50 Sweet Romantic Things to say to Your Girlfriend

Does she make you go weak in the knees? Does the sight of her make your heart miss a beat and flutter about? If she walks her way into your mind every time you see a couple pass by or when V-day is approaching, then she definitely has taken your heart by storm and you are madly, badly in love! So why keep it to yourself? Lacking words? Well, it is not always easy to always put your heart into words and bring out your love, nevertheless, let us walk through 50 different ways in which you can tell your loved one how special and appreciated they are.


50. You have been made specially for me

Even love will blush when you compare her to fate. Tell your loved one how perfect she is for you. In fact, so perfect that she seems to be moulded to meet you and vice versa

49. You are my favourite lullaby

Well, who wouldn’t like a little appreciation?  Let your girl know how much she soothes you and how much you love her for that.

48. I hope to make you happy forever

While being happy with your girl is definitely a major relationship goal, this should never be a one sided thing. She making you happy is as important as you making her happy. Know this and make her feel it too.

47.  I will always support your dreams

Which girl would not love to hear her guy promise to live her dreams with her and to support her in reaching it?

46. Whenever I think of you, I have a happy smile on my lips

The mere confession that atleast some of your leisure is used up thinking about her is reason enough for blush. The smile factor would further it.

45. You have my heart

Yet another 4 words that come out straight, simple and deep. Mean it if you say it and let her know how precious she is to guard your heart.

44. You are the person I think of before I sleep

Sometimes, more than gifts and surprises, what touches a woman’s heart are simple things which count a lot. The fact that she is the one who is on your mind before you call it a day would mean a lot to her.


43. I think of my future and I see you

This is a promise of how deep you are into her and how big a part of your life she is. When you start to see her as a part of your future as well, that speaks volumes to your girl.

42. I could bare my soul to you and I know you wouldn’t judge me

If you have one such as these, never let her go. She’s a keeper.

41. You are my world

Yet another of those 4 worded sentence that speak deep. It would feel good to know you are someone’s world and when that some if your own guy, well that just earned you another doorway to her heart.

40. You are beautiful

Tell your girl she’s beautiful and tell it to her eyes. Nothing beats as being called beautiful and appreciated for a girl by her man.

39. You inspire me

If she is more than your girlfriend and if she inspires you with her persona, do not hide it. Let her know you appreciate the person she is.

38. You make me a better person

It is only with a deeper bond and respect that one brings out the best in the other. If she is that one in your life, let her know that.

37. You bring out the best in me

If they bring out the best in you, they are special and let them know that.

36. You are God’s answer to me

If she is the answer you required, let her know this beautiful truth.


35. You are my music

Tell your girl she is the music in your life. Let the important ones know they are and how much.

34. The first time I saw you, a little voice said, “she’s the one”

Do you believe in love at first sight? Did you feel that impulse, that faceless voice softly assuring you, that this is your girl? Let her know how she charmed you and took your heart at the first sight itself.

33. You bring meaning to my life

Knowing you are a part and parcel of your beloved’s life is a special feeling.

32. I fall harder for you everyday

I’ve read that the success to a good relationship is to fall in love everyday, with the same person. Let her know how much you are drawn to her with each passing day.

31. You are everything I searched for

She is your answer. Make sure she knows it too.

30. You complete me

If you both gel like jigsaw puzzles and make the picture complete, that is a special bond to keep.

29. You light up my world

Part of a song, this line never ceases to bring a smile.

28. You are my beacon of hope

If she keeps you going when you do not want to see the day, let her know the hope she is that keeps you going during those bad days.

27. You taught me to forgive and let past be past

Tell your dear one the wonderful, forgiving person she turned you into.

26. You are the one at the end of my tunnel

Yet another romantic gesture of telling your girlfriend that she is the answer to your quest.

25. You are all that I need to be happy

She completes you and you let her know it.

24. Distance will never beat our love

The reinstating of the eternity of true love.

23. I open up best with you

Do not shy away from telling her that she is your greatest comfort zone.

22. I hate it without you

A simple blunt truth that speaks volumes.

21. You are my strength

A simple sentence that speaks the power of a relationship.

20. I want to grow old with you

One of my favourites, another way of saying you wish to be with her forever.

19. You understand my silence

A perfect symbol of a mature relationship.

18. I respect you

Show her that you respect the person that she is and make her day.

17. You are my person

Let her know she is your person- in the good and the bad.


16. I could hold you forever

This is sure to spark a smile and a twinkle.

15. You are all I ever wanted

A pure, honest confession that is bound to melt your girl’s heart.

14. I without you is a sentence without spaces

Need I say more?

13. You make me smile through my blues

If she was your pillar during your peaks and valleys, pass onto her what it meant to you.

12. You and I are so entwined

Yet another line from a song that speaks deep.

11. I want to come home to you everyday

If this sounds childish, it also sounds innocent and honest.

10. You make me grow

Let her know how she has evolved you into a better person.

9. I love that we met

This is highway romance that would instantly rub a blush on her.

8. Be it the good or the bad, we will walk it together

A promise to be there- through the good and through the bad.


7. The best part of our relationship is you

Tell her she is the best. Tell her she keeps you going through thick and thin and how lucky you are to have her.

6. You are my secret brand of heroin

If she intoxicates you, pass that on!

5. You are my rock

It would mean a lot to your girl to know she empowers you.

4. You make my world a better place

Telling her she is your better place is definitely a sweet gesture.

3. I found meaning when I found you

Mean this when you say it and it will go straight to her heart.

2. I miss you

It would mean a lot to know you are thought of and missed.

1.I love you

A canon that never dies. The simplest, purest way of telling someone what they mean to you.


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