39 Different Types of Kisses with their Meaning and Pictures

” A kiss a day really can keep the doctor away.”- Andrea Demirjian, author Kissing: Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About one of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures.

Kissing has always been a favourite of the human race and now with scientific reasons stating the benefits of kissing, and kiss as a measurement of whether or not you are in love with a guy/girl, it still remains one of the greatest romantic gestures in our history. While science still ponders over the science of kissing and we still love doing it, let me take you on a joy ride of certain types of kissing and what they imply. So if you have your partner at arms length, take ur phones/tab/lap to him/her and read this- yes, make this a couple thing.

39. Cheek kiss


This is one of the most common types of kisses. There is no categorisation for this, it can be between friends, a couple, after a first date or as the picture depicts, between a mother and her child. It is a small and sweet gesture to express how you like someone.

38. The Forehead Kiss


This kind of kiss can either be a gesture of friendship or one that is given at the start of a romantic relationship. Whatever be the case, it implies that you really like and trust the person.

37. Kiss on the Hand


In this type of kiss you hold the partners’ hand with your fingers and kiss the back of the palm. This is a  chivalrous kind of kiss that depicts your likeness for someone.

36. The Eskimo kiss


In Eskimo kiss both the partners rub their noses against each other and back and forth. This is a kiss showing affection and we see it often between a parent and his/her child. This kind of kiss is also adopted by people who live in the colder part of the world, for the mere chancing that a lip-to-lip kiss could stick their lips together.

35. The French Kiss


This is one complex kiss that requires mastery, but the easier way would be to just go with the flow of your emotions as the French Kiss proceeds from passion, romance and desire and expresses the same too.

34. The Single Lip Kiss


This kiss involves sandwiching one lip inside yours and kissing them while simultaneously sucking on it. This type of kiss shows that you are really into your partner.

33. The Earlobe Kiss


This kind of kiss instantly sends up waves of eroticism to your partner. Earlobe kiss is accomplished by gently kissing or nibbling the earlobes and is considered one of the most romantic types of kisses between couples.

32. The Spider-Man Kiss


As the name suggests, it is what the picture shows- an upside down kiss. An adventurous and clear way of showing the intimacy between a couple.

31. The Lingering Kiss


This type of kiss involves kissing lip to lip for a long period of time and the Lingering kiss is classic of a new love, where the excitement of starting to be the other person makes you hold on for longer.

30. ‘Leave-a-mark’ kiss


Does the baby look naughty or is it the kiss? The leave-a-mark kiss is a very playful type of kissing where the girl puts on lipstick for the sole intention of leaving a reminiscence on the guy’s face.

29. Secret Message Kiss


This kind of kiss is usually shared between really close couples where they share a secret or coded message in between a French kiss, such that all that anyone suspects is being done is a harmless, loving kiss.

28. The Lizard Kiss


The Lizard kiss or Lizzy kiss is when two partners kiss with their tongues and use no lips. The tongue is moved round and about. As is obvious this would be shared between really intimate couples and is a hint of how affectionate they are and their relationship is.

27. The Air Kiss


This type of kiss can be popularly seen in the French movies. It is carried out with a verbal “mwuah” whispered close to a persons’ cheeks without actually kissing. This is also practised as a form of greeting among friends and relatives and is a non-romantic, friendly gesture.

26. Kiss of an Angel


The Angel kiss is often shared between two people who deeply love each other and is a mark of their deep affection. The Angel kiss is carried out by planting a soft kiss on the other persons’ eyelid. This kind of kiss is shared between a parent and his/her kid, between married couples, etc.

25. The Jaw Kiss


This is a kiss that is shared between two people who are really into each other. It is a soft kiss which sends down shivers of sensuality to the receiver.

24. The Big Tease


A really invested kiss that pertains to lovers who are in for a long foreplay. Here one of the partners start to tease the other with their lips and traces it all the way down. This is for those couples who like things slow and naughty.

23. The Tap Kiss


The Tap kiss or more popularly known as a Quickie kiss is one that is shared between a couple who have a settled and experienced love and this really short kiss is an indication of the layers of love they have for each other.

22. The Virtual Kiss


For those lovers who are separated by geographical barriers, kiss still happens all thanks to the Internet god. This kiss makes you feel closer to the partner and tones down the ache of missing by a tiny bit.

21. The Ghost Kiss


This type of kiss is an indication of fun and playfulness where you go almost there to kiss your partner and then ever so lightly brush past without kissing.

20. Juicy Kiss


Before we jump to metaphorical interpretations let me confirm this kiss is what the name same- literally. Couples place a fruit in between their lips and go on nibbling the fruit while leading the kiss on. This kiss is an implication of a fun loving, fruity couple who love to make their lives colourful.

19. The Back Kiss


A kiss where you place the partner resting on her stomach and sit on their lower back and start kissing from the nape. This signals a call for sensuality to the other.

18. The Shoulder Kiss


This is a simple test to see if the other is in mood for more. If yes, they would recline theirheads into the others or expose their neck indicating their want for more.

17. Angel’s Wing Kiss


An ice cube is rubbed gently on the partners back and shoulder blades until it melts. This kis is an indication of their love and how angelic you are to them.

16. Hug and Kiss


This kiss highlights your playful side and tells your partner that you are in for some good fun.

15. The Nose Kiss


This kind of kiss is an outright play for your attention.

14. The Laughter kiss

Here either of the couples lean in to almost kiss, and then suddenly crack a joke and have a good laugh together. This is symbolic of the fun you two would or is having in your relationship.

13. The Talking Kiss

You lean inane whisper into your partner during a kiss. This tells and shows your partner how much you care.

12. The Belly Button kiss


This kiss is meant to bomb in shivers of sensuality to your partner.

11. The  Ice Kiss


Meant to pass on shivers of fun, this kiss involves cupping your mouth with an ice cube and surprising your partner with the sudden cold kiss.

10. The Waterfall Kiss


As ou walk together and if it suddenly rains, grab your partner and have a good kiss in the rain. This is a sweet gesture and a good memory down the lane.

9. Fast flying kiss

If you and your partner is out and in a hurry and meet each other’s gaze for a moment, a fast kiss action would be a message of love to the other.

8. Stop-and-go kiss

Ever planned and kissed every time you come across a red signal? It ought to be an adventure, and also a promise of love and togetherness coated in fun.

7. The Altoid Kiss with a Twist

Those mouth freshening mints you carry can be added to a kiss for some adventure where you hide them in your mouth and the other hunts it down. This reverts to going beyond the usual with lots of fun elements.

6. The Cotton Candy Kiss


Hungry, kissable and adventurous? Add this to your menu for a lasting and cute relationship.

5. Blow Kiss

Who doesn’t love surprises? As you go with your usual kiss, surprise your partner by suddenly blowing into their mouth and inflating thei cheeks for a second. They will love you for this surprise element.

4. The Drink Kiss


Mix your kiss with your favourite drink and with the flavour that you pass on, you also would be telling the person how happy you are to share your favourite things with him/her.

3. The Whipped Cream Kiss


Much like the cotton-candy kiss, you load your partners neck/or lips with cream and kiss your way through. These surprises make a lasting impression- and love!

2. The Butterfly kiss


Kissing is not always about lips and sometimes it’s only about the eyelashes. In this type of kissing, the eyelashes do the work, and is a great stimulant to bringing the couples together.

1. The First Kiss


The most memorable kiss in our lives. It could be your first kiss ever or your first kiss with someone you really like, the first kiss is a deciding factor and also a big step for many.


There’s never enough creativity in this world. So use it all up and make more as you go for it’s one life and live it in full!


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