30 Benefits of Milk for Hair, Skin and Health.

One of the most necessary ingredient of a balanced diet, milk is conceded ‘Nature’s Wellness Diet’. Be it a protein shake, low fat yogurt, chocolate milkshake, simple cup of warm milk or a refreshing coffee; milk is omnipresent and provides us with its unique goodies of vital nutrients such as : calcium, protein, potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, niacin and vitamins A, D and B12.


Milk in a carton.

Milk in a carton.

Since the day we are born, milk form the sole source of all the nutrition for our body. But, as we grow up, our milk intake naturally decreases because we feel its not needed anymore. So, here is list of 30 reason why growing up means growing need pick up that glass of milk for better hair, skin and health :-


Benefits of Milk



1.Builds muscle :

Milk contains a large amount of Protein which stimulates muscle growth. According to study, a glass of milk contains 8.1gm of protein that helps the right muscle gain weight, replenishes the fluids in the body and prevents physical soreness.

2.Improves sleeping pattern :

A glass of warm milk before going to bed, improves sleep pattern.  Milk contains amino acid tryptophan that helps induce drowsiness. Body converts this amino acid into the neurotransmitter called serotonin that makes a person sleepy. Also, calcium in milk helps the brain produce sleep-inducing substance called melatonin.

3.Oral hygiene :

Milk provides high level of calcium, phosphorus and iodine needed to remineralise teeth and to make them sharp and strong. The casein protein forms a thin layer on enamel, which helps prevent tooth decay and cavity.  It provides protection against weak gums. So, drink milk regularly and get set to flaunt a million-dollar smile.

4.Keeps bones healthy:

Our bones are made up of calcium. Milk being a rich source of calcium forms an essential part of our daily diet. Insufficient intake of milk may lead to dissolving of bones resulting in weak and brittle bones.

5.Helps in weight loss:

According to study conducted by researchers from the University of Negev in Israel, milk replaces consumption of a high calorie snack or appetizer and thus helps lose weight at a faster pace. A single glass of milk is equivalent to a complete meal with less than half the calories. It contains calcium and vitamin D that have a fat-burning effect on the body. Thus, milk not only reduces calorie intake, but also burns fats.

6.Beats Stress:

Milk contains a number of vitamins and minerals that beats stress. Having a warm glass of milk after tiring day soothes all the tensed muscles and nerves tensions. It takes mind off all the thoughts and induces a sound and peaceful sleep. Thus, milk is considered to be an excellent stress reliever and tension buster.

7.Controls hunger pangs:

Drinking cold milk between meals helps control hunger pangs. Not on it provides nutrition to the body but is also easy to consume on the go. It acts as a food supplement and thus prevents from over-eating due to hunger.

8.Reduces cancer risks:

According to a study conducted by scientists at University of Otago, milk reduces risk of cancer in both men and women. Milk contains high amount of calcium, vitamin D and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that is known to have anti-cancer benefits. Regular consumption of milk reduces 20percent chances of bowel cancer. It also reduces risk of ovarian cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.

9.Energy booster:

A hot cup of milk can help to boost energy by providing nutrients such as proteins and vitamins. It works as an instant pick-me-up and rejuvenate the whole body. Be it a school going child or a 60 year old, milk provides enough energy to kick start a day.

10.Perfect post work-out drink:

The calcium present in milk contributes to muscle and blood health. Thus, drinking a glass of milk after work-out re-hydrates body builds muscle and helps recover quickly before next session.

11.Improves Hydration:

Milk refuels the body and keep it hydrated. It contain high amount of water molecules that help keep the hydrated to an optimum level. Drinking milk also helps to rehydrate quickly and replenish electrolytes that have been depleted after a tiresome day. Also, a study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that skimmed milk produces significant improvement in re-hydration compared to other drinks.

12.Improves immunity:

Milk helps to fight a number f disease and thus improves immunity. It ensures lower blood pressure and reduces effects of migraine. Milk reduces the amount of cholesterol produced by the body preventing artery blockages. Also, consumption of  milk help reduce PMS and relaxes women during their menstrual cycles.

13.Soothes bad throat:

If you are suffering from sore throat, a hot cup of milk is all you need for instant relief. Milk is the best medicine to bring relief from pain and discomfort. A sip of hot milk is all that is needed to sooth the sore feeling and expedite the healing process and give much-needed energy to fight the infection.

