How to Surprise your Girlfriend? 12 Awesome Tips

You love your girlfriend a lot. You know it, your friends can see it and obviously she believes it. But sometimes, you spot a tinge of disappointment in her eyes when its Valentine’s Day and you totally forgot. To make up for all the anniversaries you forget, all the V-Days you overlooked and all the important ‘First’ days you missed, shower your girlfriend with surprises. A surprise will make her day and her sheer joy will make yours! Here are 12 amazing ways to surprise your girlfriend –

  1. Love letter


Guys are not innately romantic but for your girlfriend’s sake, you could try to be. Write your girlfriend a love letter that could be in the form of a long poem or prose. Highlight all the things you love about her in the letter and how you adore all the things she does to see you smile. Write about the first time you met, the first touch, the first kiss. Make it very personal. Mail it to her by post and surprise her!

  1. Leave her love notes everywhere

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If you happen to pack her lunch for her, you should slip in a cute, love note for her. She would be so surprised to see that her heart will skip a beat and she will show it to all her girlfriends in office and sing your praises. You could also leave her such notes on the bathroom mirror or inside the book she is currently reading. Surprise her with little things because

Little things are infinitely the most important!” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

  1. Bring her gifts for no reason

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Remember the phase just before and after you got into a relationship? You landed up her at house with a bouquet of her favourite flowers or chocolates? You showered her with lavish gifts now and then without any particular reason? Well, she daydreams about those good old days  when she is waiting for you to come back from your work or hanging out with your buddies. So one day, tell her you will be home late. Go out and buy her lots of flowers, chocolates or whatever she fancies. Write a note in your handwriting for her and attach it to the gifts. Ring the door bell and keep them on the doorstep and hide. She will be so glad to see that you did this for her!

  1. Plan her a girl’s night out

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Is your girlfriend’s favourite band coming to town this weekend? Get her concert tickets for it. Is she a diehard fan of some movie franchise? Book seats for the first day, first show and surprise her! Is her favourite team coming to town? Get her the best seats to the game because she simply deserves the best! You could get her tickets with her girlfriends if you don’t particularly like that band, movie or sport so much. You could also simply reserve a table for them at her favourite club and let her have blast with them! You don’t have to be there but you can surprise her with this gesture! After all, your happiness lies in hers!

  1. Dedicate a song to her on the radio

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You know that your girlfriend listens to her favourite radio station on her way to work or college. Call up the radio station and dedicate a beautiful, romantic song to her. She will be surprised beyond anything and she will sing along with tears in her eyes and call you back after the song is over.

  1. Book her a weekend of fun

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Has your girlfriend been working too hard and a long weekend is coming up where she does not have to work? Book a romantic getaway with her to some beautiful and relaxing place. Take care of the whole bill and splurge on her. Book her a body massage, spa, sauna anything the hotel provides. Make all her exhaustion disappear and make her relax and enjoy the weekend.  If you cannot make it to the trip, ask her best friend to accompany her. Your goal is to surprise your girlfriend, not cling to her all the time!

  1. Treasure Hunt


You could organize a treasure hunt for your girlfriend and she would definitely be surprised by the efforts you have put into it. Leave notes with clues on them about the places which hold some value for the both of you. At each place, you could leave her a little gift and clues, leading upto the next place and so on till the last gift at the end of the treasure hunt. She would totally love your thoughtful surprise!

  1. Go down on her only for her pleasure


Have you ever gone down on your girlfriend without getting off yourself? No. Men mostly think that if he and his partner are doing *it* and he gets off, she must have too. They forget to satisfy their girlfriend in the way she does. So sometimes, just out of the blue, when your girlfriend is going about her usual routine of watching television or something, just go down on her. Surprise her with the pleasure that you can give her without letting her do anything to you; because sometimes, making love can be all about her.

  1. Breakfast in bed

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How often do you make her breakfast? I read somewhere that men make 1/25 breakfasts on an average. Many do not even reach this stat. If you are one of those guys who takes his morning tea and toast for granted, buckle up. On a lazy Sunday morning, wake up early and prepare the best breakfast you can and surprise your girlfriend in bed with it! She will totally love the gesture and she will brag to all her girlfriends about how you are the sweetest boyfriend ever!

P. S. Don’t do it once and forget about it. Make it a habit to serve your girlfriend breakfast in bed atleast every weekend and make her feel like the princess that she is.

3. Cook her a romantic dinner and set the mood


You may be cooking her dinner sometimes or most of the times or half the times, as per your agreement. But how many times do you make dinner not only about the food but about the experience? Cook her a sumptuous dinner, serve it on your best crockery, buy her favourite wine for the evening, dim the lights, light candles all over the room, play romantic music and then call her for dinner. You could also blindfold her and take her to the table. Pull the chair out for her and surprise your girlfriend with this simple act of love.

  1. Surprise Birthday Party + Strippers

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Now this can only work if your girlfriend is (1) cool, (2) into sexualizing men (like you sexualize other women. You may lie to the world but you cannot lie to yourself), (3) you are not insecure about your masculinity and/ or (4) she has always wanted to go to a male strip club. Plan her a classic surprise party and make her feel like the surprise element was limited till the guests jumped out of the closets and screamed ‘surprise!’. Call the strippers at a time that would be approximately an hour into the party. When they arrive at your doorstep and ring the bell, make your girlfriend open the door and let her be utterly SURPRISED once again the same evening!

  1. Plan a date


Recently your girlfriend has been working late but today you know she will reach home in time for dinner. Book a table at her favourite restaurant, buy a beautiful dress, matching footwear, and nail paint and jewellery to go with the dress. Lay it all out on her bed and let her find it when she gets home. Wait for her to get dressed and take lead her outside the house to the limo you have rented for the night. Behold! The tears of joy and kisses! Also, serve her a glass of champagne in the limo from the bottle you had already put there for you both.

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