30 Clever and Coolest Laundry Room Ideas

Oodles of dirty clothes are piling up but you don’t want to move your lazy ass, right? Or maybe you’re a cleanliness freak, but your washing area is so small and dull that it always ends up being messier than ever. I can completely relate to this. But what if Laundry day wasn’t that bad, after all? Is that even possible, some of you might be wondering. Hell yeah, it is! Just add up some simple things and you can make your laundry room cool and fun to work in. Washing doesn’t only have to be “wash rinse repeat”, here are some easy ways to give a nice make over to your laundry room to make it more convenient, space efficient and fun!


30. Ladder as hanger:

Got an old rusty ladder? Don’t throw it away! All you need is some paint to work this out. Just a little effort and you can transform an old ladder into a fancy hanger.


29. Sound System:

Not even washing clothes can be boring with some Pink Floyd music playing in the background. Setting up a nice sound system in your laundry room can definitely give you some motivation to wash the dirty clothes you have piled up for weeks.

28. Colourful baskets:

Brighten up your washing area by stacking some colorful baskets!


27. Shelf Lighting:

Shelf lighting doesn’t only look appealing but is also very useful. Be it folding dried clothes at night or examining a stubborn stain, under shelf lighting is a clever idea for a utilitarian laundry room!

For photo labeled image1 (1): Design features like furniture-quality cabinets, solid surface counter tops and under-the-cabinet lighting make the laundry room inviting. Photo credit: Kaerek Homes

26. Pet Wash Station:

What can be a better place for a pet wash station than your laundry room? These wash stations have been the most trending ideas for a laundry room in 2015 by many websites and we don’t blame them!


25. Laundry room cabinets:

Laundry room is said to be the most unorganized room in a house. Just add some space efficient cabinets and prove them wrong! They not only give your area a tidy look but some cool textured patterns can add stylize your room in seconds!

24. Homemade Laundry scent booster:

Smelly laundry? Not anymore! While there are hundreds of easy homemade recipes available on the internet, if you’re in too much a rush, cheap scented candles or other boosters are easily available in the market.

23. DIY Laundry Basket:

How about some ‘Do It Yourself’ Baskets for your washing area? Within no cost and minimum work, you can set up cute handmade baskets to the washing space and give your room a livelier touch!


22. Ironing spot:

The three steps to washing? If you just said “Washing, drying, folding”, let me stop you right there! No laundry room is complete without an ironing spot. There are a variety of options depending upon your room size. As generally washing areas aren’t very huge, a foldable iron board is your go-to option.


21. Colour coordinated furniture:

Use light colours if you have a small space as it will help make it look larger. A little tint can do wonders! Go for light green or yellow colours to add some charm to your washing area.

20. Cool countertops:

Install a countertop above your washer and dryer to add up space and to give your room a sleek look!

19. Indoor Wall garden:

Pick up some tiny potted flowery plants from your garden and bring them in your laundry room. They will not only work as a scent booster but also make an arduous laundry day, a happy day!


18. Laundry Sorter:

A Laundry sorter will simplify washing clothes. You can either keep a “Dirty” and “Clean” marked sorter or one for all the “Whites” and another for all different colours. This simple trick will help you save a lot of time and effort while washing.


17. Sliding barn door:

Sliding barn doors are popular choice in a laundry room, the reason being very obvious, space efficiency.


16. Drying racks:

We only wish if our little laundry rooms could accommodate drying a huge pile of clothes. Stop wishing and install a bottom to ceiling drying rack or go for folding racks for a more space efficient idea. With these amazing racks, you will never have to worry about drying space!


15. Sitting area:

How about a little comfy sitting area in the room? Think you can’t afford to lose space for this one, think again! Just put a mattress in the lowermost shelf under your cabinets and you have one relaxing throne prepared for you!


14. Pull out Basket drawers:

You must have seen pull out basket drawers in the kitchen, but they are actually pretty useful in laundry rooms too. Install these besides your dryer and hide all your dirty laundry behind the doors.


13. Laundry room closet:

If your house is too small or old to have an exclusive room for laundry, this is your ideal choice. A simple way to convert your bathroom closet into a full fledge laundry area!


12. Storage solutions for small spaces:

If your laundry room is too small, save up a little space for vertical racks to store large amounts of stuff.


11. Lint bin:

Are you tired of throwing away lint from your dryers? Well, you’re doing something very wrong! Lint can be used for a number of reasons in your daily household. From stuffing up old quilts and pillows to making a bedding for your pet, lint does it all! Make a little lint bin and hang it by your dryer. It will not only stop lint from sticking to all the clothes but you will also make good use of otherwise discarded lint.

10. Drink Dispenser for detergent:

This one is my personal favorite! Replace all your detergent boxes with these drink dispensers. It not only adds glam to a boring laundry room but also taking out detergents from the knob is so much easier!


09. Common care symbols:

How about sticking some printables of common care symbols, so that next time a cloth confuses you, there is nothing to worry about! Just glance over your pretty guide and you are good to go.

08. Sinks for handwashing delicates:

No laundry room is ever complete without a sink. Be it handwashing your delicates or treating stains, sink is a must-have!

07. Hide your machines!

When we have closets and cabinets for hiding almost everything in the laundry area, then why not for our washing machines too? It will give an elegent look to your room and also save you from the hassles of daily dusting.

06. Colorful walls with stencils:

If neutral colours aren’t your cup of tea, put your hands on some cool stencils and give a funky makeover to the mundane walls!

05. Stackable Machines:

Stack your machines on one another and save a lot of space.


04. Bookrack:

Now washing clothes can take up hours and we know it is not fun at all. But what if you could put your hands on some fashion magazines whilst the machine does the work?

03. Laundry Pedestal:

Build a laundry pedestal and put it under your dryer and washer. You can put dirty clothes under your washer or some clean ones under the dryer.

02. Curtain rods:

This one sounds absurd, right? You can horizontally install curtain rods on a wall to hang your dry clothes or to dry-out your wet clothes. Cheap, easy and a very clever trick to make your space more utilized.


01. Add Style to your machines:

Some glossy paints can give life to your dull machines. You don’t have to be an artist to make some polka dots here and there. One easy trick and your laundry day isn’t that boring anymore!


Your laundry room won’t be messy after these amazing tricks do their magic! So what are you waiting for? Go and get those nasty clothes!

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