia had to step down since US is now the 2nd largest producer. Not only this, the country also holds the world’s number one position in for the production of electrical and nuclear energy.


  1. Technology at your dinning table

The country is the primary developer and grower of genetically modified food, containing half of the world’s biotech crops like the commercially grown GM crops including apples, canola, cotton, papaya, potatoes, sweet corn, zucchini etc.


  1. Tough Competition they are

The  Global Competitiveness Report 2016 ha ranked the United States among the top three competitive economies of the world and a worldwide top ranking at the Ease of doing Business.


  1. The Spendthrift nation

Consumption patterns in the USA are driven by demand for luxury goods, which is possible because Americans on average have the highest average household and employee income among OECD nation, they collectively own 41.6% of the world’s total wealth, making up roughly half of the world’s population of millionaires.


  1. Go places in America

America has one of the world’s longest highway systems at 57,000 miles (91700 km) complemented with the world’s second-largest automobile market and the highest rate of per-capita vehicle ownership in the world to ride along.


  1. The Educational Hub

The majority of world’s top universities listed by different ranking organizations are in the US such as The MIT, Stanford University, Yale university, University of California, Princeton University and many more.


  1. Sporty Spirits

    The United States has been hosts for 8 Olympic Games held till date As of 2014, the United States has won 2,400 medals at the Summer Olympic Games which is more than any other country, and 281 in the Winter Olympic Games 2nd from the top.


  1. The Silicon valley highlight

          Situated in California, the silicon valley is home to many of the world’s largest High-Tech corporations           including Apple, Facebook, Google, Hewlett-Packard, LinkedIn, Intel and tons of more companies.

  1. Remarkable Leaders of all times

The US history has seen Leaders who have not only contributed to the development of US but have also Stood out as world Leaders. The names include Abraham Lincoln, John.F Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Franklin D Roosevelt.


  1. Spending a vacation in the US

Bagging the position of the 2nd most visited tourist destination of the world, because who wouldn’t enjoy some Family time at Walt Disney world or a time of youth at the Las Vegas Casino strip.


  1. Highly rated intelligence agency

    The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been the world’s 2nd best civilian foreign intelligence service, protecting the nation from all Foreign Dangers

  2. Heavy Regulation keeps it safe

USA is a highly regulated Economy in the first place and agencies such as The Department of Justice, Federal bureau of Investigation (FBI) keep a strict and stringent check on ensuring that every rule is followed and every Law-breaker is punished accordingly.

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