14.Prevents cognitive decline:

According to study, low-fat milk increases brain-power and helps prevent cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It contains vitamin B12 that helps in maintaining cognitive skills. So, whether it is an infant, a school going child or a elderly man, milk is a must for preventing cognitive decline due to ageing.

15.Natural antacid:

Milk keeps our digestive system on track. Vitamin A in milk produces retinoid acid that helps to control digestive tract inflammation. Plus, milk contains vitamin D that promoted growth of new cells. It controls the level of calcium that is required by nerve cell to transmit signals to regulate digestion. Milk also works as an excellent antacid by neutralising the digestive acids in the stomach, this result in reduced heartburns and prevents digestive tract inflammation.

16.Healthy body:

  • Lowers high blood pressure and thus, reduce chances of strokes.
  • Reduces the production of cholesterol by the liver.
  • Gives good eyesight.
  • Reduces risk of Osteoporosis



17. Milk for fairer, smoother skin:

Vitamins and minerals are present in milk enrich our skin. It is said that the historical beauty Cleopatra used to bathe in milk to preserve her fair complexion and beauty. Applying raw milk all over face and neck helps to give a smoother skin. It acts as a mild bleach for your skin. Drinking milk daily also gives the face a glow and makes skin soft and smooth.  It is thus often advised to drink two glass of milk on a regular basis to ensure an amazing complexion with an exceptional glow.

18.Excellent cleanser

Using milk scrub on your skin removes dead cells, thus imparting it a natural glow. Applying non-fat milk to skin and scrubbing helps remove dead skin cells and cleaning the skin.

19.Milk for radiant skin 

Milk contains riboflavin or  vitamin B12 which helps in giving your skin a beautiful radiance. Regular consumption of milk gives a clear skin, since vitamin A present in milk promotes new cell formations and fights several skin ailments to make your skin flawless and beautiful. Calcium with vitamin D  helps to fight melanoma, a type of skin cancer.

20.Milk for reduces skin irritation:

Milk helps to lighten red spots, reduce allergic reactions and heal wounds. Apply sweet milk, sour cream, or buttermilk on irritated or sensitive skin, and allow it to dry.

21.Shrinks pores

Milk also helps cleanse our internal system leaving our face free of spots and pores. Applying sour cream and milk on large and open pores, on your face and neck effectively results in shrinking pores.

22.Removes dead cells

The lactic acid in milk acts as a natural exfoliating agent, helping remove dead skin cells and other residue that contributes to dull-looking skin.Using milk scrub on your skin removes dead cells, thus imparting it a natural glow. Apply some non-fat milk with dissolved salt and water, helps in removing dead skin cells and giving a cleaner, brighter skin.

23.Repairing aged cells

The enzymes, proteins, mineral and vitamins content of milk helps in reducing wrinkles. Regular use of milk face pack can help in retarding the ageing signs.

24. Milk for sunburn:

Milk is a great aid for sunburned or sun tanned skin. Just apply some buttermilk directly on your skin to soothe and heal the sunburn. Milk has amino acids that help protect the skin from sun damage and help keep it moisturised.

25.Healing cracked heels

Milk contains proteins and vitamin D that  helps in repairing the cracked heels by exfoliating the dead skin and moisturising the dry skin of your heel. Thus soaking you feet in a mixture of water and milk helps repairing cracked heels.

26.Curing acne and acne scars

Raw milk contains of vitamins and lactic acid which help to get rid of acne and acne scars. Applying raw milk on your face helps to cure acne.


27.Therapy for dry and rough hair

Milk contain proteins and calcium that helps nourish dry and rough hair. Rubbing it on scalp can nourish your hair from This will make your hair naturally soft and silky.

28.Prevents hair loss

Milk contains casein and whey protein that help in controlling hair loss and promote hair growth. Proteins and lipid in milk make your hair roots stronger and calcium is necessary to build keratin that helps in hair growth.

29.Conditions hair

Milk contains all the proteins, calcium and the minerals make it an excellent moisturiser and conditioner to maintain hair health and help repair dry and damaged hair.

30.Milk for shiny soft hair

Milk is rich in minerals, vitamins , zinc and calcium  that are helpful in repairing dry and damaged hair. They also protect hair from damage by making them stronger and thus help to get shiny and soft hair.



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