How to Motivate yourself to Work Harder – 10 Tips

Life has its own ways to test us. Not once or twice but many a times. It is in the face of these challenging times that we get to showcase our abilities. Some fail to compete with the morbidity of the situation and break down succumbing to failure. Few, very few are able to stand on their feet gathering all their might. The one and only factor which makes these two kinds of people different to each other is the presence of motivation. The latter group of people is no superheroes; they know simply how to look forward and create a path out of the dark. The ability to look forward relies simply on one’s motivation. In short, by the end it all comes down to motivation to put in that extra effort required. Motivation need not always come from an exterior source, it can also be found within oneself. It is simply the urge to progress and overcome a dire situation that amounts to what we have been calling as ‘motivation’ so far. Read the article to help yourself find ways to be motivated to work hard.


  1. Set a reason

This always is looked upon as the first stepping stone to motivation to work harder. It is next to impossible to work with absolute dedication sans a certain goal fixed in mind. Only after keeping a goal fixed in mind would you be able to think in a linear manner. Linear manner implies that a person need not stumble over a confused pattern of thought process and would rather have a straight and simplified thought pattern. The clearer your reason is, the more inclined you would become to work harder in order to reach closer to it.

  1. Compare your present progress to your starting point

Keep a check on your progress chart. There is nothing like a small progress. However negligible it might seem to you but it is true that you have certainly progressed after all. Don’t demean your little achievements and acknowledge it to yourself the best way you can. Compare your present progress to your starting point. Doing so would enable you to realize what your standing is in your life. There need not be a comparison with anyone but only with the old version of yourself. Once you see your improvement in the course of time, you would be motivated to put in more effort than the last time. The process would continue then.

  1. Be close to people who inspire you

Being inspired is necessary in order to be motivated to work harder. It indeed sounds like an equation and so is. It is not possible to feel inspired in solitude. Often all that needs to be done sometimes is to look around with eyes wide open and there that person is. Do not let go of that person for s/he knows how to boost up your motivation and encourage you to work harder. Their simple presence possesses the power of inspiring others even if they themselves realize this or not. In such people rest the innate ability to push other’s to achieve their best.

  1. Analyse your standing in your group

It is a strong possibility that many of you would be holding this as synonymous to making comparisons to others. However this tip is not what the prior understanding entails. There is a very thin line of difference between making a comparison with your peers and analyzing your standing amongst your peers. The former one would do nothing apart from instilling extreme insecurity within you. This in the long run would deter you from achieving the best to your possibilities. But, if you indulge in drawing an analysis in your position amongst your peers, the outcome would be absolutely contradictory to the previous result. You would get in touch with the how’s and why’s of what has been holding you back. It is only when you get to put a finger at your shortcomings that you would be able to work upon it. That would be some real productive work and would lead you to where you want to be. You would feel empowered as now you would have access to your inadequacies.

  1. Past can ruin only if you allow it to

Some of us have a constant habit of dwelling in the past. No matter how despondent or melancholic it makes us, we still prefer it in the face of the uncertainties of the the unknown future. It is the feeling of familiarity that binds us to our past. But the cost that we pay to dwell in that long gone phase of our life is too severe. We unknowingly are pushing away the chances of having a better future. There is a strong need to emerge out of this misconception in order to realize one’s full potential and work on it. There would be no realization and no hard work on your part if you don’t let go of your past.

  1. Tomorrow holds new possibilities

After having stated that it is absolutely unproductive to dwell in the past, comes the fact that tomorrow is the ideal space where your thoughts should be inclined towards. Think of all the unimaginable and exciting avenues that your tomorrow might be holding. Look forward to that. Not only would it uplift your spirits but would also give the hope of a better life head. Sometimes all one needs to stay motivated and work harder is the possibility of a better tomorrow. Hold on to that.

  1. Think of the better version of your life

Think of all the advantages that you would benefit out of your hardwork. Keep in mind the better version of life that you would be awarded with by the end of your struggle. The struggle might be long and tiring. But you must not refrain from putting in all your might and ability in the task. The hard work might be constant or for a brief period of time but nevertheless you need to give it your best. Imagine of all that you can achieve. This in turn would keep you going for a long time. You would be motivating your ownself.

  1. Say you can

Remind yourself of the fact that no crisis is impossible to overcome. Say to yourself that ‘yes I can’ and that would make a huge difference by the end of the day. This is the part which would demand of you to keep faith and belief in yourself. Doing so would need you to not look out for a source of motivation. And this, as you would soon realize, will become your magic mantra.

  1. Accept negative criticism too

Accepting criticism is not everybody’s cup of tea, let alone the hardcore negative criticism. But it is highly demanded of you to accept even the nastiest of criticisms that comes your way. Mold the unwanted criticism and judgments thrown at your face in your favour. Listen to them and pay great attention. There is absolutely no need to react on it. Take such criticism into great consideration. These thus become a harsh but a definite tool of pushing you into working harder. Act upon it in the most optimistic and civil way possible. Your action after having worked on that criticism productively would become your best response.

  1. Meditate

For all one knows, this is one of the best stress busters. Once you find yourself at peace, the going gets easy and you attain a better frame of mind. This state of mind guides you to move to the next level and pave the way for you. And that is sometimes the only need of the hour. It would not be just motivation but the power to act decisively too that would be in your hands.

Motivation is not just about attaining the perfect state of mind to move a step ahead. It is an amalgam of that state of mind and the urge to act adhering to it.

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