How to Relax your Mind: 10 Tips that always Work

In the midst of the extreme hustle and bustle, it becomes imperative for us to have a stress buster. Despite cherishing the idea of relieving yourself of stress and tiredness, there might be one important hurdle always popping up. You seem to run out of ideas to relax your mind and live some moments of peace away from the exasperating and trying routines of daily life. Spending money and trying to overcome such weariness can develop into yet another source of tension and anxiety. Under such circumstances what you are in need of is some easy yet effective ways to combat such situations.

Read the following points that will help you relax your mind.

10. Backward counting

Often anger becomes the topmost reason behind your disturbed state of mind. You tend to lose the ability of perceiving things clearly. It is not soon that it starts interfering with your decision making abilities which is ultimately bound to affect your day to day life. The worst occurs when you fail to bring that anger under control and can see the peace and tranquility of your life passing away all because of your enraged temper. The best you can do when experiencing such a time in your life is to start doing backward counting in your head. As cliché it may sound, but it is a known and tested way of calming the mind. Sooner you would learn to keep your anger in check and thus relax your temper too.

9. Indulge in your hobby

It might be reading, painting, swimming or bicycling. When in stress or in an unsettled state of being, you should opt for indulging your time and energy in your favourite hobby. Every hobby develops because of a reason. It completes you and defines who you are. In your moment of desperation and desolation, put forth your emotions in your art work or in some physical exercise. Let your chosen platform become an outlet and soothe you.

Here are some fun hobby ideas for men.

8. Read a children’s book

Who said, children’s books are only for the little ones? It is by all fair means meant to entertain young and old likewise. Therefore you need to pertain to the advice that is coming up. Sometimes it becomes important to cheer up oneself in the absence of anyone around to do so for you. It is in such times that you should resort to the mystery of Secret Seven or the tales of Huckleberry Fin. For the time being lose yourself in those words. The main objective is to move yourself away from the gloomy feelings that have been centering your mind for quite some time now.

7. Watch a Cartoon Show

All of us very fondly remember the days when life was all about rushing back to home from school to be glued in front of the television and enjoy our favourite cartoons. Things might not be perfect in your life today be it your professional or personal space. But you have a piece of memory which was beyond your present idea of perfection. Relive that moment. Switch on the television, not to listen to the headlines or watch your daily soap, but to laugh your head off by watching those cartoon shows again. Tom and Jerry can be a starter.


6. Call your Person

Shooing away gloominess and gaining a relaxed state of mind is often not as easy as it might seem to be on the surface. Sharing the condition of your heart and what is overburdening it with your confidante might be just the thing that you want. It is also something that you are in need of. Just give that person a call or a text and start a conversation. You need to initiate the conversation. Despite being your confidante, they are no telepathic beings that they would come to know of your usurped state of mind at their own. Making yourself feel better, you would have to make the first move.

5. Listen to some slow music

You might be in need of calming down yourself after having a bad day. Even if it sounds ironical, you need to shed some tears or maybe weep a little in order to feel better. It is the constant bottling up of emotions throughout the day which makes you turn nearly crazy. Do not shy from venting out those emotions that you have been working so hard to hide from everyone the entire day. Listen to some slow sad song . You may call it dramatic, but sooner or later you would realize how it has a cathartic impact on you. Slow songs are also good for they would lull you to sleep. Either way you would be rid of the feelings that had been nagging you since the complete day, be it for a little time. And for that little time you would be in peace.

4. Walk in a garden

While something uncertain might be making you ponder over it again and again, go out and walk in your garden or in a park. Some fresh open air is perhaps what would set your mind thinking with much clarity and understanding. Find some time and devote it to you self. If it is the thinking part that needs to be done right away, then why not do it in a better way. In the early morning or late night surrounding, surrounded by solace you would tend to function better. The quietness would play its charm on you.


3. Play with kids

Kids may not be your thing, but for once you may try this out. Your biggest problem is your constant preoccupation with the problems in your life and the stress resulting from the same. Going ahead, and playing a game of badminton or one over in cricket would have visible effect on your mood. It would not only uplift your spirits but also give you the much wanted break that you were in dire need of from your constant stress evoking thoughts.


2. Deep breathing and meditation

The most practiced technique to relax one’s mind is meditation. There isn’t one but several techniques to mediate. You may follow any that you find easy and which suits you best. Mediation would put you in a self-induced trance and it is the trance which holds the power to drive away the pessimistic feelings from your mind. It would leave you feeling refreshed. Along with that, practicing deep breathing from twenty minutes to half an hour daily is something that most are prescribed for relaxing body and mind. It requires you to do nothing apart from giving half an hour of the day solely to yourself. It is never late to start practicing deep breathing exercises. You would be benefitted as and when you start doing this on a regular basis.


1. Go on a long drive

This can be extremely relaxing and a sure guarantee of taking off your mind from any stressful thought. It would be best if you ask some of your friends to join you and make it into a little weekend get together. This would fetch you good memories and experience . This also would bring in more than peace and relaxation to your mind and heart.


Relaxing your mind will always be inclusive of elucidating your uncertain emotions and getting rid of the negative ones. With the simple  techniques listed above, all you need to do is try and push yourself a bit.

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