Different Eye Colors and What they Say about you

“Almost nothing need be said when you have eyes.” ― Tarjei Vesaas, The Boat in the Evening

Do you know that each pair of eyes staring back have their own story to tell? They might be the artist’s muse, cupid’s dejection or the lover’s affection or perhaps just their own Monday blues. Speaking of the green blue hues, I’d rather trust the eyes than the words. Why? Because eyes don’t lie. You may have had your own fondness for the colored contacts for those hazel orbs, but is it the eyes or You that you seek to conceal?

You’d never need pages to read about me, just a glance in my eyes and my story is told. Here is a cheat sheet to letting my eyes be my mirror, my honest reflection. Each eye color has something to say about the beholder, how can you then deny, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Here is what your eye color is saying about you. (Sorry, secret revealed)

Black Eyes: The Deep Dark Mysteries

black eyes

So, while just about everyone keeps raving about how common black eyes are, sorry, but let the bubble burst. Deep black eyes are infact very rare, if you’re not counting in the dark brown too.

If you’ve got deep black eyes, you’re most likely to be mysterious, reserved and focussed. You’re a realist and make for a great leader. Science holds evidences to support this claim. Those with deep black eyes have more melanin that insulates the brain cells and make you more focussed and point driven. No wonder black eyes people make wonderful sportsmen and well, if you’re focussed, you’re sure going to be a wonderful leader too.

Black eyes may also symbolize a secretive nature and being the go getter. You wouldn’t compromise on your targets, you’d never let loose your true emotions and you’d be calm and composed almost always. But with messing with you, God spare the opponent.

Grey eyes: Balancing the color Wheel

gray eyes

So, I’ve got a fancy for grey eyes. Really. Grey eyed people are extremely well balanced and mentally sorted. They’d rarely be in a confused rhythm of mind. Well, atleast this is how they’d like to come across as. People with grey eyes tend to have a tendency of putting up a different persona as per circumstantial and individual need. While to me they may be extremely extrovert and mingling, from you they might seem to be withdrawn. This is due to their people impressing attitude. They’d rather keep you pleased by not being them than being themselves.

If you’re grey eyed, you’d most likely be extremely hardworking and slightly wary of people in the first attempt of leaping communication gaps. Once you’re with them, you’d be like fish and water almost arising the question of survival without the other. Your defences may be up, but bursting through them is the win all for the person.

Blue eyes: The Symphony of the Sea

blue eyes

So, all those blue eyed men from Mills and Boons have really had you to know so much about them, isn’t it? Well, yes, blue eyed people are often the most misunderstood of the lot. They’d have excellent communication skills but their intentions would often been judged through the lens of malice.

If you’re blue eyed, you’d probably be tired of being judged as timid, flirtatious and perhaps untrustworthy. You may have come across as aloof only for your sense of ego. The lack of self assertion unless in competitive spirit may make you be considered as weak. On the contrary, research proves that blue eyed people have a very high rate of tolerance and deal with stress, depression and pain better than their darker eyed counterparts. Only, their aloofness comes from their inability to trust people in a jiffy. They’d rather take to each other gradually than turn ways soon after first being friends.

Dark Brown Eyes: The Grounded High Flier

brown eyes

You’d know a million people with dark brown eyes and each of them more lovable than the last. Dark brown eyes are a symbol of deep earthy roots and hence expect the brown eyed people to be confident and strong. They’d often come across as intimidating or even dominating. They would take their stand against everything they are not in favour of. They’d be incredibly creative, fast workers who’d always stride forward with optimism. They’d be the night birds and late risers but they’re unlucky with getting peaceful sleep, this because their brain is constantly at work.

They’d be most loyal lovers and friends. You can trust them with your life. They may not be the best people to express their inner desires or feelings. Their self confidence holds them in the fear of being ridiculed. They’d however be lesser concerned with material existence and you may just get jealous of how happy they live. The bottom line is, they are who come across as fiction perfect on the exterior.

Hazel Eyes: The Molten Fire

hazel eyes

Hazel eyes are so hard to define but to see, they’d take your heart away. Transmuting from a shade of olive to that of hazelnut, hazel eyed people are best described as spontaneous, incredibly ambitious, emotionally temperamental and extremely independent individuals. They may love you to death but they would never let that destruct them. They make sure they work on their strengths enough to conceal their weaknesses.

They may be sore losers, but they’d always be in a stride to betterment with a fire to perform and outperform their own records. They are balanced at work but extremely insecure emotionally. They often bear the brunt of lovers who they apparently lead on (owe it to their warm personality). Trustworthy, ambitious and the passionate, hazel eyed people make for wonderful company.

Green Eyes: The Promise of Paradise

green eyes

Alright, first thing first, Olive green eyes are the most alluring romantically. Is it then hard to guess that if your lover has green eyes, you just got lucky. People with green eyes are incredibly attraction, strong, confident and slightly dominant. They will have their way, no matter what!

They are cautious of their words and company and may not be very easy to get through. They are creative, agreeable and well balanced. Their anger is a rarity but when it does appear, it may not be a favourable signal for the inciter. Green eyes are most alluring due to the visual depth that creates an illusion of mystery. Green eyed people love to exhibit their self sufficiency, however they are unpredictable individuals who need emotional security to flourish in a relationship. Trusting in them gets the best out of them, hence they work great under pressure. They are original, giving and one of the least cynical batches of people.

Now that you know what your eyes say about you, or what everyone’s eyes say about everyone, do you know you’ve almost unleashed some concealed chambers of secrets? To put them to best use is up to you, but I’d suggest let your eyes speak beyond the color too. If the color speaks volumes, won’t the expressions paint the most beautiful canvas. Let your eyes be your mirror, your reflection to reality!

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